Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sir Gilbert's Story: Part Two

Chapter One
The sky was dark. Lavender - colored clouds swirled above, and thunder crackled and shone through the dark mist. The forest was silent. No birds where singing, no rabbits foraging for food, even the trees weren't rustling along to the wind. No animal dared to make a sound.

"The phantoms are coming . . " Ajax warned, peering out from the opening of the cave.
"What can we do? We're outnumbered."

"We may be outnumbered, but we will all fight as one. Even our enemies and prey will join us. We have to win." Gilbert's tone was filled with pure determination.

A loud shot of thunder made Ajax jump. They're coming . . and they will take over our forest . . 

In reality, Gilbert was terrified. His heart was pounding loudly, and droplets of sweat where on his blazing orange fur. He had no clue how the forest would defeat the billions of phantoms, too big in number for any animal to imagine.

In the corner, Ajax was practicing his battle moves. Gilbert watched him in a corner. He was broad - shouldered and bulky, and Gilbert suddenly felt clumsy and huge compared to him. 

Gilbert decided to look out from the cave opening. He saw a small, black blob in the distance. Is that the phantom king? His heart skipped a beat.

An ear - piercing howl filled the clearing. The sign!
Hundreds of animals  burst into the battle clearing - foxes, snakes, eagles, wolves, and many more arranged into order. They where arranged into lines with a repetitive pattern, although Gilbert wasn't sure which order since there was so many animals. Where's Ajax?
Gilbert peered over the lines. He was in the first line. The first to get attacked. 
Gilbert was worried for his friend.

The small black blob was growing larger in size. Gilbert could just make out a faint cloud of phantoms behind the king.

The phantoms where moving surprisingly fast. Gilbert's legs started shaking. I need to be brave! The forest is in danger!

The phantom king was now one meter ahead of them. Behind it was a humongous cloud of phantoms. 

Gilbert heard another howl. Then all the animals charged into battle. 

To be continued . . 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sir Gilbert's Story

"Catch me if you can!" Gilbert raced past the stones. He could hear Ajax's footprints behind him. He's nearly catching up with me . . Gilbert threw his short legs as wide as he could. I got to be quick! He could feel the cool breeze rushing into his face now, roaring into his ears and flattening his fur. He looked behind. "Im gonna get you!" Ajax growled playfully. "No you-"
Gilbert's hind legs got stuck behind a rock. He let out a squeal as he thumped onto the ground. Ajax leaped on him, softly sinking his claws. "I told you i would catch you!"
Gilbert felt something lumpy and furry underneath his belly. He shuffled back, knocking Ajax off his back. The shape slowly revealed itself to be a white furry bunny with terrified cherry - red eyes.
"Hi" Gilbert said.

"GET OFF ME!" The bunny flung up from underneath his paws and kicked Gilbert in the eye. She ran away as soon as possible.
"Ow." Gilbert said, rubbing his eye. "That was rude!"
"I know right! He should not have kicked you . . " Ajax replied.
"I think the smaller animals are really scared of us tigers. Should we talk to them so they know we're not scary?"

"Not scary?" Ajax spat. "We are the most ferocious and strongest animals in the forest!" He said, puffing out his small chest.

"Well maybe they're upset because they aren't as strong or ferocious as us. Im going to find that bunny again . . " The cub trailed off.

"I don't like your way of thinking," Ajax replied, "Your eye looks really bloody right now."

"It does?" Gilbert rubbed his eye again. "Whatever. Maybe i'll find another animal to talk to!"

"Why do you want to talk to other animals anyway?" Ajax said.
"Well, 'cause im just curious. What's it like to have legs as long as a deer? What's it like to slither around the forest floor like a snake?"
"I still don't really understand why . . but that sounds interesting!" Ajax said enthusiastically. 

"Race you to the jungle!"

The two tiger cubs swiftly ran to the first few trees in the distance.
"Remember to be quiet. The animals might get scared!" Gilbert warned.

"Maybe we should climb a tree and hide there." Ajax suggested.
"Shh! Let's walk deeper in the forest, 'cause there'll be more animals there."

