Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Animals Of Jamaa: Tigers

Tigers are fairly common all-jammer animal in Jamaa.
There default appearance is orange with a creamy-white underbelly, and blue-gray stripes as shown above, they also have a special forest green color for their eyes which normally isn't on the color palate.
They are sometimes, but very rarely used for clans. the species of the AJ tiger is a Siberian Tiger. (AKA Amur tiger)
There Alpha is Sir Gilbert:

Fun Facts about Siberian Tigers!
1. They are the largest big cats in the world - they are 11 feet tall and adult males can weigh up to 320kg while females are smaller, weighing up to only 180 kg.
2. Like zebras and out fingerprints, every tiger has a differently striped pelt.
3.  During the winter, their pelt looses some color to blend in with the snow.
4. A tiger's tail is 3 to 4 feet long, about half as long as its body.
5. Tigers can run very fast reaching speeds of up to 50 mph, however, they can only maintain this speed over short distances.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sunken Cosmo Tiki Statue

Hiya jammers. :3
Guess what? I just noticed a cool thing you can do in Braddy Barr's lab! :D
So you hover your mouse on one of the glass boxes, and a fun fact about a animal will pop up!
Lol, this is the first time i noticed. XD
Hmm, what was this post originally gonna be about?
Ohhh right, the new item of course. c:
And here's the Cosmo tiki statue, with an even weirder, creepier smile. o-o
But don't worry tiki statue, i still love you. ^-^
Hey, i just noticed AJHQ made a typo, they wrote Costmo instead. :P 
*suddenly, weird random thought*
 What if Costmo is actually a word?
Okay, yeah. that was a weird thought.
Nevermind that, here's the DE post. C:
Wow, those are some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G facts. ^.^
I love AJHQ's facts about animals. They're interesting to read although they are actually quite simple. c;
To finish of the post, here's a Mystery!
How did the Tiki statues sink?
What's the story behind them all?
What do they represent?
Where do they come from?
Share your ideas and stories in the comments. :3
See you later!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Rant about unfairness to nonmembers..

Ok, look. AJHQ is taking is "become a member today!" thing far too seriously. 
Well, guess what? Today i learned that free chat is for members-only. SERIOUSLY?!
Credit to the Animal Jam Sky. By Safe chat, they mean free chat.
I mean look, i totally understand that AJHQ needs money, but disabling free chat for nonmembers?!
That's a stupid reason to become member, i mean it WOULD be fine if there where just a little more member items than nonmember items, but taking away stuff from nonmembers is not the answer!
Nonmembers should have almost as many responsibilities as members, i feel like AJHQ is making chatting more difficult for nonmembers!
First off, it was the chat history. And then, the repost opinion is for members only and now THIS!
What next?! Nonmembers can only speak with bubble chat?
Its just really unfair. Everyone should be able to enjoy chatting, just because nonmembers didn't pay money, it doesn't mean that they can just TAKE AWAY stuff from them!
And i also noticed some unfairness with the items, too.
Now yesterday's item i missed out, the dirt bike is a perfect example of what i mean.
 Now this almost the same as the regular bike, except that its member. And you know why?!
Sure, there are some that liked the regular bike more than this one, like me, but AJHQ did that thinking more jammers would like the dirt bike!
I have also noticed that AJHQ is making the "bad-quality" items nonmember, like the Golf Bag for example.
But the thing that REALLY makes me angry is the chat opinions being taken away from nonmembers, The items? There are other cool nonmember items in the shops, but once something about the chat is gone for nonmembers, its most likely gone forever!
ANOTHER thing which really makes me angry is that nonmembers getting bullied or being left out.
Ever seen a members only party? That's EXACTLY what i mean.
Or even worse: nonmembers getting BULLIED by members.
Although this is rare, its still a very bad case, nonmembers and members should be equal!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Angry Liza Tiki Statue!! :O

Herro jammers. :3
Before starting the post, i just want to point out something good: You can now use proper punctuation on Jam-A-Grams! ^.^
Hooray! Now i can use unlimited punctuation marks. :P
But except that i have also noticed another thing: You can't say sorry anymore! ;-;
Even when you try, it just turns red. DX
Im really hoping we can apologize again in jam-a-grams :c
Well, moving on to a happier subject, the sunken Liza tiki statue is out in stores. ^.^
And the reason its good news is because it represents the Alphas, which is like, Jamaasian? :P
Ahh, pity its member.
But wait.. i notice something, her face is..
*sinister music*
She looks ANGRY!! :O
*suddenly the statue starts speaking to me and i freak out*
Liza tiki statue: I have been frozen into a statue by AJHQ, that's the reason im angry. >:C
And plus, being a statue is boring.
Me: *Tries an attempt to unfreeze Liza*
Liza tiki statue: Lol just kidding, the real Liza is above on land. x3
Me: Aww man, i can't believe i fell for that!

