Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A guide to Jamaa #9: Beta vs now

Hello! C:
Yup. Beta days of AJ. 
We probably all know what that is, aaand just in case you don't im gonna explain it right now. :3

The beta days where a period when Animal Jam was undergoing "testing," to see if jammers would like it or not and to generally develop the game before launching it fully. So the game was pretty much unfinished, and you would expect it to be a lot more different, which it is. :P
So in this guide to Jamaa, im going to be comparing the beta game to the full game. :D
First up, why don't we start with the homepage? After all, it is the place you have to visit in order to log onto AJ. :3
The old homepage was styled more like a blog, similar to the Daily Explorer. Also, there's no login, just a "play" button leading to it. below the button, there is a general summary of the game, so new players can find out a bit more. :3
 I think that's a pretty good idea, and im confused why AJHQ didn't put it on the new homepage. :c
Speaking of the new homepage, we probably all know what it looks like, but here's a picture anyways, just to compare. :P
Way more simple than the beta one. In fact, it's FAR too simple. O_O
However, younger players might find this design better, but honestly i think AJ is for players 8+, the youngest being 7. 
5-6 year olds CAN play though, i played CP when i was 5 but all i did was to pointlessly walk around . . XD 
However, in the beta days the Daily Explorer didn't really exist, so perhaps it was good back THEN to make the homepage like a blog? :3

Compared to the old one, this one has super cheerful colors, which is better for attracting attention, however, the old one has duller colors. I think it matches AJ, since Jamaa is a mysterious land.

Mira, Zios, Phantoms, and the Alphas. There are still not fully explained in the story of Jamaa, and that's what i like about Animal Jam. It actually has a history, unlike other virtual games, but the history doesn't reveal everything either leaving the rest for the imagination. :3

On the other hand, some people might have thought that the old one was too dull, also the homepage was originally created to celebrate the return of the Alphas. Its bright, simple design is much more welcoming. ^.^

The winner? It's a tie.

What happens after you log in?
You end up in Jamaa township, which is what im going to write about next. c:
This is the beta township. It might not look like there's many differences at first, but if you look at the details there's a fair bit.
You probably noticed that there was no Sol Arcade. Some of the buildings you see today didn't exist back then, such as the diamond shop. *glares*
Instead of Jamaa Central, there was a huge stone gong, which was later replaced by a gigantic gemstone. Or was it the other way around? Im not an expert on beta times. XP

But since there's no HUGE differences, let's look at the jammers.
When someone says "Jamaa township," you probably think of tons of jammers gathered in the centre, advertising for either trades or other things such as fashion shows. It's almost always a busy place! However, that wasn't always the case. Back in the beta days, there where fewer jammers which means a less busier township. Sounds almost impossible in today's AJ. :P
(unless the servers are empty . . hehe)
While i have no problem with the town being busy (towns are MEANT to be busy XD) the bad thing is, with the busyness there's bad things such as scammers, or . . *shudder* matebeggars. ;-;
In design, the modern township wins.
In the community, the beta township wins.

There used to be a medical center in Jamaa township as well. :3
However, it was deleted due to, um "inappropriate roleplaying" and is now known as the beta medical center.

Whoa. What a mess! O_O
Everything's scattered all over the place, and there's no beds either!
However, i like how this medical center feels more cheerful and cozier. Usually medical centers are a cold, white color. If not white, then blue. However, this medical center has a brown and olive green color, which is a warm mix of colors. :3
AJ eventually decided to release the medical center again, however it was a very different design . . 
That is WAY more cleaner! XP
It also has added beds, IV's and . . uhhh i don't know what that huge thing is. O_O
(also has SINKS for more hygiene!)
So it looks more like a medical center.
However, why is the bed just on display for everyone? You can't get on the bed, so it's sorta useless anyway. In fact, forget about the bed. It doesn't even exist because you cannot get on it.
 The music bothers me as well. It doesn't suit a medical center. O_O

Tough choice, but . . the winner is . . . 
The new medical center.

I actually like the old one WAY better, but the new one has more advanced technology sooo i guess you can treat injuries better?
Also, even though there's no bed, there's still that sink for hygiene. 
The huge circle thing is probably useful. Although i don't know what it is.

(I know it's just a game and you can't actually get injured.)

The final one . . 
The nonmember den!
Yup. HUGE difference, but let's start off with the beta one! (as we always did XP)
It has three floors! :O
The beta nonmember den is very complex, and as big as a standard member den!
However, back in the beta days, there was no membership, so that's probably why the nonmember den was so complex and big. Back then, basically everyone was a member because membership didn't exist.
And after membership, this is what the nonmember den looked like.
Very small, and no floors.
This was probably because AJHQ wanted to make membership something worth having, but instead of the den being so small, they could have made it much larger! Or the den could have stayed small, but there could have been at least two floors.
So the winner definitely goes to . . 

The beta den.

Unfortunately, i am out of time for now so bye! :3


  1. I would like if they had kept da beta nonmember den :o
    My hideout account's den would be alot nicer to actually spend time in x3

    And I think I would change my Sky Kingdom den to the beta nonmember den. It looks alot more realistic, and I like realistic dens and stuff :3

  2. I think they should make Cosmo's Den in the Diamond Shop nonmember. It's relatively small and it has only two floors. They could also lower the price of it to 3 or 4 diamonds.OOH! They could make the Ol' Barn nonmember! Or the Sol Arcade! ARGGH! AJHQ does NOT want nonmember rights.

    1. oh ikr
      They should make a large den nonmember for a change, or maybe make one of the new animals at least non-diamond-shop

  3. Wait Cloud...what game are you referring by "CP" ( I'm just asking cause if it's Club Penguin I've played since 2010 but I don't play anymore cause literally everything is member and I have toooooo many coins Dx Not only that but I'm nm. Anyways, yeah OoO )


    1. Yupp, it's club penguin. :D But after discovering Animal Jam, i quit. soo yah. :T

  4. Cloud can you add a mobile site to your blog please? I can't read your blog on my phone because it has the computer site and it lags SO much :(

  5. Cool! I love this post! I LOVE hearing about deleted items and beta days! SO COOL! Plus, the no membership thing probably worked out for all the Jammers! Hope you soon do another beta post Cloudclaws!!!

  6. Betas have substitutes. Spike? Dimond shop, dude!


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