Saturday, 19 April 2014

Simple (But awesome) tricks in Jamaa!

Hiya jammers! ^.^
As the title says, this post will mainly be about some awesome tricks tricks you can try out in Jamaa! :3
First off, i will show you the "void" glitch.
It's most likely a strange error in AJ's coding. However, it's still a quite fun trick to try out so i thought i might share it with you all. C:
Alright, firstly you have to start with an item which you have many copies of.
Now keep adding the other copies of the item, and watch as the void grows..
And in the end, you will have a huge blackish-blueish rectangle surrounding the item. o-o
Of course, it still does work with any den item. ^.^
Anyway, here's the second trick.
I like to call it the "door glitch." :D
It works with every door, but it works best in the Canyon's Pathway.
Firstly, you have to stand somewhere near the door:
Then all you have to do is switch animals, then click the giant rock. :3
And then, you'll somehow end up in this giant rock. :P
This is one of the easiest glitches in Jamaa, plus it's really neat! ^.^
Don't forget: You can do it in any door!
Hehe. :)
I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial. :D


  1. I love the void glitch! I remember creating it using my adorable pets :3
    And second comment xD


  2. thanx :D next time i go on aj i do the glich


  3. just a question is a frozen archway and a rare heart locket worth a headdress?

  4. I once made the void with my pets on aj. XD

  5. U WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED WHAT AJHQ DID! (sorry for shouting) Today i went on a storage account and i was gonna send myself something and then when i clicked the add gift icon it said nm can't SEND or recieve gifts.

  6. @Anonymous,
    It depends on what headdress your're talking about.
    Nonrare headdresses are much rarer then the Rare ones, so it would probably be worth a rare bow and arrow and a small beta. A nature archway is probably not really worth a nonrare one, you will need more betas and rares.
    But a Rare headdress would probably be nearly worth a rare heart locket and a nature archway, some people might trade you one for those two. If none do so, try adding a small rare or beta.

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  8. Awesome tricks! I'll definitely try them out. c:


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