Friday, 9 November 2018


Well. What an unexpected turn of events.
. . . No, seriously, i'd never thought i would ever think of playing AJ again yet here i am.

I guess the other i was feeling a bit nostalgic, so i decided to check back to see how everything's going. It seems like most of the blogging community (including the Animal Jam Spirit) has died out, which pains me to see it end like this. I guess nothing lasts forever. It was so much fun while it lasted, though, and im glad i got to be part of such an amazing community.

I kinda miss it, you know? I've had so many good memories from playing AJ and running this blog. While i won't get back to regular blogging, part of me still wants to write out my thoughts on the new updates and such occasionally.

But, that all depends on if anyone actually still reads, or cares about this blog. It's been such a long time, and it's inevitable that a majority of the old blogging fandom has moved elsewhere.

Anyways, onto the main point of this post. .
Hm, i dunno, actually. I guess i just wanted to say that im still around on AJ occasionally, if anyone wants to say hi.



  1. Hi Cloudclaws! I’ve missed you so much! I’m glad you’ve come back for a visit. It’d be nice to see you post occasionally one again:D There actually are quite a few bloggers out there still blogging about AJ!

    1. Oh, wow!! i actually did not expect anyone to reply. Well, it still makes me happy to see there's at least one person who still looks here. :D

      And i'd like to join the blogging community as a whole again, even if i don't post everyday; so i'm relieved that there's still some blogs here and there. I'd like to check them out, so is it alright if you link them here?

      As for me going really going back to blogging, as i said, it kinda depends on the community's response. Though since you replied, it encourages me a bit more to go back to posting. :D

      Anyways, we'll see how it goes.

    2. - Animal Jam Jumble
      - Weekly Jammer News
      - Animal Jam legendary Palooza
      - Animal Jam Friendship Community
      - Animal Jam community
      - Animal Jam lake blog
      - Animal Jam artists collab
      - Animal Jam archives
      - Animal jam spring

      Theres also a few others but they aren't as active! Also others that I probably didn't think of XD

    3. Oh yeah and the animal jam stream.

  2. YES YES! YES! JOIN BACK! YOU DON'T HAVE TO POST EVERYDAY! I REMEMBER EVERY DAY BACK IN THE DAY I WOULD READ THESE POSTS AND THEY WERE SO RANDOMMMMM!!! I read your blog back with the Animal Jam Sky Blog back in the day! EEEEE!!! I never really commented too much so I doubt you know who I am, but I started a blog six months ago! YASSSSS!!! Violet told the Animal Jam Stream that you posted and I saw it and HERE I AMMM!!!

    I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE ALIVE!!! YAS! Here are the blogs that I look at:
    Animal Jam Legendary Palooza
    Animal Jam Community Blog
    The Animal Jam Friendship Community
    Animal Jam Artists Collab
    Animal Jam Stream
    Rainbow000Pegasus' Ultimate Animal Jam Blog
    Animal Jam Jumble
    Animal Jam Spring
    Jamaa Chronicle

    Jamaa Chronicle started only a few weeks ago, it's inactive right now so IDK what's up, the AJ Spring was and old blog that the creator is sort of posting on... Not really right now lol. However, all of the other blogs have consistent postings and the Animal Jam Lake Blog and Rainbow000Pegasus's blog both post DAILY!!! HEHEHEHHEE. PLEASE COMMENT ON THE ANIMAL JAM LAKE BLOG PLZ PLZ OKAY Sorry.

    HEHEHEHHE... Your commenting rules! Hooray! You can advertise if you have an actual comment!

    WAIT, DO YOU HAVE A MEMBERSHIP?! You're actually that active!? Dude... You were a legend! Your posts were so random and funny, you were one of the bloggers with their own style, you were so... I LITERALLY MENTIONED YOU A FEW TIMES WHILE WRITING SOME POSTS DESPITE THIS BLOG BEING DEAD FOR THREE YEARS. OMGGGGGG... Feel free to write whatever, I WILL READ WHATEVER. You are amazing! I miss your writing! LOL. Do what you can, daily blogging is a lot. Hehehehehe...

  3. YASSSSS!!! If you come back, just posting every week, or two weeks, or month, that would be great. I will add your blog to my More Blogs list if you do come back.

