Saturday, 11 April 2015

Gardening hats and stuff

Hai. :P
How are you all going? c:
Good, i hope. If not, then maybe tomorrow will be better. idk.
But anyways, i have reached 3,380 views yesterday! :D
( That's actually a new record. c: )
So gud job ppl, and let's see if we can reach 4,000. :3
(Although i doubt that's possible XP )
But without further ado, (Ado is a weird word isn't it?) let's get onto the new item! c:
I bet it's in Jam-Mart furniture.

Spoiler: It's in Jam-Mart furniture
Garden hat's aren't usually purple. More like yellow-ish or brown - ish. Light yellow or brown mix? Yellowish tan?

( That awkward moment when you don't know the name for a color. XD )
I think cyan and aqua are the same. Wait, cyan is more greenish . .  or is aqua more greenish? Bleh, colors can be confusing sometimes. >:U
Also, isn't lavender and violet the same?
This hat is lavender/violet.
Lavender and violets are both a flower.
I just remembered violets where dark purple.
Oops. XD
Argh there's so many colors! >:U

If you look at a rainbow you are basically seeing every color on earth. That is AWESOME :3
That's why i luv rainbows. :3
Have you ever seen lightning and a rainbow TOGETHER? I haven't but the result is so awesome that you'll explode cuz of awesome. :3

It's like nyan cat and pikachu colliding together. :D
(Pikachu has lightning powers, right?)
sorry idon'treallyplaypokenmon ehehe
(Translation: "I don't really play pokemon" )
In case you did not understand. XP
Was that unnecessary? Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't. idk. XP

It's such a shame this is member though. It's just a pretty hat with flowers on it. JUST MAKE IT NONMEMBER SO EVERYONE IS HAPPY. :T

Tip: It looks espeshully pretty on arctic wolves
Yussss let's wear dis as an arctic wolf and b pretty :D

Have you ever noticed that when you put these eyes on a bunny, it looks extremely creepy? o_o
This is  nightmare bunny. He is creepy and acts weird all the time and also haunts people in their nightmares. His eyes are so small that he can't see so he falls down all the time. He is just creepy and weird that's why ppl are scared.
He is not dangerous. BUT BE SCARED.

I just created a new Animal Jam character. c:
lawl i luv making deez random OC's

Time 4 da awesoe AJ academy thingy :D
AJ Academy: Nature Journal
Yay for Earth day! :D
Did Earth hour pass already? I don't really know the dates for these stuff . . :c
I wish everyday was Earth day bc earth deserves more than just a day. ^-^
It's not like we need electricity to survive. :P
However, i do need electricity to run the blog. but ppl use it too much :C
Why don't we all use wind power, or solar power? However that is probably berry berry berry expensive. D:
The government shud just get richer then!!1111 >:C

Everyone in the world: *FACEPAW*

I heard we might be able to make electricity using sound though. Also, we can make electricity through water. Maybe. idk. I forgot. XP

What r we talking about again?
I got all caught up in Earth day. lawl.

Nature journals sound fun. But im 2 lazy to do one XD

Wait, Earth month?!
Then how come ppl don't use much electricity for one month and only one day? >:U
But im happy that Earth has an entire month. C:
Is earth living or not?
Earth has lots of other stuffz living on it. But we have other stuffz as well, and we're living. Stuff that you do not want too know about. 
*nature in a nutshell*

"In a nutshell" is like a a general summary or something, yes?

But dun take that wrong. I <3 NATURE! :3
( except for the mosquitoes.)
Here's sum animal GIFs just cuz lol
panda animated GIF  
panda animated GIF   
panda animated GIF
panda animated GIF
cute animated GIF
yey pandas
Lastly, here's the QOTP! :D
What was your animal's first design when you join AJ?
Here is mine. XP
So what about yours? XP

Bye for now! :3


  1. I was a penguin named fauna icycloud, and it was dark blue, light blue, green scary eyes, and dark green swirls.

  2. I was a wolf named Princess Spiritninja and I was all pink with white and white eyes.... I got made fun of ALOT,

  3. i think i was a koala i forgot the name of and i was mint green with pink for the pattern or something i cant really remember..

  4. Yes mosquitos. So annoying :/

    My first animal was a penguin, but I forget the user. I had those happy eyes, the snowflake design and I was light pink and yellow :T Not really my kind anymore :U


  5. i had a sel i did not desighn it i wanted my animals to look real then.

  6. I was a bunny named some thing Cottonsun. I was a light blue bunny with pink swirls and green girl eyes. ~gigglycrafty4

  7. captain america tiger.....

  8. oh and my tigers name (i stilll have him) was like captain scaryclaw for somthing :l

  9. I think MY first design, well... the only thing I can remember was that I was a tiger, named Miss Windyspirit, with SWIRLS, maybe? Yeah that's right! And, yes, that translation WAS unnecessary! Lol! And, it took me FOREVER to spell dat word! " Unnecessary"...


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