Monday, 13 April 2015

Rare round sunglasses and some other things.

Hai! :D
We actually did it. o-o
We actually reached 4,000 views. We reached OVER that, actually.
And i thought it was impossible. :T
Thank you so much everyone :D
(Im planning a contest! YAY!)

*throws confetti all over da place*

I love confetti. :D
It is very colorful and floaty.

Floaty? Is dat even a word? :P
Well since it's underlined it red, then it's not a word.
That's okai though. :3
I made up a word. :O

I also made up confuzzled, which is a mix of confused and puzzled. Or maybe someone else invented it before me . . i can't really know for sure. :P

*checks calendar*

It's Monday already?! O_O
You don't know when it's Monday when you're on Holiday. XP

At school you're like: April 11th, 12:45 PM
And then da Holidays: Probably June.

I typed Holidays as a proper noun because Holidays are awesome. :3

More glasses. owo
Except these have been recolored. Recolored items are priceless and super amazing, according to AJHQ.
In reality, they aren't They are just recolored. c:
Bleh. At least it's nonmember.
But .  .
Haz you noticed something? :o
NM rares are always expensive. :C
That is a shame. ;-;
These are more like sunglasses, because they are tinted green. All sunglasses are tinted. :P
These shud be called rare round sunglasses, because regular glasses are not terribly big and are definitely not tinted. :P

I saw a random bunny wearing this rare. It looks awesome on bunnies with grey fur. :3
Lawl i just screenshot a random jammer.
Free shout-out to the random jammer. XP

But bunnies have ears that point up, then how does the glasses hold onto the bunny's face?
Animal jam logic. XD
Deal with it. B)

( Again. Dat face. XD )
8) < round glasses. :D

Actually, that looks more like a googly-eyed face. :3

Putting googly eyes on things can make then seem creepy or hilarious. XD
I suggest you try it if you have googly eyes. XP
I love googly eyes.

Let's spam everything with googly eyes cuz we love googly eyes. :D

Why am i doing this. XD

Do you remember this guy? XP
AKA Derpy eyed wolf.

AJ won't let me say googly. *cri*
I guess it's guz it sounds like Google. But Google is just a search engine, what's wrong with dat? :C
Poor Google is being rejected by AJHQ. :c

Oh my. Im getting terribly off-topic now. DX
I forgot the RIM rating so im editing the post now. :D
Color: 4/5
Price: 1/5
Creativity: 1/5
6 out of 15. Only the color is actually good. o-o

Let's get on-topic by checking out the Daily Explorer, cuz the daily explorer is related 2 AJ. :D

Owe. It's just a RIM post. X3
Rare Item Monday: Rare Round Glasses 
Finally, an outfit that makes sense for once. :D
Also, they're definitely sunglasses. XP
Hmm? What is this?
Poetry month? :o
National Poetry Month
April is officially NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!
What is a POEM???
A POEM is a collection of words that expresses an emotion or idea, sometimes with a rhythm.
:diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:
We’ll be featuring YOUR poems on the DAILY EXPLORER all month long!!!
:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
Submit your POEMS through JAMMER CENTRAL, located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! Make sure to title your submission with the word POEM!!!! To learn how, CLICK HERE!
What will YOUR POEM be about??? Animals? Den items? Adventures? Nature?
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Let the POEMS begin!!!

Cool! I love poems. :D
One problem though . .
Im not good at it.
Yeaaahh . . they never really teach poetry at out school. :T
I actually forgot how to do poetry.
. . .

Y u not teach poetry, school? >:c

I need to research poetry. D:
Wait . .
Wats da point? XP
(Again, it's because i never try to win .  . )
It's only a diamond.
I have . .
ahh where am i?
*faints again*
62 . . diamonds . . . .