    When The Animal Jam Whip author (Nafaria) and the Animal Jam Sky Blog author (Scooter) quit, they both talked about how the AJ Blogging community is on YouTube. Most of the AJ people are on YouTube, but there are still about 20 people still into blogging, and everyone's really... Fun. Everyone's just so nice. Everyone knows each other. Unfortunately, the blogging will never reach where it was back in 2014, back when posts could get OVER A THOUSAND COMMENTS. If I get three or more comments on a post I FLIP OUT. But yeah. If you post, you will have at least a few people reading your posts. I WILL BE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY. And while I'd love to say AJ has changed... I think some things have, some new trends, there's a few new things, but frankly, it's very similar. The Jammers have changed, but yeah... IDK. TigerlyPaws of the AJ Spirit Blog tried to start a new blog a few weeks ago... IDK if you know them. BUT YOU'RE A LEGEND. I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

    Should you come back? Since you're older now, your grades probably matter more, or you probably have a job, basically, you have less free time. But yeah. Do what you want. But I am just saying, YOUR POSTS WILL BE READ AND THEY WILL MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY AND IT WOULD BE AMAZING!!! Do what ya can. And I recommend looking around and seeing the other people who are still active, they're fantastic. Blogging is dead. That is true. But you would make it a little less dead. And getting back into it is a huge commitment. But post only as often as you can / want. I mean, then you have to have AJ in the back of your head constantly. But THIS POST IS GREAT AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE.

    Gosh, this was long. BUT KNOW YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. YOU LITERALLY - I BASED STUFF ON MY BLOG OFF OF YOUR BLOG LIKE FOUR MONTHS AGO. I went back to this old blog, and decided to center all my posts because of you. AND I DID!!! AHHHH YOU'RE ALIVE I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

    Okay, I'm done. WE MISS YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! Have a nice day, and don't feel pressured to post if you won't enjoy it. If it's just going to be a hassle for you, I don't want to see you post. But if you're into it, know that I WILL READ IT, and Violet as well! AND THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE AROUND! :D :D :D It's just fun. THIS BLOG HAS SO MUCH HISTORY.

    Okay, I gotta go buddy you on Jamaa. I'm writing a post about this, lol. Sorry to advertise so much, but literally, who's going to see this? No one besides the people who already know my blog exists, and you. IDK.

    SORRY I'M DONE BYEEEE!!! Had to split the comment into two because character limit. I NEED TO CALM DOWN. YOU ARE AMAZING CLOUDCLAWS!!!

    1. aaa thank you so much for the support!! <3 And it makes me really happy to know i was an inspiration for others! :D

      Anyways, onto the topic of blogging.. i think i've decided that im definitely not posting everyday. Life's gotten kinda more overwhelming lately and it'd just be way too stressful to keep up a daily posting schedule; i can't afford to think about AJ 24/7.

      But! I might still make a post every week or so, just writing out.. well, whatever i want i guess, lol. I'll probably blog about the updates, which are i think every two weeks? So that works for my planned posting schedule.

      ALSO!! I kinda wanna make an AJ comic?? I have no real plans for it at the moment, except it probably won't be a very serious comic :P

      It'll just be me experimenting and having some fun really, because I've been wanting to practice my comic - making skills for a long time and this seems like a good opportunity to do so without so much pressure.

      I suck at planning by the way. So if i do make a comic, i'll probably just start it off somewhere and just kinda.. see what my brain comes up with as i go. That does come with some risks though, since i might just lose the plot completely so i'll still plan at least *a little* bit. :P

      And, if i do come back, i guess that just revives the blogging community a bit more. If there's still other active blogs out there, i think there's still hope!

  4. Hello Cloudclaws! :D I really really really really really REALLY hope you come back! I've read alot of your old posts adn they are amazing and ahh

  5. Hey Cloudclaws! I can relate with you in that you don't feel like it's possible to post every day. I love updating my own AJ blog as much as I can, but for the sake of my stress I have been on a short hiatus just so I can finish this one big essay that's been hanging over my head.

    There's no pressure to post every day. Most blogs on the internet, non-AJ included, don't update every day. I've found that even if I take a long break, I still get comments from other members of the AJ blogging community, which really warms my heart.

    All in all, do what you want, even if you don't have a plan! Blogging isn't just for the people reading it– it's for the author, too. :)


  6. Hey its snowypaw here. gosh i haven't visited this community in years!! i can totally relate to you feeling stressed out, i am currently in year 13 and its very hard work. i really miss blogging lots actually i made so many friends through this platform and its kinda sad to see it "die" in a way..


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