Monday, 6 April 2015

RIM + S.T.E.A.M inventions!

Hallo jammers. :3
Well today iz Monday, but Monday doesn't suck anymore.
Wait, Monday still sucks because one less week of school holidays. :c
no offense
Yes offense actually because what i just said there was offensive. :c
I cannot change the offensive meter by just saying "no offence."now can i? :P
( Cause that's just impossible. )
But anyways, IT'S MONDAY!
We know what dat means don't we?


With last weeks good quality rare, i bet this week's would be bad. :C
*searches for the rare*
GEEZ WHERE IS THI-  nevermind.
Huh. It's actually an okay rare, but AJHQ picked the wrong item, because:
1. scuba helmets are ugly
2. scuba helmets are ugly
3. scuba helmets are ugly

Someone should invent a better looking scuba helmet that is less noticeable.
Seriously? No inventor has ever thought about that? >:U
Also, it's an OLD scuba helmet. Outdated technology, ppl. :3
The modern ones look a little better, but still very ugly. :T
( At least they don't have weird metal bars going across the screen. )

If you wear it on an otter, it looks like a toaster. :3
Actually, at second glance it doesn't look like a toaster, it . . . IT LOOKS TERRIFYING!
*runs into a corner*
Why am i running onto a corner? I haz to be brave and defeat the evil scuba helmet of nightmares! >:O
*turns into a polar bear*
I am huge! I am strong!! FEAR THE POLAR BEAR! >:U
*punches scuba helmet*
Im so brave, :3
*shakes hand*
Why is this thing not coming off? >:U
Owe no.
It's stuck. :C
Yup. My paw's gonna have to be amputated for sure.
*gives up and cries in a corner*

Edit: It came off. IM SAVED!

( That moment when your hand/finger gets stuck in something IRL and you start panicking. Did that happen to anyone else? :P )

Well letz rate dis rare!! :O
Price: 1/5 (scuba helmets r ugly)
Colors: 2/5
Creativity: 1/5
4 out of 15.
I did not realize it was that bad. :I
Second-lowest rated rare so far. >:C
(Or maybe third lowest . . idk)
I is berry berry berry berry berry disappointed.

 Well im gonna eat a banana or something lawl
I used to LOVE bananas as a kid, but then i hates them for years and i have recently started liking them again since yesterday.
I know right. XP

I shud reply to your comments since im on holiday.
But i have become used to not replying. -.-
Thanks school.
But even if there IS school, i still look at all your comments. (but i can't reply, because TIMEZONES)
I is a stalker. Muahaha  c:<
(but srsly, just cuz i don't reply doesn't mean i don't care :C)


You know how we where talking about toasters?
I found a pic showing you what is INSIDE a toaster.
Whoa i have no idea why i posted this, but it's INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING that you cannot see the inside of a toaster. (unless you have those with lids like i do)
so yeh.

Translation: lets check out the daily explorer

Bleh. RIM posts. boring. :C
Imagination Fair
TIME TO CRITICIZE ALL THESE! (in the good way . . not the bad way.)
The survival chamber is a GREAT idea, but problems . .
1. Fire = smoke, and too much smoke is bad for you. If in a dome it has nowhere to escape, so you become . . poisoned. O_O
2. Where do you get a constant source of water?
Not saying it's bad, but it could improve. :3
Growth shrink 3000 is good, but how does it work? :I
Pet communication is amazing, i have always wondered what pets where thinking! :D
However, the helmet might be uncomfortable for animals, and they might get stressed which is not good. :C
Super shot = good, but again how does it work?
Truth goggles are also good, but how do they work?
The phantom energy transmitter is AWESOME. :D
But there needs to be a guard or something to make sure those pesky phantoms don't get up to something. :I
Eagle bow wings = AWESOME AS WELL! But why are the wings designed like that? How do they work?

srry i just like doing these . . i should become an invention critic, like a food critic or something. XD
( no im srs not kidding . . )

(sorry if i missed some. I think that's all, but im not sure . .)

Hmm . . what else shall we post about?
Cuz i dunno. :c

Octopuses have three hearts
Why don't WE have three hearts? >:O
Then we could live to be liek, 200 years or somefing. :3
We don't have enough room in our chests though. :C
Two of the hearts pump blood beyond the gills, while the other one pumps blood to the organs. But the one who pumps blood to the organs stops while the octopus is swimming.

Im starting to think that having three hearts as a human is a VERY VERY BAD idea. O_O
(instead of three or two hearts have have . . two chambers? Forgot what they where called.)
yeh one leads to the arteries and one leads to the veins . . I DON'T KNOW, OKAI? :C
Wait i think one chamber leads to the lungs while the other chamber leads to the rest of the body . . 

*sigh* very confuse.
my brain has turned into soup bc of confusion. :C
*searches up heart anatomy on google images*
It was the one chamber leads to the lungs other one 2 the body.
yay im smart c:
(our heart is so awesome that it has 2 hearts in ONE)
After a few mins of google images, i found out this new thing called a "capillary."
It has a very interesting pattern. :3
(Warning: may be a trypophobia trigger for some of you . . it's not that bad tho)

do u liek facts
i liek facts
uhh i sort of forgot about an item . . XP
It's the space airlock which is sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :3
I don't know if these even exist IRL.
Do they? o-o
Well astronauts have to get out of the spaceship somehow to i guess it does exist . .
If you open it, crazy stuff happens. :3
Like some random phantom passing by.
It looks very creepy from here. O_O
Why do phantoms have spaceships? They aren't aliens or something, they're just creatures made from darkness. :P
Just cuz they look like aliens. :I
this item is cool
Lastly, here's the QOTP!
Create a STEAM invention in the comments! If you already created one, then share your ideas!
Bye 4 now! :3


  1. Replies
    1. thx c: but where is everyone i wanna reply :c

  2. HOORAY! I was actually planning on sharing my STEAM idea! IT'S A...
    Yep, just set it to how long you want it to make you invisible with the little arrow pointing to the lines on the bottom thing ( IDK what is is really called!), and click the START button, and PRESTO! The machine shoots out this black smoke that covers you, and when it clears, YOU ARE INVISIBLE! This invention is very useful for spying, and pranking people! Also, just cuz it cool to be invisible sometimes! * - * :b

  3. And another PAWSOME and HILARIOUS post, as always, Cloudclaws!

  4. Cloud can you add a mobile site to your blog please? I can't read your blog on my phone because it has the computer site and it lags SO much :(


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