Well, that was fun writing that. ^ :P
And why am i so hyper. o_o
Well, anyway today i saw something kinda sad on AJ today. :c
 I can't BELIEVE some people still do this in Jamaa!
Its just wrong! AJ is a kids game, and you don't want kids seeing that don't you? :,(
However, at least the number of people dating on AJ has reduced the past months ..
Well, i guess that's it. I don't have anything else to post about. :P
Stay safe, and jam on! :D
Update: I made a AJ plushie comic blog! click here to visit it, and tell me what you think so far!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Big Mysteries: Where do the Shamans and Alphas live?

We all know that the Alphas and Shamans had helped defend Jamaa in the Phantom Wars, right?
But before i begin, let me tell you the difference between a Shaman and an Alpha.
Alphas are the main shamans, so they can also lead all animals.
Shaman's only lead their own type, and aren't seen in Jamaa much.
So the main subject is, where do the Shamans and Alphas live?
 Now, most jammers usually notice that there are tons of places that  the Alphas could have lived, and the most noticeable one is the Seal Save in Mt. Shiveer
Now this cave has been hanging around in Jamaa for ages, but what exactly is it?
Many say that the seal hints that only seals can break the ice, that might be true, but it also looks like the perfect place for a Seal Shaman to make her den. ^-^
However, there's also another cave in Mt. Shiveer that is not as noticeable  ..
Hmm ... Maybe it's where Marco, the penguin Shaman lives, but it also looks like a shortcut to somewhere. Perhaps even an Arctic Wolf shaman or a Snow Leopard one might have lived here. :3
Speaking of wolves, there's a cave in Coral Canyons that many of you have probably seen..
 If you look closely, you can see a carving of a wolf similar to Greely. :o
So perhaps this is where Greely lives, and that is a door that only he can unlock?
Moving on.. there's a huge elephant statue in the Temple of Zios:

Do you think that the building below could be where Otto, the elephant Shaman lived or
does this mean that the elephants claimed the land long ago?
So.. what do you think about these? ^.^

Friday, 25 April 2014

Winged Shoes

Hiya jammers! ^.^
It seems like there are a lot of shoes in Jam-Mart clothing these days, and one of the new items today just happens to be shoes. :P
The awesome Winged Shoes! :D
It would have also been cool if they where ice skating shoes to slide on the ice at the icy peaks of Mt. Shiveer. :3
Which reminds me, why do animals even need shoes? o-o
But eh, i guess AJHQ makes them to help make outfits and stuff.
Speaking of outfits, here's a cool outfit i made with today's item. ^.^
Ah, yes. Mech angel wings, mech helmet and Winged Shoes make a great combination because they all have..
I <3 feathers.
Meanwhile, here's the DE post.

Keep on dreaming, because eventually giraffes will come.
Which they have. :P
Congrats to whoever wrote that.. very interesting. :D
To wrap things up, here's a random video of me playing Disc Toss. o_o
Meh. Veryy random, you don't have to watch it.
That's all for today jammers, and be sure to enter my contest! ^-^

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Golden Trident

Hiya jammers! ^.^
As the link above says, we have reached 65 followers, so im throwing a fun contest for you all to enter. :3
Anyway, the new item is the Trident, sold in Sunken Treasures!
YAY! I just noticed its nonmember! :D
Im so happy, because that means all-jammers can get this absolutely awesome item. ^_^
And ya know, this item kinda reminds me of a Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. :P
But if you change the colors, there's this combination which makes the trident look.. well, kinda  evil.. o_o
Yus, it looks very very evil and scary.. O_O
*runs away*
To wrap things up, here's a little Daily Mystery. ^.^

You know the picture of Graham on the loading page?
It seems like he's telling a story.
But what type of story? 
Is he telling how the animals came to Jamaa, Or something else?
So what story do you think he's telling there?
See you all tomorrow, i hope to see your opinions in the comments about the mystery. :3

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Earth Day! :D

The contest is almost ready, ok?
Hiya jammers! ^-^
Today's new item is the Glass Sheves, sold in Jam-Mart furniture. c:
 These shelves look much better than the offset glass shelves in my opinion, because.. Well, they didn't actually even look like shelves to me. o_o
And y' know, i wonder if all these glass shelves have something to do with Earth Day because well, glass can be recycled. :3
Which reminds me,  wouldn't it be awesome if there was a Earth Day party on AJ too? :D
There would be lots of trees.. maybe a shop, and the game Super Sort there, what do you think?
Anyway, moving on to another subject, here's the DE post. c:
Five horns? O.O
Im glad that giraffes are back though. ^.^
To wrap things up, here's the Question Of The Week!
What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?
Do you plant some new plants, or recycle?
Please feel free to share your answers in the comments! :3
Cya all tomorrow!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mystery: New lands coming with New animals?