Nearly 100.
I did not buy anything.
This is just crazy. O_O
I don't usually buy stuff from the diamond shop, so maybe that's why i have so much diamonds? O_O
That's probably why. X3
But it's still awesome that i reached 62 diamonds . .
I wish we could send or trade diamonds. Then i could make them prizes for contests. :C

Is there anyone else that has this much diamonds? Plz tell meh im not alone X3

It's freezing. o-o
And yet, im dressed up in shorts.
I am so smart. XP
I should get some jeans. I have goosebumps. o-o
Goose bumps happen because each of our hairs have a tiny muscle attached to it which makes it stand up.
so um yeah.
Useless facts. XD

Do you ever shiver on purpose just to be warm? XP
. . . Or just me?
What is snow like? I never saw snow. ;-;

Anyways here are some cute GIFs! :3
hedgehog animated GIF
hedgehog animated GIF
hedgehog animated GIF
hedgehog animated GIF
Yay hedgehogs! :D

Finally, here's the Question Of The post! :3
Do you have any pets? 
Yus, very simple question. :P
If so, which species? You can also write other infro if you prefer. :3
Bye for now!


  1. Hello. I am first XD. I have 2 dogs called Allie and Roxy XD. My mum wanted to call roxy rosie when we got her. No one else liked that idea very much XD. Cloud claws, what country are you in? Thats your QOTP to answer o3o. Im going back to AJS now to see if the hater has left. BYESSSSS

    1. I love dogs! :3 But i like cats and dogs the same, and you can't really keep them together. It's not impossible, but i also don't know how to take care of a dog :c So im probably gonna be getting a cat :D

    2. I think you should get a dog in stead. They're more playful and fun and cute :D

    3. Yes, i know dogs are more playful, but cats are more cuddly and affectionate . . that's why i can't decide XP But no one in my family knows how to take care of a dog, and they said they are not helping me with it. :c

    4. Most cats are not cuddly o.o (at least from my experience) yeah they are affectionate but dogs can be too. And most of the time cats just sleep and are kinda lazy XD Wow that's mean :( why wouldn't they help you? I can help you and give you some tips :)

  2. haha, i live on a big property. So we have lots of birds and some possums and assorted animals around. Mum won't let me have a cat because of the birdies :( And btw, if you need another author i would love to do it :P

  3. I have a few fish. Want more Animal Jam logic that makes no sense? Yesterday I got hot chocolate from the hot cocoa hut, i went to leave and accidentally clicked on kani cove. I was underwater with my hot chocolate. And it was still steaming. LOGIC

    1. XD How can hot chocolate steam underwater? :P I have only one fish, and he is a delta tail betta. :3

  4. Its kinda weird but i have 2 kangaroos... -_-

    1. That's weird . . AND AWESOME! :D Not many ppl have kangaroos as pets. How are they like? :3


  5. I have three chickens. You prob think I'm lying, but I have three chickens named Chocolate, Vanilla, and Brownie. I mean, in my school I told my friend I had chickens and she wouldn't believe it unless she saw them. And she did. So yeah. Bai! ~gigglycrafty4

    1. Why would i think you're lying? Lot's of people have chickens as pets! I heard they make great ones too c:

  6. lnfinityhorse AJ13 April 2015 at 17:27

    What about the rare rating...?

    1. overpriced
    2. recolored ):l
    3. sunglasses

    And yeah. I enter a poem, I hope it gets on DE! It was about spring in Jamaa. I just made it up as I went along. Lol! As for my pets, I have 4! Rocky, my sweet and silly boston terrier-pug mix, Georgia, my calico cat, and Cookie and Caramel, our two guinea pigs! Cookie's full name is Oreo Cookie, cuz she looks exactly like and oreo, but she a girl, so yeah I call her Cookie. And Caramel has a caramekl color on her. LOL RANDOM FACTS!! :D

  8. hi cloud i just wanna know if you would like to send me stuff (anything idc if its a necklace) for mailtime #2 on my channel im lucky55568 BD

  9. I have a hamster named Jasper, dogs named, Henry Harlow and Comet and I have a hermit crab named Rosie and cats named Socks, Callie, Bella, Isac. I think I'm sick right now :(. Because I f eel like taking a nap for a week.


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