After another few minutes of walking, they finally climbed a tall birch tree.
"We should be covered by leaves now. We have to keep very still." Gilbert whispered.
A small, lanky fank walked into the clearing. It lowered his head in search of food.
"Now's our chance!" Gilbert whispered.
The two tiger cubs leaped from the tree.
"Hi!" Ajax said.
"What's it like being a deer?" Gilbert asked it.
The fawn looked at the tigers with the same terrified look in it's eyes. Gilbert realized how small and delicate the fawn looked, despite Ajax and him being only cubs.
"Hey don't b-"
"HELP!" The fawn shrieked.

A dark cloud appeared out of the bushes. The cloud seemed to have strange, floating creatures with three tentacles and one eye. The fawn vanished into a thin smoke. The smoke took the form of another of those creatures.

Ajax's eyes widened. "What's happening?"
"I think we have been tricked!"
The creatures surrounded the cubs closer and closer every second.
Gilbert's heart was pounding.
What will we do?

He heard a rustle from behind. More of these things? Gilbert's legs where wobbly, and his eyes where full of terror and fear.
A strong muscular shape jumped out of the shadows.

"Father!" Ajax exclaimed.
The huge tiger let out an ear-piercing roar, then clawed at the creatures.
As he did, they vanished into thin smoke, and disappeared.
"What where those things?" Gilbert asked the tiger.
"We don't know yet, but they seemed to have already taken over another forest. I fear that our forest will soon be under the wrath of those creatures  . . "

Chapter one will be coming soon . . .

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Pearl Necklace and more

Hai! :3
Basically everyone has abandoned this blog right now. @_@
(Btw that was no meant to be offensive) o_o
Why do i feel like i keep offending ppl these days? Am i actually offending ppl or . . 
(If i did offend you then im sorry) :c
(Cuz i don't like being offensive)
(Why am i talking like this) XD
Also, im typing emoticons/emotes in front of the brackets so they don't get messed up by the brackets. XP
Why hadn't i thought of this solution earlier? Sometimes chu cannot find the simplest of solutions and then one day you're like: FINALLY! A SOLUTION? But why on earth didn't i think of this earlier? o-o
Dat moment when you're listening to epic music but you can't find the name 4 it. :C
I just wanna listen to it on youtube whenever i want, not for it to be forgotten. D:
(cuz epic music should not be forgotten.)
I like to listen to instrumentals, not actual music with words. XP
Well i sometimes listen to music with words in it. But not as much as instrumentals. :D
(instrumentals r the best music in my opinion)
Does the emote o.e mean one swirly eye or a twitchy eye thingy? Cuz i have no idea. XP
Remember those days when you could type every emote on AJ? :C
Now you're just stuck to basic things. :T

It's okai though. Actually, it's not that okai. But at least you can still do SOME emotes. :P
I use both japanese and U.S/some other countries emotes. Both. o-o
I just like too mix dem up. XP I don't have a Japanese keyboard, so i can only do SOME of the emotes. :c
Well i shud probably check out the new item. :3
*searches the shops*
Maybe it's underwater. XP
Why isn't this on land? o-o
The pearl bracelet was on land.
I guess AJHQ just suddenly realized this would be a better item for underwater. XD
Cuz underwater shops need to have better items. :T
Actually, they have okay items. But the items just look awkward on the underwater animals. o-o
I just realized these pearls look sorta . . natural? Idk. Cuz the colors are more natural and the pearl bracelet looks fake. By that, i mean the colors are unrealistic . . does that make sense? xP
But that actually DOES make sense, because you can find pearls underwater and the pearl necklace is sold underwater. 

