Saturday, 17 November 2018

some thoughts on blogging + other stuff

Well, i'm back again. And it looks like i'm most likely getting back into the AJ blogging community as a whole, even if i don't post everyday.
And in case you're wondering, i have my reasons for deciding to not do a daily post. For one, life's gotten kinda.. mixed up? muddled? more complicated? (wow im great at vocabulary aren't i) and it'd be waaayy too stressful for me to keep up daily posts. Second of all . . .

wow ok so it turns out i don't actually have a second reason.
BUT! The first reason is still a very important reason. :P

Anyways; as for why i've decided to get back into blogging . . well, im not actually too sure myself. ._."
It's kinda complicated, i guess? And i suck at explaining? But i'll attempt to explain anyway.

Let's do this... DOT POINT STYLE!

Because writing proper, cohesive paragraphs is too much effort.

  • I've just missed the AJ community in general. Now, i don't know about other sides of the community (Such as the Youtube fanbase) but the blogging community was real neat, ya know? And even though at this day, it seems much smaller, it's made me happy to see that there's still a thriving community out there. Before you guys commented, i thought it was pretty much gone for good. I've had the chance to check out some of the blogs mentioned and they seem real neat! Keep up the good work, guys. :D

    Oh, i accidentally wrote a paragraph. Lemme rephrase that . . . 

    Because properly linking up paragraphs and making them flow is too much effort.™* 

    . . .
       Alright, let's continue :P - 

  •  As I've said before, life's gotten much more mixed up  muddled complicated and i guess i just want an area where i can de-stress and express myself. Plus, i'd like to go back to blogging as a hobby, cause it's just fun, you know? And more hobbies are never a bad thing.
  • AJ was a huge part of my childhood, and I've made so many good memories because of it. I'd like to continue creating content for it, even if i've kiiinda outgrown it? ^w^" (though there's still some players older than me.)

Well, i think that's about it!

I was expecting more dotpoints than that. huh.

Oh!! Before i go, i just wanna mention i also want to make an aj comic because:

A) why not lul
B) I wanna practice my comic-making skills without taking comic-making so seriously
C) There is no C. This is just here to make the list look complete. owo

Problem? I procrastinate. A LOT. In fact, i bet i could be the Master Of Procrastinating with how much i procrastinate. 
And, well, making a comic is pretty hard even if i'm not gonna take this very seriously.
By that, i mean it's gonna be a satire comic, for the most part. 
. . .What? 


Although knowing me, i'll ""accidentally"" add Deep Lore™ and Character Development™ because i love Deep Lore™ and Character Development™

Wowe i sure am trademarking everything today. Could i trademark this blog if i wanted to? :thinking:

Weelll, that's about all i have today! See you this Thursday! . . . if i'm not too tired from exams.

P.S Do you like my new signature?? :333 It took me three (3) hours!
Oh, sorry, did i say 3 hours? I meant 3 minutes.

. . . BUT STILL! It took a lot of effort, OKAY?? >:U


  1. Yay! I’m glad you’ve came back:)

  2. Wow, you can't even go five lines without making some witty joke or comment... I LOVE THIS I'M DYING THIS IS SO GOOD. LOL. You are really good at making people laugh, three years later and it's like you've been doing this forever. Nice job... AHAHAHA. I can't wait to see your comic!

  3. Ok I'm going to comment here too. I said something on your next post.

    (I was also reading my old comments. Wow, I nearly laughed while I'm by myself in public. I genuinely don't understand my train of thought in 2015, in fact, I barely remember much of it because my memory is apparently going bad. Wait, what?)

    Oh yes, too true. I relate. I also should be using better vocabulary (yet my comments are.. this). I also miss AJ (I just don't have much time or motivation to check it often, or like, at all). I've been kinda using more bullet points in my cursed posts, but they turn into paragraph long points. (I ramble a lot when I type, I've noticed.) I sometimes think of making comics, but I lack the crucial skills to make them (rip). Haha yeah, I also procrastinate way too much (actually, I always am so that's great huh). I've been obsessed with that good old character development for my characters, and I've been procrastinating as a result. I, too, just want to drink that Character Development TM juice. ... where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Silly comics are cool and fun to read. I like your 3 minute signature. :)

    me: says all this
    everyone upon seeing this: what


      ANyways, i wanna talk more bout comic-making. So i've been thinking about the comic for a few days now and me being me, i *did* end up sneaking some Deep Lore™ and Character Development.™

      Actually, i don't have much in terms of character development but in terms of lore? Kind of, i guess?? Well for starters, i don't like how the phantoms are all "evul for the sake of the evulz xdd" cause yes, even in a kids game that im too old to play, I STILL HAAAATEE THAT TROPE SO MUCH AAARGH.

      ((and imo just cause it's a kids game there still shouldn't be plot holes. Yeah, that's what i see it as. A plot hole and well . . wE DON'T LIKE PLOT HOLES HERE.

      So um. That's obviously one thing that's gonna change. Actually pretty much everything's gonna be more morally-grey because i'm really not a fan of "good vs evil" tropes. That's just my opinion though, but yeah i still ain't gonna write about something that's gonna be a pain to write, for me.


      One last thing- I kind of have my doubts about making the comic . . cause i get the feeling that not many people would be interested? I dunno, might just make it anyway and see how people respond. Alternatively, i could also stop caring about what other people think and just do it for fun but that's not gonna happen oof.

      Don't worry i'm done now lol.

    2. I don't know for sure, but I feel like you might have developed your comic story more since our last comments here ^. It's good that you're working on those things.
      Oh right, AJ. Hmm...
      Well from what I think, AJ made phantoms evil because they represent pollution? I think I heard that somewhere. But aside from that, AJ is way too vague about Jamaa lore and all that. There should be a better explanation on why phantoms are deemed evil and the "villains" in the AJ story. Since they're just like black blobs that charge electricity and can turn things black or purple..? (idk, I still haven't been that into AJ for a while tbh). Or maybe AJ has the plot holes or lack of explanations because they want Jammers to be able to have different interpretations on what the phantoms signify. Phantoms can symbolize something abstract like pollution or war.. but they could also simply be black blob characters in the Jamaa AJ creation story thing.
      Honestly, I'm pretty sure all writers and artists have doubts on whether or not they should go out and create their projects. I say go for it. If you're interested in it and want to do it, then do it. I think I enjoyed reading your older stories you put on here. I'm guessing your quality (is that the word? idk i'm tired) is better now than back then when it comes to writing and writing your story.
      (oh wait, you're just talking about starting a comic. hope i'm not sounding too serious or thinking too much about it. hhnhnhh)
      Same lol. I don't believe "100% good vs 100% evil" is realistic and that includes making good stories. i don't think "heroes" are only morally good and can only do good things; I don't think "villains" are only bad and are incapable of understanding or having the ability to be and do good. Haha idk this is just coming from me, a person with a lot of morally good characters where none of them are only "good" or "evil" no matter how messed up their actions might be. :') (hahaahahaha)

      (I was surprised on how quickly you replied to my comments lol)

    3. morally-grey*

      I could've worded my comments better, but I'm just typing them quickly.

  4. I dug up this old profile literally just to comment here but I totally missed you coming back and I'm disappointed in myself :::D

  5. Yay! You're back! I can't believe I missed this. I used to check this blog all the time to see if you'd come back and I missed my chance to say hi =(. I'm in school right now, but I'm glad I thought of revisiting this place. You may remember me as sealpaw23 on AJ, but I believe I commented on here as something like GoldenswirlAJ_, ShadowSketch, OceanswirlAJ, or something like that. Anyways, I'm glad to see you're back! ^^


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