Friday, 10 April 2015

Foggy glasses & JAG's

Hai! :3
Today's post is even earlier! Yuss :D
But anyways, im officially back to my normal posting schedule. c:
Chu are probably wondering why i was posting late in the first place.
Im still on school holiday.
On holidays, you go to places.
Sometimes the places are far away.
Far away places = tired. :c

So yah. I don't know why i chose to explain it like that though. XP
[ without proper paragraphs or something . . ]
Sometimes, you forgot to write in paragraphs, and then you realize: O NO I FORGOT THE PARAGRAPHS!

Then you start making random spaces between every few sentences. XP
Paragraphs make everything nice n' organized. c:
Use paragraphs. They're gud.

But abandoning the subject of paragraphs, time to move on and look for the . . 

. . . Or a returning one, in this case.
That's right people, the foggy square glasses are here, now 20% foggier and guaranteed to cloud your vision! GET DEM NOWWWwwwww *lowers the pitch*

Glasses are meant to help people see, and they are not foggy. (except for when you drink tea, lawl)
Tea is my favorite drink. :3
tea 4 life

But why does AJHQ make glasses sorta awkward-looking? The rare nerd glasses look okay, but they look crooked. :T

Can AJHQ not draw proper glasses? :/
Just draw two squares/circles/ovals/whatever's and a line connecting them together! SO SIMPLE! :D
But AJHQ decides to make it look extremely complex and difficult. *applauds*

I admit it does look sorta cute in bunnies. :3
Unfortunately, bunnies don't have super vision or anything.
But speaking of super vision, you know when you have glasses, people expect you to see things PERFECTLY? Like when you can't see the SMALLEST detail, ppl r like: lawl looks like yer glasses aren't working
Of course they are working. c:
I. Haz. Normal vision. with. dem. C:
[ Okai if you ever said this don't feel guilty because i am not offended. XD ]

When i first got glasses, i was amazed . . 

By how ugly everything was.
Because i saw more detail, i thought everything was uglier. XP
[ btw i got used to it ]

so uhm ya.

But moving on, i have reached up to . . .
aww yis :3
It's getting a little crowded though. o-o
Shud i delete the JAGs? o_o
I might delete dem. I can't see new JAGS because of all the other JAGS.
JAGS . . what a weird word. heh.
It's not actually a word. Just a shortened version of "Jam-A-Grams."

Why not "mail?" Why Jam-a-gram?

Nu idea. C:
But mo
Let's check out the Daily Explorer because im bored!
Trading Safely
Knowing how to TRADE SAFELY can help make Jamaa a much better place!
If you think someone is trying to trick you while trading, DON’T BE AFRAID TO SAY NO. If they continue to bother you, you can simply report them. To learn how to report CLICK HERE!
:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
If a player continues to make you uncomfortable, YOU CAN BLOCK THEM. Blocking is an easy way to avoid Jammers that make you uncomfortable. To learn how to block CLICK HERE!
Jammers that tell you an item is RARE or SPECIAL when it really isn’t.
:razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:
Remember to PLAY SAFE and JAM ON!

As you noticed, instead of taking a screenshot i simply copy & pasted the DE post, making it easier to read! :D
What do you think? :3

But anyway, that fox.
Look at it.
Closely . .
And . .
Why is it so enormous? Is AJHQ setting unrealistic beauty standards for FOXES now? >:C

What th-

Uhh okay. Maybe small tails are better. XP
Other foxes: WE WANT BIG TAILS!

Uh oh.
This is very bad. O_O

Other foxes: ew nvm

Former FABULOUS fox: but i thought chu likes big tails. :C

lol wut

. . . . . . . . 

Just noticed that the trade is not fair. D:
And AJHQ is trying to educate us about avoiding scams.
But in the picture, the trade isn't fair.
. . . 

But AJHQ had a post about scamming before, which had 2 tips. So now we have 4 tips in total! :D
But why couldn't AJHQ do that all in one post? :T
Also, AJHQ needs to have more detail about the methods of scamming. Not the best way to to stop scammers in my opinion . . 
Scamming is like, stealing IRL. :C
Stealing = jail
So why do people do it on AJ? *sigh*
However, i noticed there's less scamming these days, so that's good. :D
Lastly, the answer to the True or false challenge is . . 

Owls fall into the lower range of bird intelligence. Crows are much smarter.
here's a fun fact! c:
Squirrels plant thousands of trees each year by forgetting where they put their acorns!
That's pretty cool!

Bye for now! c:


  1. That fox tail is so boodyfiul in the second picture of Little Icycloud. It's very impressive! XD


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