But no one has found a pearl on land . . if they did, then that means . . idk. XD
Is there a species of clam that can live  on land? I doubt it,, but it would be cool if there was. :D
Giant clams are so colorful and huge. o-o

I think they are the most epic species of clam. :3
They're probably colorful cuz they're found in coral reefs. :P 
The clams blend in with all that coral . . maybe it's a camouflage thingy? Idk. x3
Why would something that big have predators? o_o Maybe some huge shark eats them or something . . i know basically nothing about giant clams. XD
I know this is probably gunna sound like a weird question, but do clams even have brains? XD

I doubt it. But maybe they have something else to think with. I HAS NU IDEA. :T
I told chu that i know nothing about clams. XP
Maybe i should do a - OH NOPE NOPE NOPE

Spoilers. o3o
I won't tell chu what im gonna do later in this post. It's a surprise. :D

I just experienced the blue screen of death. :O
(AKA windows error screen)
Luckily blogger saved the post 4 me so i wouldn't have to start over again. ^-^
(that moment when blogger actually does something you appreciate)

Yay blogger XD
Im gunna buy this item to see how it looks like. x3
The middle pearl looks gigantic.
But also somehow epic, cuz it makes it look like they are differently sized bubbles. ;3
But on otters, everything looks cute and stuffz. XP
It's like Jamaa was made for small animals.   :T
Maybe it was. o-o

. . . Wait, idk for sure now . . and i shud not be accusing AJHQ of doing something they might not have done. XP

Wat if AJHQ is reading dis.
I heard AJHQ sometimes reads AJ blog.
Wat if AJHQ is a stalker O_O

I did an Animals Of Jamaa post today about otters. ^-^
If chu want to see it, then go to the post before this one, but don't abandon this post . . cuz remember?
dun dun duuuuunnnnn

Okai actually, it's not a big surprise. :T
It's just a fact about a giant clam bc giant clams are awesome :D
(It's not even a surprise omg)
(did that sound creepy/stalkerish?)
Giant clams can live over the age of 100.
Meh. Why did i even call this a surprise in the first place? o-o
But . . wait.
OVER the age of 100?
Whoa. :O
Okai, it's still not exactly a surprise, but THAT IS AWESOME :D
Another awesome fact is that these clams are the largest mollusc ON THE PLANET.
Idk about you, but i find that awesome. Probably cuz i know nothing about clams. XP
But some of chu might find dis interesting. Idk. XP
Here's a more beautiful clam. Or maybe to you, the first one is more beautiful. XD
giant clam light blue 

I used to not know how to spell "beautiful." But now i have finally memorized it. XP
(before dat i used to use autocorrect)

Some ppl think that autocorrect worsens spelling. For me it was the opposite. XD
(it taught me how to spell beautiful and some other tricky words)
Beautiful isn't a tricky word, but it's so easy to get the letters jumbled up. @_@
(for me it is . . lel)
Idk. Im a good speller in general. But for some reason some words are just . . messy? idk. XD
Well moving on, here's the DE post! :D
The winners of national poetry month have been revealed . .National Poetry Month

It’s time to celebrate National Poetry Month! Let’s take a look at some of the JAM-tastic submissions we’ve received from Jammers all over the world!!!

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

monkeys climb,
lions roar,
wolfs howl,
eagles soar,

koalas sleep,
bunnies hop,
pandas eat,
penguin flop,

each jammer is unique
from bunnies to monkeys
and tigers and owls,
each jammer is special as you can see.

-Commander Fieryspirit

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The birds are singing.
It’s Summer again,
Go on and explore!

-Arctic Wolf

AJHQ would love to see the POEM that you write! Upload it to JAMMER CENTRAL located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! Please title your submissionPOETRY! To learn how CLICK HERE!!!

Well done Jammers! Jam on!
Yay! I love poetry. :3
Why did AJHQ include laughing emotes though? The poems are amazing, but not funny. Why did AJHQ include laughing emotes? o-o
The world may never know. 

XD lol wat.

I like writing haiku poems. They're super easy though. o-o
. . . I don't really know how to write poems cuz they almost never teach us poetry at our school. DX
But i want 2 learn poetry. :C
Sometimes poems make no sense. O_O
They only make sense to the writer. But i don't rlly read poems that make no sense because i don't like stuff that doesn't make sense. XP

No wait. That's actually okay. XD
I just thought it sounded wrong. Idk. Wat.
Do you think AJHQ is going to include more poems? I hope so. :D
I don't really think people can actually win, since it's not really a contest. :T
AJHQ just decided to show some poems i guess. lel.
The last poem, i disagree with.
It's winter here. XD
(Still a great poem though)
Today was freezing. It was like 15 C.
*ppl facepalm*
Whaat? D: 
Do you expect the weather to be -5 C over here? :T
(The weather here rarely goes below the minuses.) XP

uhhhh why am i talking about the weather.

