Friday, 3 May 2019

Long time no see

Hiya everyone! So, it's been a really long time since I posted on here. Like, really really long . . i mean, it's 2019 now. Aaand it's been like 5 months since i posted? (oh god that's nearly half a year.)
Anyways, i just want to say im really sorry. For disappearing off the face of earth without saying anything for 5 months. I guess life got all kinda mixed up and stuff (especially with me being in year 10 now, which means . . a LOT more assignments.) and i got *very* sidetracked from this blog and Animal Jam in general. So yeah, i just wanna apologize for not giving a warning, or anything before just randomly disappearing.

To be honest, now that it's been a few months . . i'm not sure if getting back into blogging is the best thing for me? I mean, i love this community and all but it just feels so different now, especially since blogging seems to be dying in general. Plus, it's just very easy for me to be sidetracked from AJ these days so i could disappear for months like before again. I mean, i'll definitely log on eventually, every once in a while, but yeah, i'm not too sure about blogging.

Well, i guess we'll see? Might make another post, might not. I'll (most likely) get back to playing AJ for now though, while i still have free time. (got exams in a couple of weeks, yikes-)

Well . . . Anyways, i guess i just wanted to say hi for now. ^w^


Saturday, 22 December 2018


THAT WAS AMAZING (and ridiculous) AND HILARIOUS (but also chaotic in every way.)

I . . don't know how to describe what just happened right now. I have no words. My brain is dead because of the amazingness and ridiculousness and hilariousness and chaotic-ness-ness and making up too many words in one sentence.

 Time to explain it for the people that weren't there for the duck apocalypse. (y'all missed out on a LOT.)

Earlier today Jamaa was RAIDED BY DUCKS.
Yup. You read that right.
"But, cloudclaws, AJ gets flash mobs all the time!" you say, "so like, why are you making a post about this?? have you ran out of content to post??"

Well. no. I mean, i will run out of content to post if AJ DOESN'T MAKE INTERESTING UPDATES ANYTIME SOON >:U  Buuuut, for the most part, no.

This raid caused Animal Jam's servers to be so overwhelmed that they actually shut down. (i couldn't believe it either.)
Yes, it was only for few minutes, but think about it- AJ's servers are built for handling MILLIONS of people. The fact that the servers stopped working, even for a few minutes, is still a pretty big achievement.

- - -
Moving on . . this isn't the main reason i made this post. I didn't decide to post about the duck raid just to ramble on about how crazy it was. I imagine many of you are pretty confused about what the heck just happened in Jamaa. So . . i bring you . .

The FAQ list! (FAQ=Frequently Asked Questions) which will hopefully clear things up a bit.

1. Who's behind all this? 
- QuackityHQ is the leader of the raid, although their account got banned a while ago. They were hosting a stream on Twitch before though that's finished now too. I think they said something along the lines of they'll be returning soon but i'm not too sure. There might be more raids in the future, so don't panic if they come back.

2. Why would they do something like this? 
 - I'm not sure.  They're probably not actually aiming to actually shut down Animal Jam, as they claim. (By that i mean end AJHQ and prevent jammers from playing it forever, not simply shutting down the servers for a few minutes.)

 They didn't know about basic things like jam-a-grams and jammer walls. So they most likely joined with the sole purpose of messing with the Animal Jam community and causing chaos, because they find it amusing.

Now, I don't have anything against flash mobs since most of the time, they're about just playing around and having fun, however, I've witnessed some ducks being mean and insulting jammers too, and that's obviously not okay. That's when it really starts becoming a problem for other jammers and AJHQ. I also do realize that its quite annoying when some people just want to hang out in Jamaa normally, but the ducks are clogging up all the servers and making things laggy.

3. What can i do if the ducks attack again? 
- I've been browsing through the comment section of  The Daily Explorer and it seems like AJHQ want us to silently block and report without causing any further commotion, if they are breaking the rules.

Starting another mob won't help the problem in any way. It's like fighting fire with fire - it'll just crowd the servers even more and cause more false fear and commotion. I've noticed some people doing this, believing it'll help which is why i want to speak up about it too. 
I think that's about it. Hopefully this cleared things up a bit if you were confused.

