Thursday, 24 April 2014

Golden Trident

Hiya jammers! ^.^
As the link above says, we have reached 65 followers, so im throwing a fun contest for you all to enter. :3
Anyway, the new item is the Trident, sold in Sunken Treasures!
YAY! I just noticed its nonmember! :D
Im so happy, because that means all-jammers can get this absolutely awesome item. ^_^
And ya know, this item kinda reminds me of a Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. :P
But if you change the colors, there's this combination which makes the trident look.. well, kinda  evil.. o_o
Yus, it looks very very evil and scary.. O_O
*runs away*
To wrap things up, here's a little Daily Mystery. ^.^

You know the picture of Graham on the loading page?
It seems like he's telling a story.
But what type of story? 
Is he telling how the animals came to Jamaa, Or something else?
So what story do you think he's telling there?
See you all tomorrow, i hope to see your opinions in the comments about the mystery. :3


  1. It looks like Graham is saying that the phantoms pushed animals out of their former homes and brought them into a new land, which is currently Jamaa. That's why 2 phantoms are chasing that deer. Well I think it's a deer. Lol OR That phantoms are threatening innocent animals in Jamaa. :) And your Trident has a dark side! >:)

    My "eh" blog: The Jamaa Mist. :)

  2. @Rubbuddy1,
    No, not all items are nonmember. The underwater drum set was member.


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