I only like to write poems when i want to, but when i don't want to it ends up being terrible and stupid. :I
So ppl . . 
Am i being too random? XD
Is this post really weird or just boring?
Why even -

I don't really have that much time right now, but before going, here are some adorable GIFs! :3

I love animal GIFs cuz animals r cute and epic. ;3
And to finish it off, here's the QOTP!
What's your favorite animal?
Bye for now! ^-^

Monday, 27 April 2015

Animals Of Jamaa: Otters

Otters are a commonly used diamond shop animal which can go in both land and water. They are some of the smallest animals in jamaa, nearly as small as a bunny. They where first hinted to come out on July 23rd, 2014, and was officially confirmed as the new animal on August 8th, 2014. Many jammers where angry that otters where sold in the diamond shop, however despite this, you will still see them being used around Jamaa. Their default color is dark brown with a paler, lighter brown underside, with black eyes and small white whiskers. They are probably sea otters since they can swim in the saltwater oceans in AJ.
Like some of the older diamond shop animals, otters do have an Alpha called Hudson. He is a short, muscular otter with thick whiskers and a tight collar  around his neck.

Otters have a video featuring them, called "Otterly Fun."
Fun Facts
1. The sea otter is the heaviest member of the weasel family.
2. Sea otters can eat sea urchins.
3. They can dive as deep as 330 feet.
4. Sea otters have  the thickest fur of any mammal.
5. Sea otters can live their entire lives without leaving water.

P.S Remember that the update post will be coming soon!

Rare fotball helmet and GIFs

Hai! :3
Yes, i know that yesterday's post was quite boring. :I I have been feeling very tired lately, and with all the bad weather, homework and stuff . . yah. :I
I'll do a longer post today with more subjects though. ^-^

So anyway, today is Monday. Blergh. :T
Good think we have the RIM to cheer us up though! :D
. . . if the RIM is good. o-o
AJHQ has not being coming up with the best RIM's lately, yeh? :I
Only recolors and stuffz. But recolors are boring :C
Recolors = differently colored version of an item which is expensive for mysterious reasons.
Actual RIMS = Actually good and interesting items that make sense to be expensive.
Why are recolors expensive . . ? o-o
Just cuz they're rare, doesn't mean they have to be expensive. :P
Unless they're rainbow colored or something . . then THAT would make sense for them to be expensive. :3

Some RIMS have multiple colors on them. But AJHQ picks out the wrong colors and they look wacky like that o_o
(Purple and orange aren't rlly a good combination of colors in my opinion.)
AJHQ seems to love making RIM's purple for some reason. o3o
Is purple a speshul color or something? x3
I lik purple. It reminds me of grapes and purple carrots.
Yes purple carrots actually exist. o3o
I had one once. They taste nearly the same as normal carrots, except that they are purple. Which makes them look cool :3
If you don't believe me, then search up "purple carrots" on google images. I would show you a picture, but i don't wanna put a picture of a purple carrot on the blog. Idk why XP
Well abandoning the subject of purple carrots, let's check out the RIM! :D
 Meh . . :T
No fancy colors. Just plain old ice blue and grey.
Not really a RIM, if you ask me . . 
At least it's not THAT expensive . . cuz it would be sorta ridiculous if this thing was sold for 700 gems. o-o
But 650 is 50 less than 700 anyway. Blergh. :T
To be honest, i don't really like this rare cuz . . 
1. The colors are too plain.
2. I don't really like how football helmets look.
3. Srsly, the football helmets look too bulky. o-o
4. Why do animals even need to wear football helmets? It's not like many jammrs are playing football . . 
5. Why am i listing these things? XD

Ice blue and grey actually look good. :3
But c'mon . . even the normal colors could include this! :I
I want an awesomely colored helmet with awesome soccer patterns and stuff.