My final thoughts on this event? Like i said, i don't have anything against flash mobs. For a lot of jammers, this was simply a funny/unusual event but i also do realise it's been causing problems for other jammers if they were getting bullied or insulted, or if they weren't able to hang out in Jamaa and have fun because the ducks were clogging up all the servers. When things like that happen (ESPECIALLY the bullying), i think that's when it starts bordering on the realm of being "not okay."

As a one time event? I don't think its a huge problem. But if this happens repeatedly, i can see it becoming a problem for many jammers and especially AJHQ.

 Jamaa seems to be back to normal right now though. Personally, i don't think there will be a raid of that size again, since they got what they wanted. (to shut down AJ's servers, even if for a few minutes.)

Well, that's all for today. Stay safe everyone, and see you later! :3

~Cloudclaws, who still doesnt have a signature and probably never will. :p 

Thursday, 6 December 2018


Hey everyone; 

But c'mon guys the login page made it way too obvious. Right? I definitely had zero doubts about this. I wasn't worried about AJHQ playing tricks on us at all.

YOU CAN'T FOOL ME, AJHQ!! HAHAHAahahahaadhsdfsdfsafjdasfd


i'm actually really hyped for this!! And i haven't been hyped for a new animal since . . .
uh . .
I have no idea. I'm just gonna say several centuries, because damn, IT SURE DOES FEEL LIKE SEVERAL CENTURIES.

. . . Hey, what if this means AJHQ is finally starting to finish up the flash player update thingy?
Is this . . the beginning of a new era of Actually Good And Exciting Updates?
 *wipes single tear of joy from eye*

Hm. I rlly want to continue screaming about owls. But i feel obligated to get the bad news out of the way first. *wipes several tears of sadness from eyes*
Yeah, they're member. And in the diamond shop. Like everyone probably expects from AJ nowadays.

*braces self for the incoming SALT from the nonmembers*
(and they have every right to be salty, by the way.)
(cuz like, c'mon, look at them. THEY'RE AWESOME.)
(man . . i'd hate to be a nonmember right now.)
((i really feel for you guys. ;-;))
(((but . . ajhq needs them moneys))
(((talking with brackets is addictive. Have you guys tried it? Highly recommend. 11/10.)))

So, the bad news out of the way.
Guess what time it is?


((y ikes i really need to stop keymashing to express my emotions.))

. . . no?

oh ok.

Fine, you're right. Ima type some comprehensible sentences this time. :T

Hm . . i've looked at the comments section and apparently the play action is like, a harry potter reference?? I haven't read harry potter so i have no idea.

Either way, an owl using a broom as a surfboard is 100% a yes from my book. 12/10. :3
This kinda inspires me to dress up my owl as a witch or something when they come out. :D
ohmy . . look at that wingspan people. It's absolutely M A J E S T I C.
And look at it's floof.
And face.
And beak.
And angry - looking eyebrow feather thingies.

Now this is what owls should have looked like when they came to AJ in the first place! :3

I mean like . . normal AJ owls are cute and all but there's just this tiiiny issue of tHEIR HEAD PARTIALLY DETACHING FROM THEIR BODY EVERY TIME THEY FLY
which is . . . uh . . well, let's just say that im sure that can't really be healthy for you in the long term??

No offence if you do like default owls though. I do think they're cute but their idle animation is kind of a HUGE  uh, slightly not okay pet peeve of mine. o.o"

((ok fine it's mega annoying. You know what else is annoying? The seal's idle animation. Like srsly though, they keep heckin nodding!! constantly!!! it drives me mad! nod, nod nod nod, LIKE OKAY WE GET IT, YOU APPROVE OF STUFF. JEEZ, AJ SEALS.)) >:U

Hm . . . you know what? I kinda feel like checking what the new item is today.
*looks in jam mart clothing*
*looks at that den shop who's name i forgot*

. . . yeah!! I think. I dunno. I haven't been keeping track of new items at all. :P
Wow, yes, candy cane lights. Very, uh . . light-y. Very candy cane-y.

