Monday, 7 April 2014

Rare Big Blue Bow

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The Rare item Monday of today is the rare bow, sold in jam-mart clothing.
To be honest with you, at first i thought this was gonna be something multicolored, with stripes or a cool design, but it was just solid blue.
Good thing is, i remembered that solid blue can go well with lots of other shades of blue and colors. :3
Soo.. Here's my personal rating! :D
Creativity: 3/5
Color: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Overall, a pretty good rare. ^.^
Well, here's what the Daily Explorer thinks of today's rare.C:
So i guess that makes the Rare Blue Bow a nice prize too for any contest. :D
That's all for today Jammers!
See you all tomorrow. :3


  1. first! anyway heres a story c: depths of the phantoms

    It was a normal day on AnimalJam as usual I was bored none of my friends were on. So I decided to go sleep by the well in temple of zios. People where screaming "SLEEP AND YOU GET RARES!" and "IF YOU DONT SLEEP NO RARES 4 YOU" So i slept. But soon there where so many jammers suddenly everything when CRASH! We where all worried and and running around everywhere we saw phantoms there where no chompers. Suddenly it went to a cut seen showing phantoms and... SIR GILBERT LEADING THEM!?!?! Greely was by the other alphas yelling "I NEVER TRUSTED SIR GILBERT!" Liza,Graham,Peck,and Cosmo said "Sir Gilbert, you betrayed us why?" He suddenly has black eyes and turned into the phantom king! We all gasped jammers where screaming he killed everyone except me and the alphas. I screamed Sir Gilbert said "BE QUIET CHILD!" I screamed Staring at Sir Gilbert he looked... awfully awful... I gasped staying behind the the alphas. Then greely pushed me up front saying "You can do it.." suddenly all the alphas lied looking dead.. i gasped "Me? Why me?!?!" I suddenly turned to my Lion looking bigger and stronger but Sir Gilbert defeated me i tried to get back on but it wouldnt let me. I gasped and stared at my screen i shut down the computer i got back on aj. I noticed i couldnt change animals my Lion looked horrid all my friends un buddied me and ran away i now kill people and my new name or what they call me is "The possesed Lion"

  2. I know i already said to visit my blog but, I'll be posting whats new stuff! So yeah check out my post

  3. Here's my opinion :D

    Creativity 3/5
    Color 4.8/5
    Price 3/5

    4.8, lol :3
    I like the rare big blue bow! But why is it called big? It's exactly the same size as the plain Jamaaliday bows. It could have been sold on a Monday during December, but I'm soooo glad because I love shades of blue! ^_^

    Chihuahuas :)
    Ilovecutechihuahuas. XD

  4. That's a cool new item! I've always liked the ribbons.


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