Wha. I just said soccer. o-o
Over here, we call it soccer but in many other countries ppl call it football. :T
Why don't we call it football? You kick a FOOTball with your FOOT.
But soccer . . it doesn't really make sense. :P

It would be awesome if this helmet had soccerball/football patterns on it though. Then it would look something liek . .
That didn't go as i planned. O_O
It looks more like a giraffe or something. XD
*That  moment when you're too lazy to open photoshop and do a decent edit*
Whenever i do item edits i just open paint and just . . idk :T
Color is random stuff.

Bc im too lazy. XD
Also cuz it would waste up time . . and when i do my posts i have a limited amount of time soo . . :P
Well before abandoning the subject of the RIM, here's the rating! :D
Color: 1/5
Price: 2/5
Creativity: 1/5
4 out of 15.
bleh. Not really the best :I
Moving on, i probably didn't mention this to you yesterday since i only had 10 mins to post yesterday, but i just decided to make an anti scamming mob thingy yesterday. Idk what they're called. :P
Why can't i stop saying "yesterday?"
Oopsies, there i go again. :I
But anyways, the anti scamming thingy grew REALLY large . . larger than i expected. o-o
In my opinion, these thingies help spread the message across Jamaa. :D

(how did this get so big? I wasn't expecting this to get that big) o-o
The reason it's green is cuz green stands for good. :D
(They also both start with G)
Because . . 
red = wrong (No offense if red is your favorite color, i love red) :D
And green = correct.
(If you're offended this logic is on traffic lights)

But does that make sense? :P
Anyway, thanks to everyone who joined the mob! :D (or group . . or whatever it's called)
It was also a bit about kindness, not just anti scamming since kindness is also important in Jamaa. :3

Also, im the light green deer with dark green antlers and a light green worn. No idea if you can see me. x3
Nearly everyone in Jamaa township wa in the thingy. o-o
So wow. I definitely was not expecting it to be this big. :3
(And again, thanks to everyone who joined!)

hehe c:
Well anyways, here are some awesome animal GIFs! :D
The GIFs are gunna be about kangaroos, cuz kangaroos are awesome. :3
They can also kick u in the face and kill u if you make dem angry
dog animated GIF  
 kangaroo animated GIF  

Hmm . . there's not much GIFs on kangaroos. :c
but y
I liek kangaroos. :D
Also, like on the first GIF, they can be kept as pets. :3
DO any of you here keep kangaroos as pets? ^-^

And as for the DE post, nothing new . . just the RIM post and stuffz. :I
 Rare Item Monday: Rare Football Helmet  
Today’s RARE ITEM is a real score!! Go to JAM MART CLOTHING and pick up your RARE FOOTBALL HELMET while you still can!
:sword: :sword: :sword: :sword: :sword:
The RARE FOOTBALL HELMET is not just a great looking accessory, it also protects the noggin!
:razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:
What’s your favorite thing about the RARE FOOTBALL HELMET

Yes AJHQ, the football helmet looks reeeaaaly pretty. :I
(it's so bulky omg)

Noggin is a weird word. Very weird. o-o
What's my favorite thing? My favorite thing is . . idk.
Well to finish the post off, here's the QOTP! c:
Have you ever done one of those thingies to stop scamming, or something else in Jamaa?
Im also gonna do a true or false question today! ^-^
The answer for the last tue or false question is true by the way, Elephant shrews are more closely related to elephants than shrews! :D
True or false?
Crows can play pranks on each other.
Bye 4 now! :3 Sorry if today's post wasn't the best, but the quality of my posts will improve soon! ^-^

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Butterfly hair bow + dawn of the alphas

Hai! XP

Sorry 'bout not posting yesterday. The electricity went out again because the weather hates everyone right now. :I
I just realized i have 15,160 gems on AJ. o-o
I haven't had that many ever since AJ stopped making new adventures. Remember those days when there was actual adventures that dumped you with a ton of gems? C:

But the seasonal adventures also dump you with gems. lol. XP
But in the actual adventures you also was liek, SAVING THE WHOLE WORLD?! >:U
Not really. Just Jamaa. XP
But Jamaa is basically the whole world for AJ . . right?

 . . . 

