Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Animals Of Jamaa: Tigers

Tigers are fairly common all-jammer animal in Jamaa.
There default appearance is orange with a creamy-white underbelly, and blue-gray stripes as shown above, they also have a special forest green color for their eyes which normally isn't on the color palate.
They are sometimes, but very rarely used for clans. the species of the AJ tiger is a Siberian Tiger. (AKA Amur tiger)
There Alpha is Sir Gilbert:

Fun Facts about Siberian Tigers!
1. They are the largest big cats in the world - they are 11 feet tall and adult males can weigh up to 320kg while females are smaller, weighing up to only 180 kg.
2. Like zebras and out fingerprints, every tiger has a differently striped pelt.
3.  During the winter, their pelt looses some color to blend in with the snow.
4. A tiger's tail is 3 to 4 feet long, about half as long as its body.
5. Tigers can run very fast reaching speeds of up to 50 mph, however, they can only maintain this speed over short distances.


  1. First! Anyway can you make a plushie comic series i love those!

  2. Cool! I really like tigers. Their heads look a bit too big for their bodies, but they are still cool. Oh! I almost forgot. They are the only ones you cen see under water.

  3. @3berrygirl
    I already have a plushie comic blog. ^.^

  4. nice! ilove tigers, and i have a tiger on aj but it dosen't look like one xD


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