Saturday, 18 April 2015

Evil Three Horned Armor + Geckos + SPRING BUNNY!

Hai! :3
Hopefully today's post is more interesting, because i got  . . *looks at the clock* One hour left?! O_O
That's more than i was expecting. XD
Hmm now i have 59 mins left. XP
I read somewhere one hour is about 59 point something mins. I forgot though. So don't believe it cuz that might be fake. o-o
I have 58 mins left now.
Is this "countdown" bothering you? o-o
Lawl im gunna stop anyways.

umm so yah . .
On this post, there will be more Geckos. :D
*Get ready for Geckos*
SPOILER: There will be also Gecko gifs.
I love Geckos so much that i type Geckos with a capital letter at the start. :P
Geckos = awesome
Some people think they're gross, but i think they're cute. But this is from a person who thinks snails and slugs are cute XD
I also find frogs cute. But not toads. :P

But anyways, abandoning the subject of cuteness and reptiles, let's move on to the . . 
You think this is in Epic Wonders.
But it's not in epic wonders.
Other people: WHAT?!
It's in fact, in jam-mart clothing.
Other people: WHAAAAAT?!

This thing looks like it's from epic wonders, and its expensive as well. :T
So this is probz what happened:

AJHQ: YAAAY we're finally done this this item. Let's all take a nap bc we're tired of this
*AJHQ puts the item in epic wonders*
Three horned armour: Eugh i hate this place . . it's full of more expensive items. Imma just run to Jam-Mart clothing then. Oh wait, i can't run.
*The three horned armour does a crawling action to get around and eventually arrives at Jam-mart clothing*
Other items: Nuuuu!! But you don't belong here!
Three horned armour: lol this is my home now

Wait . . since when can clothing talk? O_O
They don't even have mouths.
Wait, NOW they do X3
Three horned armor is EVIL. O_O

lol wat.
For some reason, i like to draw faces on inanimate things. :P
Do you?
(dere has to be someone.)
But there is probably no one. XD

Do you think AJHQ is gonna make horned gauntlets or something? Then it would be more like an armor. :D
(Maybe even a horned necklace!)
Horn helmet and horn armor look awesome together. :3
I recommend you wear them together if you like horns.
(but just don't poke ppl with them o-o)
(more like stab o-o)

Despite this, Little Icycloud likes fox hats and worn blankets better. :D

I think Little Icycloud looks better like this. XP
(i haven't changed her look for about a year now . . )
I have been played AJ for . . *counts* 
2 years?!
(I joined October 2012 and October is towards the end of the year so it doesn't count. 2015 also doesn't count cuz it's not a full year . . yet!)
When i joined, i had no idea that Jamaa township changed according to the seasons. x3
So when the night of the phantoms where over, i was like: WHOAA everything is so bright and pretty!

Moving on, you know the spring bunnies?
I got a picture of them in AJ. :D
Thanks to Silver Meows AJ for the picture, and in case you're curious the bunny is Lilacpetal's.
It's like a regular bunny . . right? 
It has flower patterns, flowers surrounding the bunny, den items, AND a nametag that says "spring bunny"
I seriously want my parents to buy me more membership. :C
But my membership renews every 6 months so i don't think they're gonna accept. DX
This is also why i have been a member ever since i got membership. lel.
I sort of miss being a NM. Idk why.
But if i became NM then i would miss membership again, you know why?
It is the most annoying thing ever when you have just been AFK and you and your buddy have been talking about something. -_-

So i just sometimes like to go on my spare, nm accounts to be a nm. XP
And then when i had enough of being a NM, i go back to my main account and be a member again. lel.

Why did AJHQ delete the chat history for NM's? It was a terrible idea. -_-
Some people actually started movements to bring it back. But AJHQ did not respond.

At least AJHQ brought the old and original map though which shows that they DO listen to us .  . sometimes. XP
This was the "new" map. o-o
Some people liked it better. It was fun and cartoony, but it didn't really suit AJ.
So im glad they brought the old map back. :I
The original map actually LOOKS like a map, while the new one looks like . . it doesn't actually look like anything. o-o
Way too 3D and confusing in my opinion.
Wow. We went from Spring bunnies, to AJ chat history, and now new vs original map.
That's a lot of topics. XP

Another topic is . . 
Well, not really. It only has rainbow hair. XD
I think it looks awesome. :O
It also reminds me of Rainbow Dash. Remember pet ponies?
Has AJHQ been watching too much MLP lately? :P

Anyways, here's the gecko gifs i promised you. ;3
gecko animated GIF  
loop animated GIF  
lizard animated GIF  
cat animated GIF  

Not many GIFs . . They wouldn't load. -.-

And lastly, here's a Mini Challenge!
Create a new design for Crystal sands. Will there still be slides? Will there be a bigger sea? Perhaps even a new ocean land!
Bye 4 now! :D


  1. Hai! Im gonna be sensible and do a post analysis but first..... FIRSTTTTT!!!!!! HAHAHAHA
    sorry bout that
    now whats happening again? Oh yeah. Post analysis. Hmmmm where do I start? The beginning. duh. Sorry peeps my brain isn't working bcuse its 11:16 pm. XP

    OK. So. first of all the horn armour. Its cool but i don't think they will make it s full set because the helmet and armour are both returning items not new. The story about epic wonders is just... FABULOUS and I am pretty sure it was in epic wonders originally. This is my version:
    AJHQ programmers- we finished the coding for horn armour, so know do we add it to the epic wonders code?
    AJHQ overseer- (eats grapes) nah, if we do that then people won't find it and we will get a million emails to reply too when people can't see it.
    AJHQ Programmer- soooo what do we do?
    AJHQ Overseer- just chuck it in Jam Mart
    AJHQ Programmer- but its 1500 gems?
    AJHQ Overseer- eh. They should be glad it not diamonds.

    Ok. imma move on to geckos :3
    They are cute. But when you have real geckos infesting your bedroom they seem less cute.More freaky cause they stare at you like this O.o
    I suck at analysing posts bcuse it ends up being random. Ok. Bye.

  2. Whaaaaaaaa--
    The map changed? .O.

  3. Seriously? It changed? What? MujgjgjhnbndjnjkFWIEOJGKNkkdjgks

    Mkay............................................O o O


    1. The map changed in July/August 2013 when Kimbara Outback first came out. X3

  4. OMG GUESS WHAT CLOUD U CAN SAY SORRY IN A J.A.G NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~lucky55568 P.S dont thank me

  5. The map changed? It did? Never seen it change, though. BTW plz add me, I'm gigglycrafty4.

  6. ia this advertising?
    can you add this blog to other blogs? check out my channel for more details. its

  7. i want it i am non member sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!


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