*awkward pause*

I just played a ton of mini-games. The twister music was rlly dramatic. o-o
I will now play twister just for the epic music. XD
(Twister is a very easy game.) :T
. .  . Or i can just find the music somewhere else like youtube or stuff. xP

Also  gem breaker is suddenly fun. Idk. I used to think it's boring now it's fun. O_O
But the best game is .  .
Srsly people. That game = AWESOMNESS
It's also the most popular game on AJ. No wonder why. XP
Cuz it's awesomness. :D
. . . 
*another awkward pause*
I keep pausing awkwardly. >:U

Well to avoid pausing awkwardly, i shud check out the new item! :3

Why did i freak out that much. o-o
(Usually i don't freak out that much when i see someone cute.) :P
UNLESS it's a bunny eating a raspberry. Raspberries make the bunny's lips look red which makes them look like they have lipstick. XD
Did i just make a grammar mistake their there?
Cuz i rlly rlly hate making grammar mistakes. :c
Hopefully not. lel.
Some teachers think i don't know english just cuz i don't speak much in class.
*face desk*
*face wall* 

^ That is all i can say. :I 
Wait, i never said anything. Nvm. XD
Also, my forehead hurts. xP
(Well i shud not have face desked.)
Did i just make another grammar mistake? D:
(Is "desked" a word?)
Wait, i don't think that's a grammar mistake, more like a spelling mistake. XP
Also, blogger is being laggy again.
Plz blogger. -_-

Btw i like firefox better than google chrome even though chrome is after.
firefox4life :3

(uhm did that sound creepy and/or stalkerish?) o_o


I just realized the butterfly hair bow is nonmember.
*explodes again*
Wait . . how can i explode if i exploded already? How can i even type if i exploded.
Maybe i didn't actually explode. :T
By the way im not exploding cuz of anger like i usually do, but because of happiness and overwhelming cuteness. :3

A nonmember AND a good item AND . . no wait it's expensive.
y u be expensive.
Buuuut it looks AWESOME :D
Butterfly hair bows are awesomeness, just like sky high. :3
Or shud i say "pawsomeness?" :P
HAIR bow?
Does it look like there's any hair? >:U

Wait . . . . 
Actually, yes, Fur is sorta like hair, yeah . . ? And ppl say all mammals have HAIR so therefor FUR is HAIR.

Well i think hair is just a thicker version of fur.
Idk what the big difference is though. :I
Both are made of keratin and look same. 
sooooooo umm
Is there anyone that knows why they're called different names? o_o
(cuz i don't)

Well moving on, the winners of the imagination fair have all been revealed! :D
ImaginationFair_DailyExplorer (1) 

I forgot to enter. :T
I didn't even draw the invention.
I hope there's another contest like this soon. Maybe a contest that's only about animals or nature? That would be cool. :3
But anyways, the winner for maths is Queen Arcticwolf, and her amazing invention is the pet calculator! :3
It's a pet.
That's a  . . CALCULATOR! :D
Im not sure how that works, cuz IRL there's no animals that are like calculators. X3
Maybe it's like a robot that acts like a pet? c:
Also, remember the engineering winner?
They're both pets so does that mean that AJHQ is going to make a robot pet soon? :3
I hope so . .  waaaaait i see a pattern here.
All these inventions, AJ can use them somehow for the game, so maybe . . 
I really hope AJ adds them to the game. c:

Well anyways . . AJ is rewriting the story of Jamaa! C:
However, this time it's called the dawn of the alphas . . 
The Dawn Of The Alphas — Episode 1

amaa was once home to hundreds of animal species of all shapes and sizes. These animals spent their days playing games, going to parties, building homes, and living together as friends.

Mira and Zios, the guardian spirits of Jamaa, gifted each animal species with a Heartstone, a special jewel that contained the essence of that species and held the secrets of its magic.

For many generations, all the Heartstones were kept together in a vault beneath the Lost Temple of Zios. Every animal could visit them and see the unique gifts that each species brought to Jamaa.                                                                                                 

I thought AJHQ had completely forgotten about Jamaa's history. Im glad that they are writing the newest version of it so that jammers will know all about Jamaa! ^-^
Unfortunately, that's all i have for today. Bye!