. . . i wonder if this is edible.
You know what that means . . ?
IT'S EDIBLE! Cause technically, everything's edible at least once! So go ahead at eat that tasty looking lava!! And that yellow snow! And those christmas lights!!

(disclaimer: cloudclaws is not responsible for any injuries or death related to eating lava, yellow snow, and christmas lights.)

no seriously don't ever listen to me ok? im practically a bad idea generator. 

Well, i guess that's all i have to post about today.
Bye peeps! Cya sometime . . probably sometime when owls come out.

[insert signature here]

((btw im really tired sorry if this post is one big trainwreck))
((then again . . aren't all my posts big trainwrecks?)) :P

Saturday, 1 December 2018

New animal??

It's been . . a while? Y,know, i was gonna do a post on last week's update but i was too exhausted from the exams. Plus, nothing really happened in last weeks update anyway. . _ .

Actually, since rejoining AJ i've noticed something.

I've heard that AJHQ was planning to move from flash player, so maybe that's it? Coding's pretty hard. Did you know I tried to code once?

o n c e .
Well heck, I really hope AJHQ starts bringing out proper updates again once the flash-player update-thingy-that's-really-making-these-updates-terrible event is over.

Anyways . . . I have noticed something very important in the new homepage.


*drumroll intensifies*

*drumroll intensifies intensely*

*drumroll gets very L OUD*

*drumroll has exceeded past the human range of hearing!*

Surprise!! The Jamaalidays are here! :D

. . .

BUT WAIT! Did you seriously think that's all there is to this image?!
Cause there's more! HAH, GET BAMBOOZLE-

*realises i made the title "New animal??" which gives away the point of this post, making the drumroll and suspense pointless.*

Weellll uh im just gonna ignore that and CREATE POINTLESS SUSPENSE ANYWAY!!! YEAH! >:D
Lets zoom in a little closer-
That polar bear has a nice hat, right? I want that hat.
Thats a nice, uhhh.. *looks around nervously* half-cropped logo there! Yeah, that's definitely what this post is gonna be abou-
Seriously though, it's been like so long since we got a flying animal!
"But, a random image isn't enough proof!" You say.
And, well, you're right.
Except . . .

Veeeery subtle, AJHQ. V e r  y   subtle. 
I mean, obviously they wouldn't just confirm a new animal, right? But if it really wasn't a new animal, would they just outright say that the owl is just there for uh.. i dunno, aesthetics or whatever? Or would they still try to confuse us by being all vague?? DAMMIT AJHQ WHY U GOTTA BE SO VAGUE-

I dunno man. I really don't know, so i'm just gonna go ahead and assume barn owls are coming to Jamaa. Cause i really want another owl species. Personally i'm not a huge fan of the pre existing owls, cause like, their head seems detached from their body and that seems really weird?? Please dont kill me asdfghjkl
Wait hol up i just noticed the commenter called them great horned owls. I just assumed they were barn owls whoops
I guess it kinda does look like a great horned owl?
Image result for great horned owl
But aren't the existing owls on AJ already great horned owls?
Plus, the colors remind me more of a barn owl -
Image result for barn owl

Barn owls are so adorable hhh
Barn owls don't have horns though, and the one on the web page does have horns.

Maybe me and the commenter are entirely wrong and it's actually an entirely different owl species?
Plot twist: I got entirely bamboozled and there's actually not gonna be a new animal.
Okay, I've rambled on for way too long about owls. (I LOVE OWLS THOUGH ADHJKFHJD)
I guess i could post the Jamaa Journal now?? But i'm kinda 2 days late and probably everyone in the world has already checked it so it'd be entirely pointless.

Actually . . i may have one last thing to post about, and it's got to do with the boring-ness of these new updates. (here i go making up words again cause english is not exprEsSIvE EnOuGH)

So this is why i was reading the Daily Explorer in the first place! Totally not because i don't have a life or anything . . ! >_>"
But yeah, me and another jammer were talking bout how these new updates have been pretty lacking. And we got into the topic of potential new updates, and my brain went:

- volcanoe
-volcanoe are neat
-new lands are neat

So yeah. And then i couldn't get the idea of a volcano land out of my head, so i just had to comment on the Daily Explorer. :D
I really hope i don't get ignored by AJHQ like last time . . ;-;
Though they have . . i dunno, probably over 23473489324 comments to moderate? Yikes.

