Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sir Gilbert's Story

"Catch me if you can!" Gilbert raced past the stones. He could hear Ajax's footprints behind him. He's nearly catching up with me . . Gilbert threw his short legs as wide as he could. I got to be quick! He could feel the cool breeze rushing into his face now, roaring into his ears and flattening his fur. He looked behind. "Im gonna get you!" Ajax growled playfully. "No you-"
Gilbert's hind legs got stuck behind a rock. He let out a squeal as he thumped onto the ground. Ajax leaped on him, softly sinking his claws. "I told you i would catch you!"
Gilbert felt something lumpy and furry underneath his belly. He shuffled back, knocking Ajax off his back. The shape slowly revealed itself to be a white furry bunny with terrified cherry - red eyes.
"Hi" Gilbert said.

"GET OFF ME!" The bunny flung up from underneath his paws and kicked Gilbert in the eye. She ran away as soon as possible.
"Ow." Gilbert said, rubbing his eye. "That was rude!"
"I know right! He should not have kicked you . . " Ajax replied.
"I think the smaller animals are really scared of us tigers. Should we talk to them so they know we're not scary?"

"Not scary?" Ajax spat. "We are the most ferocious and strongest animals in the forest!" He said, puffing out his small chest.

"Well maybe they're upset because they aren't as strong or ferocious as us. Im going to find that bunny again . . " The cub trailed off.

"I don't like your way of thinking," Ajax replied, "Your eye looks really bloody right now."

"It does?" Gilbert rubbed his eye again. "Whatever. Maybe i'll find another animal to talk to!"

"Why do you want to talk to other animals anyway?" Ajax said.
"Well, 'cause im just curious. What's it like to have legs as long as a deer? What's it like to slither around the forest floor like a snake?"
"I still don't really understand why . . but that sounds interesting!" Ajax said enthusiastically. 

"Race you to the jungle!"

The two tiger cubs swiftly ran to the first few trees in the distance.
"Remember to be quiet. The animals might get scared!" Gilbert warned.

"Maybe we should climb a tree and hide there." Ajax suggested.
"Shh! Let's walk deeper in the forest, 'cause there'll be more animals there."

After another few minutes of walking, they finally climbed a tall birch tree.
"We should be covered by leaves now. We have to keep very still." Gilbert whispered.
A small, lanky fank walked into the clearing. It lowered his head in search of food.
"Now's our chance!" Gilbert whispered.
The two tiger cubs leaped from the tree.
"Hi!" Ajax said.
"What's it like being a deer?" Gilbert asked it.
The fawn looked at the tigers with the same terrified look in it's eyes. Gilbert realized how small and delicate the fawn looked, despite Ajax and him being only cubs.
"Hey don't b-"
"HELP!" The fawn shrieked.

A dark cloud appeared out of the bushes. The cloud seemed to have strange, floating creatures with three tentacles and one eye. The fawn vanished into a thin smoke. The smoke took the form of another of those creatures.

Ajax's eyes widened. "What's happening?"
"I think we have been tricked!"
The creatures surrounded the cubs closer and closer every second.
Gilbert's heart was pounding.
What will we do?

He heard a rustle from behind. More of these things? Gilbert's legs where wobbly, and his eyes where full of terror and fear.
A strong muscular shape jumped out of the shadows.

"Father!" Ajax exclaimed.
The huge tiger let out an ear-piercing roar, then clawed at the creatures.
As he did, they vanished into thin smoke, and disappeared.
"What where those things?" Gilbert asked the tiger.
"We don't know yet, but they seemed to have already taken over another forest. I fear that our forest will soon be under the wrath of those creatures  . . "

Chapter one will be coming soon . . .


  1. Mysterious.............


  2. Cool! You're real good at this. ~gigglycrafty4

  3. Tsk, tsk. Those animals are so rude. Gilbert is obviously asking them a question, but then they scream and run away terrified. Tsk, tsk bunny and deer. :I



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