Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tetherball + GIFs

hai ppl. XP
I don't have much time to post today. :C
Im still gonna try not 2 make it rushed, cuz i don't like making rushed posts. :C
So im gonna type in my normal speed. Which is super fast. So yahh. :P
Im the fastest typer in the whole class. o-o
Does that sound like im bragging? Cuz i hate bragging. -_-
(btw im not bragging even if it sounds like that to you)

 I have nu idea. XP

If you want to type fast, then be warned that you will make 1000 typos per sentence.
(Of course, not that much . . i was over-exaggerating. XD)
So be glad with your careful typing skills if you don't type fast. c:

The only reason my posts my posts have okay-ish spelling is cuz of auto correct.
So thank you auto cucumber. :D

(i did that on purpose. it's meant to be a joke.)

The computer's auto correct is not like that though. If you type something wrong, it just underlines it in red instead of attempting to spell it correctly. Which is why we end up with "auto cucumber" instead of auto correct when typing on a phone. XD

Today's new item . . mhm . . Guess what?
Another sports item. :T
I know the game existed, but i didn't know it was called "tetherball."
I don't know anything about sports. XD 
I like tetherball though. It's fun. :D
By that i mean i hardly play it but when i do it's fun. lel.
. . 
Umm yeah.
I guess i should see if this item is small or big. :P
It looks pretty small, so it's probab- OHHH GOSH. NOT AGAIN.
Note to self: Whenever you see a sports item on AJ, do NOT expect it to be small.

It's taller than me.
The ball is nearly as big as my head.
This is why sports items on AJ are pointless. :T
*thinks about how 2 play*
I has idea! :D
*clicks the ball*
*it starts spinning BY ITSELF*
. .  What.
This tetherball pole is haunted by ghosts playing tetherball . . 

Shud i be scared? :c
Im not rlly scared of ghosts . . 
Ghost: BE SCARED >:D
*hides under a table*
I is scared of ghosts when they talk. :C
Im recycling this tetherball pole.
*throws in the bin*
Note to self: Never buy sports items again.
UNLESS i want to see what it looks like . . which is what happened with this tetherball. And the four square court.
I just wonder what items look like, and then i recycle them. :P
(which is why my inventory is nearly full at the moment.)
*recycles other item*
Now my inventory has 2 slots remaining . . 
I need 600 den slots in order to satisfy my needs. XD

I have 148 clothing items.
I just have lots of stuff because i buy random stuff all the time and forget to recycle them.. XD
Also im saving some of den for future contests and stuff. Soooo yeah. XP
I should do a contest. But we have 125 followers, which is very close to 130. So make sure you follow if you haven't! :3
Wow. That's a a lot of big numbers. O_O
Actually, 100 isn't big. 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 is big. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 is bigger. Infinity is biggest.

(sorry for spamming the zeros)
Is it zeros or zeroes? 
Both aren't underlined in red, so i guess both are correct. Or maybe one means another thing. idk. XP
The letter Z is a weird word. Some people pronounce it "zed" which others pronounce it "zee."
How do you pronounce it? XP
(I pronounce it both ways. lol)
Right now i feel like saying "zed." :3
But earlier this afternoon i wanted to pronounce it "zee."
soo yah.
I like both pronunciations.
Most people have a favorite letter. I don't. ;-;
I like Y though. So should that be my favorite? :P
(Y is now my favorite letter.)


uhm okay.
Let's just . . 
Check the DE? Idk. XP
Ooooooo! :O
Moar jammer artwork! :3
The subject is . . KITES! Yaay! I love kites. :D
(does that sound creepy/stalkerish?)

I LIKE kites.*
*gigantic kite flies into the room*
Darn. I regret saying "i like kites."
*another gigantic kite flies into the room*

Jammer Art: Kites
Kites are so awesome. :3
This is actually strange because of the storm that has been going on for 3 days now . . and storms = wind sooo . . :T
Well actually it wasn't THAT stormy today. But there was a whole lot of rain. XD
So it was a . . rainstorm? Does such thing even exist? XP
It also means i have been locked up inside for 3 days and im so BOREEED. :C
When i wished for rain, i only meant a sunshower or a light sprinkle . . not a huge storm. :I
I actually did wish for rain. Well i didn't WISH but i just hoped it would rain because i like the rain . . but only if it's not a huge rainstorm.
(Again, rainstorms probably don't even exist but im still calling it that)

Anyways, let's concentrate on the artwork! :D
I think every one of these drawings is awesome cuz AJHQ always picks out awesome drawings. :3 (thats a gud thing)
This gave me an idea for a drawing, I should draw an eagle flying while flying a kite. yey.

Flight-ception. XP
I like ceptions for some reason.
(Warning: If you stare at this for too long you might be hypnotized . . idk cuz i never looked at it for super long)

It's a doge that has ears that has a doge that has ears that has a doge that . . 
*1000 years later*

. . . that has ears that has doge that has . . .  YES MASTER
*Is hypnotized*
*does crazy stuff*
*travels back in time*
*gets un hypnotized*

That was random. O_O

Dogs are cute. Cats are also cute.
Cats and dogs are both funny. But i think that cats are cuter, and dogs are funnier. That's just my opinion though, you might think the oppisite. XP
Well since i posted a doge GIF, here are more doge GIFs.
If you don't know, the doge meme is basically a dog thinking about stuff in dog logic. XP
So Lazy 
Such Doge 

lol dog logic is funny XP
Well lastly, here's the True or false question! :D
True or false?
The closest relatives to the elephant shrew are actually elephants, not shrews.
Bye 4 now! Sorry if today's post was sorta uninteresting .  . as i said earlier, i didn't have much time. :c


  1. I love Shiba Inu's! Plus I love Animal Jam! They should add dogs to Aj.

  2. false? idk

  3. False, I am guessing. It just sounds... weird. Anyway, I kinda agree with you Cloudclaws! Dogs are funnier, but I LOVE cats too! Almost ALL ANIMALS, actually, are ones I love! Except squids. Squids are ugly and squishy. And jellyfish. And kinda sharks. Okay, I admit, a lot of sea creatures are ones I DON'T like. Cuz they so... mysterious... and... squishy! Smart06703, Shiba Inus would be pretty cool, but think about it: Have AJHQ added ANY PET AVATARS yet? I think they wanted to stick to wild animals, but if they DID release dogs, that would be COOL! Though, I also think AJ meant for the wolves to replace the dogs, since wolvesc ARE a wild animal...

    Well, that's all I gotta say for now! This is Swirlshine, logging out!
    ( NOT out of AJ, out of this awesome blog :3 )
    Jam on and Play Wild, Cloudclaws! And of course, everyone else too!

    Blog address:
    PLEASE help boost the popularity of The Weekly Jammer News! It would mean a lot to me!

  4. What is WRONG with my DARN SUPER LONG COMMENTS!? Oh well...


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