Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Journey Into The Beta Days

Hiya jammers! ^.^ Today i found an epic video on the Beta Days. C:
So grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride.
This video it NOT mine! Credit to whoever made this!

Beta days where when Animal Jam was going through a phase of testing to see if the jammers would enjoy and like the game, Jamaa also used to be very different back then. Many jammers wish for the Beta Days to come back, as Jamaa was much more unique and peaceful back then.
I know this is a very different subject to be posting about, but i just wanted everyone to see this video.
 Cya later! ^.^


  1. 1 YAY!!

  2. cool i really wish it was still the bata days i had a account in the beta days but i dont remember it :I

  3. Wow! Animal Jam used to be a lot cooler!

  4. I've watched that video before :D
    I'm glad how Animal Jam is more updated than it used to be, but they could have at least kept the beta dens, and the cost of the clothing and den items. >:c
    And the Crystal Sands beach. With the water slides. ^W^



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