Nvm i just checked it's actually around 1,600 comments i was pretty close tho
That's still a lotta comments. So i'm not gonna be too surprised if i get ignored.

Anyways, i personally think AJ still has a lot of potential for updates, and there's pretty much infinite potential for new land because of the amount of biomes there are in the real world. By the way, i'd love to hear any other land or update ideas you have! :D And maybe send them to AJ cause they might need ideas?

Well, i think that's about all i have for today. I look forward to hearing your ideas! :D

Byeeee - 

((i still don't have a signature . . . ))

(just pretend there's a signature here, okay? use that imagination you use to come up with good ideas))

But . . they reply to the comment right above which was actually posted at a earlier time?! >:O
Meh. I guess they didn't have a lot to say. Which is a shame, because i had lots to say . . :,)
why am i still surprised? actually no . . this isn't surprise . . this is . .
. . . S A L T. 
Even though, yes, i know this is a dumb reason to be salty . . >_>"
brb gonna drink some water to get rid of the S A L T
btw thanks Braixen101 for replying uwu

Well, bye again :D

Saturday, 17 November 2018

some thoughts on blogging + other stuff

Well, i'm back again. And it looks like i'm most likely getting back into the AJ blogging community as a whole, even if i don't post everyday.
And in case you're wondering, i have my reasons for deciding to not do a daily post. For one, life's gotten kinda.. mixed up? muddled? more complicated? (wow im great at vocabulary aren't i) and it'd be waaayy too stressful for me to keep up daily posts. Second of all . . .

wow ok so it turns out i don't actually have a second reason.
BUT! The first reason is still a very important reason. :P

Anyways; as for why i've decided to get back into blogging . . well, im not actually too sure myself. ._."
It's kinda complicated, i guess? And i suck at explaining? But i'll attempt to explain anyway.

Let's do this... DOT POINT STYLE!

Because writing proper, cohesive paragraphs is too much effort.

  • I've just missed the AJ community in general. Now, i don't know about other sides of the community (Such as the Youtube fanbase) but the blogging community was real neat, ya know? And even though at this day, it seems much smaller, it's made me happy to see that there's still a thriving community out there. Before you guys commented, i thought it was pretty much gone for good. I've had the chance to check out some of the blogs mentioned and they seem real neat! Keep up the good work, guys. :D

    Oh, i accidentally wrote a paragraph. Lemme rephrase that . . . 

    Because properly linking up paragraphs and making them flow is too much effort.™* 

    . . .
       Alright, let's continue :P - 

  •  As I've said before, life's gotten much more mixed up  muddled complicated and i guess i just want an area where i can de-stress and express myself. Plus, i'd like to go back to blogging as a hobby, cause it's just fun, you know? And more hobbies are never a bad thing.
  • AJ was a huge part of my childhood, and I've made so many good memories because of it. I'd like to continue creating content for it, even if i've kiiinda outgrown it? ^w^" (though there's still some players older than me.)

Well, i think that's about it!

I was expecting more dotpoints than that. huh.

Oh!! Before i go, i just wanna mention i also want to make an aj comic because:

A) why not lul
B) I wanna practice my comic-making skills without taking comic-making so seriously
C) There is no C. This is just here to make the list look complete. owo

Problem? I procrastinate. A LOT. In fact, i bet i could be the Master Of Procrastinating with how much i procrastinate. 
And, well, making a comic is pretty hard even if i'm not gonna take this very seriously.
By that, i mean it's gonna be a satire comic, for the most part. 
. . .What? 


Although knowing me, i'll ""accidentally"" add Deep Lore™ and Character Development™ because i love Deep Lore™ and Character Development™

Wowe i sure am trademarking everything today. Could i trademark this blog if i wanted to? :thinking:

Weelll, that's about all i have today! See you this Thursday! . . . if i'm not too tired from exams.

P.S Do you like my new signature?? :333 It took me three (3) hours!
Oh, sorry, did i say 3 hours? I meant 3 minutes.

. . . BUT STILL! It took a lot of effort, OKAY?? >:U