Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sunken Cosmo Tiki Statue

Hiya jammers. :3
Guess what? I just noticed a cool thing you can do in Braddy Barr's lab! :D
So you hover your mouse on one of the glass boxes, and a fun fact about a animal will pop up!
Lol, this is the first time i noticed. XD
Hmm, what was this post originally gonna be about?
Ohhh right, the new item of course. c:
And here's the Cosmo tiki statue, with an even weirder, creepier smile. o-o
But don't worry tiki statue, i still love you. ^-^
Hey, i just noticed AJHQ made a typo, they wrote Costmo instead. :P 
*suddenly, weird random thought*
 What if Costmo is actually a word?
Okay, yeah. that was a weird thought.
Nevermind that, here's the DE post. C:
Wow, those are some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G facts. ^.^
I love AJHQ's facts about animals. They're interesting to read although they are actually quite simple. c;
To finish of the post, here's a Mystery!
How did the Tiki statues sink?
What's the story behind them all?
What do they represent?
Where do they come from?
Share your ideas and stories in the comments. :3
See you later!


  1. 1st! yay ok so um i found this website that take u to the beta days no joke

    i went on it its awesome betaanimaljam.yola.com sweet right

  2. omg i just found that site but i didnt want anyone to know :I darn

    congrats on 1st!


  3. maby a phantom ship got sunk after stealing all of Jamma's treashers XD


  4. plz bring back free chat for nonmember


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