Monday, 27 April 2015

Rare fotball helmet and GIFs

Hai! :3
Yes, i know that yesterday's post was quite boring. :I I have been feeling very tired lately, and with all the bad weather, homework and stuff . . yah. :I
I'll do a longer post today with more subjects though. ^-^

So anyway, today is Monday. Blergh. :T
Good think we have the RIM to cheer us up though! :D
. . . if the RIM is good. o-o
AJHQ has not being coming up with the best RIM's lately, yeh? :I
Only recolors and stuffz. But recolors are boring :C
Recolors = differently colored version of an item which is expensive for mysterious reasons.
Actual RIMS = Actually good and interesting items that make sense to be expensive.
Why are recolors expensive . . ? o-o
Just cuz they're rare, doesn't mean they have to be expensive. :P
Unless they're rainbow colored or something . . then THAT would make sense for them to be expensive. :3

Some RIMS have multiple colors on them. But AJHQ picks out the wrong colors and they look wacky like that o_o
(Purple and orange aren't rlly a good combination of colors in my opinion.)
AJHQ seems to love making RIM's purple for some reason. o3o
Is purple a speshul color or something? x3
I lik purple. It reminds me of grapes and purple carrots.
Yes purple carrots actually exist. o3o
I had one once. They taste nearly the same as normal carrots, except that they are purple. Which makes them look cool :3
If you don't believe me, then search up "purple carrots" on google images. I would show you a picture, but i don't wanna put a picture of a purple carrot on the blog. Idk why XP
Well abandoning the subject of purple carrots, let's check out the RIM! :D
 Meh . . :T
No fancy colors. Just plain old ice blue and grey.
Not really a RIM, if you ask me . . 
At least it's not THAT expensive . . cuz it would be sorta ridiculous if this thing was sold for 700 gems. o-o
But 650 is 50 less than 700 anyway. Blergh. :T
To be honest, i don't really like this rare cuz . . 
1. The colors are too plain.
2. I don't really like how football helmets look.
3. Srsly, the football helmets look too bulky. o-o
4. Why do animals even need to wear football helmets? It's not like many jammrs are playing football . . 
5. Why am i listing these things? XD

Ice blue and grey actually look good. :3
But c'mon . . even the normal colors could include this! :I
I want an awesomely colored helmet with awesome soccer patterns and stuff.

Wha. I just said soccer. o-o
Over here, we call it soccer but in many other countries ppl call it football. :T
Why don't we call it football? You kick a FOOTball with your FOOT.
But soccer . . it doesn't really make sense. :P

It would be awesome if this helmet had soccerball/football patterns on it though. Then it would look something liek . .
That didn't go as i planned. O_O
It looks more like a giraffe or something. XD
*That  moment when you're too lazy to open photoshop and do a decent edit*
Whenever i do item edits i just open paint and just . . idk :T
Color is random stuff.

Bc im too lazy. XD
Also cuz it would waste up time . . and when i do my posts i have a limited amount of time soo . . :P
Well before abandoning the subject of the RIM, here's the rating! :D
Color: 1/5
Price: 2/5
Creativity: 1/5
4 out of 15.
bleh. Not really the best :I
Moving on, i probably didn't mention this to you yesterday since i only had 10 mins to post yesterday, but i just decided to make an anti scamming mob thingy yesterday. Idk what they're called. :P
Why can't i stop saying "yesterday?"
Oopsies, there i go again. :I
But anyways, the anti scamming thingy grew REALLY large . . larger than i expected. o-o
In my opinion, these thingies help spread the message across Jamaa. :D

(how did this get so big? I wasn't expecting this to get that big) o-o
The reason it's green is cuz green stands for good. :D
(They also both start with G)
Because . . 
red = wrong (No offense if red is your favorite color, i love red) :D
And green = correct.
(If you're offended this logic is on traffic lights)

But does that make sense? :P
Anyway, thanks to everyone who joined the mob! :D (or group . . or whatever it's called)
It was also a bit about kindness, not just anti scamming since kindness is also important in Jamaa. :3

Also, im the light green deer with dark green antlers and a light green worn. No idea if you can see me. x3
Nearly everyone in Jamaa township wa in the thingy. o-o
So wow. I definitely was not expecting it to be this big. :3
(And again, thanks to everyone who joined!)

hehe c:
Well anyways, here are some awesome animal GIFs! :D
The GIFs are gunna be about kangaroos, cuz kangaroos are awesome. :3
They can also kick u in the face and kill u if you make dem angry
dog animated GIF  
 kangaroo animated GIF  

Hmm . . there's not much GIFs on kangaroos. :c
but y
I liek kangaroos. :D
Also, like on the first GIF, they can be kept as pets. :3
DO any of you here keep kangaroos as pets? ^-^

And as for the DE post, nothing new . . just the RIM post and stuffz. :I
 Rare Item Monday: Rare Football Helmet  
Today’s RARE ITEM is a real score!! Go to JAM MART CLOTHING and pick up your RARE FOOTBALL HELMET while you still can!
:sword: :sword: :sword: :sword: :sword:
The RARE FOOTBALL HELMET is not just a great looking accessory, it also protects the noggin!
:razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:
What’s your favorite thing about the RARE FOOTBALL HELMET

Yes AJHQ, the football helmet looks reeeaaaly pretty. :I
(it's so bulky omg)

Noggin is a weird word. Very weird. o-o
What's my favorite thing? My favorite thing is . . idk.
Well to finish the post off, here's the QOTP! c:
Have you ever done one of those thingies to stop scamming, or something else in Jamaa?
Im also gonna do a true or false question today! ^-^
The answer for the last tue or false question is true by the way, Elephant shrews are more closely related to elephants than shrews! :D
True or false?
Crows can play pranks on each other.
Bye 4 now! :3 Sorry if today's post wasn't the best, but the quality of my posts will improve soon! ^-^


  1. yes I joined one to stop scamming and one for animal rights. and I think it is true bc all these thiongs have been shocking.

  2. So many scammers! Anyways, I am going to guess true. Yes, very random. :3

    We had a 17 tasked math test today. So tiring. It took up our math period (like usual) and the literacy period. :I Tiring.


  3. Wow! I think soccer should be football, cuz, you know, you kick a soccer ball. That is basically ALL you do in soccer, aside from making goals. Kicking the ball. And FOOTBALL does involve feet, but it seems more like "Tackle-each-other-for-a-dumb-ball-and-hurt-people-ball" No offense to football and football lovers! I am just sayin' my opinion here!

    I HAVE joined an anti-scam group, though, I have never started one. Maybe I will in Aldan, so many people scam there! Rich people who care TOO MUCH about betas and rares. It sad. I like rares and betas a lot, don't get me wrong, but some people... it is ALL they do, EVERY DAY! I wish people would stop doing that, along with the trick where you put a REALLY RARE or REALLY BETA item on your trade, and DECLINE every single trade for it! I get the feeling they just do it to show how rich they are...

    And lastly, a VERY SHORT paragraph. I GUESS the fact is true??? I am actually just saying that cuz EVERY TIME I think a fact is SO TOTALLY NOT TRUE, it turns out being true after all! So, yeah...

    Well, I think you ALL can see that my comments are RIDICULOUSLY long, so I will just say JAM ON, PLAY WILD, and remember...

    (BTW, I made that scamming motto up :D )

  4. Wut I have only seen one anti-scam thingy in meh life .o. They were dancing in crystal sands.

    Ohhhh the fab new RIM I will totally wear it it's totally not a recolor *Hugs AJHQ* Thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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