Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Climb-My first AJMV!

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Here's the music video i all promised you about!
So, what do you thinks so far? What parts could have been better? ^.^
See you all tomorrow. :3


  1. Some parts weren't lined up right, but other than that, really good! I love your use of special effects, just enough, not wayyy too much like I've seen in other AJMVs.

    1. WOW is that u singing you have a vbetiful vocie if its not ca you make one with you singing? oh and can i please help with the next one xoxo gosssip girl jk lol hahaha i bet you have the best singing voice in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. THIS IS YOUR FIRST ONE??! YOU'RE A NATURAL!!!!!!!! For the next song, I suggest you do one by Regina Spektor, she's a really good singer :). Also, you might wanna get some of your buddies to help and sing along. I would be happy to if you asked me!

  3. OMG that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! u did a great job :D


  4. @Nebula,
    Yeah, i know that some of the parts weren't lined up properly, before i uploaded it most of them matched the song, but for some reason then some of the pictures went out of tune. I think the effects slowed it down. Otherwise, im glad you like my AJMV! ^-^
    Don't worry, I will get some buddies to help me in my next Music Video! :D

  5. This sure is one great 1st AJMV. What I'm saying is it's one great AJMV. :D

    1. Wait, that didn't really make much sense. Uh...... Great job on it! I like it. XD

  6. can u buddy me??????????? not to sound to demanding just i like you ad great song choice can u be ur buddy to help with macking ajmvs i would love it hear is a list of reasons why i think i would be good at it btw my username is at the bottom of the comment.:) oh if you dont want to read so far here is my user laslo289
    1.i will fallow dirictions
    2. i will be a fast typer
    3. i have almost one of evry animal
    4. you are my idol
    hope you read my list of resons


  7. another thing more more more plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i looooooooove it


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