65 follows contest will be on tomorrow!
 Hiya jammers! ^.^
As we all know, everyone once in a while, new lands are discovered usually with a new animal.
In Jamaa these days, there seem to be a lot of news about animals.
And you know that page on the Jamaa Journal with 3 mystery animals?
Could it be possible that a new land could be coming with them?
For example, this cave in the Appondale .. 
It's obvious it leads somewhere, and there seems to be mountains in the scenery.
And if you open Jamaa's map, you can see the same cave, and to most likely place it could lead..
Now, that land above looks like a place with lots of mountains, and it seems like all the freshwater in Jamaa seems to be running from a waterfall on the land
Now, there's a pelt in the "we are coming" page which kind of looks like a lynx's one, you know, the spotty one?
And some lynxes live in some pretty cold areas. So could, just maybe might the lynx..
However, Lynx's some in many different colors and patterns, but i still believe that they still might come to Jamaa, because i think they could make pretty awesome animals. c:
Now on to our second suspect..
You know this tree in Kimbara Outback, next the the Medical Center?
Well, it seems to lead to a new land..
 And the place its leading to is a small island, and next to is the main land.
Now, for some reason, one of those 3 mystery pelts looked just the slightest it similar to an Okapi, (the one with the brownish stripes, can be the okapis neck fur.) And okapi's usually live in forest-y places.
And as you can see, the land seems to be covered with trees! Im guessing its going to be a type of rainforest, similar to the Amazons.
And even if it isn't an Okapi, judging by the dappled pelt, it might be possible for it to live in a forest.
And as for the third suspect.. I honestly don't have a clue.
What do you think, jammers? Share your ideas about the third animal in the comments!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Rare Pirate Beard

To have your drawings featured in River Art, send your drawings to!!
Hiya jammers! :3
Soo.. I logged into animal jam, then checked Jam-Mart lothing for a new item. I didn't find any, but just as i was on my way to another shop, i remembered..
Have any of y'all noticed how when you wear a Pirate Beard  in certain animals, it looks more like monster teeth? o-o
Well, anyway, it's not really the best rare in the history of all rares, but the colors match together quite nicely. ^.^
So here's mah rating. :3
Color: 4/5
Creativity: 1/5
Appearance: 3/5
So that equals to a total of 8 out of 10! ^-^
Pretty good. :P
Ok.. now here comes the urge to make an outfit.. MUST RESIST UURRRGEE! :O
..Oh well. i failed to resist. :P But making outfits is a good thing.. right?
All bow down to the blue pirate, with a blue hat, blue beard and blue fur. :P
On the other hand, some pet Cheetahs have recently been spotted in Jamaa ....
omg its so cute
Picture credit goes to the Animal Jam Sky.
They where probably accidentally released in yesterday's update.
But they sure do look absolutely adorable! ^.^
Meanwhile, here's the post about Earth Day on the DE!
Earth day is tomorrow/the day after tomorrow depending on your timezone, so don't forget! c:
To wrap things up, here's a random drawing of Peck i drew today. ^-^
 Im quite pleased with it, However, it's body is a bit wonky. >.<
What do you think though? :3
That's all for today, see you all tomorrow!

P.S We have only ONE follower till the contest!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cherry Blossom Tree & Happy Easter

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's new item is the Cherry Blossom Tree, which is sold in Epic wonders. :3
Awesome, just what i always wanted! :D
This item is perfect for spring with it's pink, pretty blossoms. <3
Its a bit similar to the seasonal tree though. (Ok, i take that back. Its REALLY similar to the seasonal tree. XD)
Did i mention that Cherry Trees are also my favorite trees? :3
But, i warn ya, whatever you do DON'T click the tree, because when i did..
I killed it.
But the good news is, that tree magically revived. C:
Anyway, here's the Mystery! :3
There's a secret cave in the Adventure Base Camp where only Eagles can reach.
What do you think is inside there?
Do you think it will be a new adventure?
If so, what type of adventure? Will there be a phantom king, or perhaps three?
Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! :D
See y'all tomorrow. :3