Monday, 30 June 2014

Freedom Party!

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Well, Monday seems to be coming up which means it's time for the RIM! :3
It's the nonmember Freedom tie, sold in jam-mart clothing! :D
Im happy to see a nonmember rare for once although i think 550 gems is a bit too expensive for this.
It would look neat with a freedom hat though. ^.^
I already have my giraffe dressed up for the Freedom Party! C:
Haha, what do you think? :P
Speaking of the freedom party, i was FINALLY be able to visit it! :D
It's pretty much almost the same as last year, but there are some cool items in store! ^-^
My favorites are the freedom fox hat and the racoon hat, what are yours?
And these are of course, some random fireworks. XD
Moar fireworks! 
Haha, what do you think about the Freedom party jammers?
P.S Raffle! Select a number between 1 and 50.
P.P.S If you want your art to be on the art blog, then simply send your artwork to!

Greely's Story: Lucky escape

Chapter four
By the look of the young arctic wolves' eyes, he could tell she had a plan.
And he hoped it has something to do with escaping. He didn't want to be known as the evil-wolf-who-destroyed-Jamaa.

The Arctic wolf's snowflake marking on her chest begun to glow, and her collar begun turning into ice. Frost slowly grew, and the metal collar broke open with a loud "SNAP!"
The king swung around. 
"What the . . But how?!"
"Didn't you know?" Growled the wolf. "Your collar may be proofed against other powers, but its not completely "proofed" against ice!" 
"But . . how?! I tested that! How on earth did you do this?!!" Cried the king.
"Sorry, but game's up." 

And with a flash, she froze the phantom king and it was over.

"Hey . . ." greely begun, "Thanks for saving me - erm - what's your name?"
"Snowflake." The she-wolf replied. Her aqua eyes sparkled.
"My name is Greely. . and i thought i was the only one with those . . powers."

"Huh? you have ice powers like me?!"
"Um, no. But i have dark magic-"

"Whoa . . Im quite surprised that there are other wolves like me . . although they don't have the same powers."  Snowflake  replied.
"Anyway, do you know the exit out of this dungeon?"
"Kind of . . Look, i have been in this place for a long time, and trust me, there are many dangers out there like phantom watchers and traps. But if we work together, we might make it through. But let me take that collar off for you."
Frost slowly creeped up Greely's collar, and it snapped free.
"Come on." Said Snowflake.
Check back soon for more!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Speedpaint + Other stuff

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Well, i searched every single shop and not a single new item to be found. :T
The DE hasn't posted either. Maybe it's in the Freedom Party, but i would have to stay up till 12 AM.
Soo, im just gonna be posting some other updates on AJ! ^-^
As many jammers have noticed, there seems to be a flashing light whenever you open your den inventory . . .
Credit to the AJS
Pretty odd, don't you think?
Maybe it means you have a new item or something, but i didn't buy any items. It's a bit distracting to be honest, what do you think it has got to do with though? 
Anywho, the Museum at Appondale seems to have also updated: 
Yay, hyenas! :D
There are some pretty cool facts there, like how hyenas are actually related to cats. Isn't that pawsome? :3
Oh yes, and i also forgot to mention another new item from the update - the Ocean Base Camp Music! C:
When the ocean adventure came out, i was surprised there where phantoms because i thought they only survived on land. I guess they are a bit like penguins though, i wounder if there's a limit to how much they'll survive underwater. ^.^
Sorry if this post is kinda boring . . :T
More of Greely's story will be coming tomorrow though. :D
Before i go, here's a random speedpaint of Silverstream! C:
Bai :P

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lollipop Necklace + Freedom Plushies return

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Lollipop Necklace. ^.^
Haha, this used to be one of my personal favorites when i was a nonmember. :)
And it still looks pretty cute on my animals. ^-^
Lollipops are delicious. :3
I especially love the chocolate flavored ones. ^.^
What's your favorite lollipop flavor? :D
Anywho, there's a whole new range of fun, new stamps for the Jam-a-grams available! :3
Credit goes to Scooter for the GIF.
So awerserm. o3o
I love the mushroom one and the phantom one AND the thunder-lighting cloud thingy one. :P
Oh, and i forgot my favorite - Geckos! Cause we all know geckos are awesome. X3
*sings song* 
Gecko gecko gecko gecko gecko gecko . . . 
Well on the other hand, the Freedom plushies strike back! MUAHHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!!
Just kidding. xD

For some reason, i like the tiny ones better just like how i like tiny oreos better.
Lol, randomness. :P
I probably made chu hungry now. >:3
Yes? No?
Eh. whatever.
Well anyhow, you can (finally) comment on DE posts! YAAY! :D
You have to log in on your AJ account to comment. Isn't it awesome though?
I wounder if we will ever get to follow AJHQ's blog . . .
Well, that's all for today. Bye! :D

Greely's Story: Doomed

Chapter three (continued)
"You'll never get away with this!" Greely growled.
"Oh, yes i can." The phantom king threw a metal collar at Greely, which landed on his neck and closed.
"acckk. . . My powers . . i can't use my powers!"
"Not so brave now, are you?" Chuckled the king.
The phantom king released Greely from his chain.
"Don't even think about running or else."
"Or else what?" Greely questioned.
The king didn't respond. He unlocked the cage of another wolf - an arctic wolf by the looks of it. The wolf had pure white fur and piercing, clear ocean-blue eyes. She already had a metal collar around her neck. She must have tried to escape earlier.. Greely thought.
Then something caught his eye - the wolf also had a marking of a snowflake on her chest.
Maybe im not the only one... Maybe she has powers like me too!
Check back soon for chapter four!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Update post & story

Hey jammers! ^-^
So what do you think about my story so far? Do you reckon i should do some more in the future? c:
Anyway as you all know, there was a pawsome update in Thursday, starting off with the pet giraffes!
 Haha, what a great way to celebrate giraffes coming to Jamaa! :D
I especially like that patchy pattern you can select. It looks pawsome. ^-^
On the other hand, a clawtastic new den is available for jammers!
Woo, epic! ^.^
But i think it's a bit too big, because i visited some jammers with this den and i got lost. XD
That underground cave is a super neat touch though. c:
This den also seems to have some Jamaa lore with all the alpha statues and stuff. :3
Anywho, the Freedom party seems to have finally made it's way into Jamaa!
 Has any of you been to the Freedom party? Is it different from last years? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! ^_^
Meanwhile, rhinos are coming back! :D
Dat video is so adorable and awesome. :3
Bye jammers! What do you think about the update?
P.S be sure to check out chapter two

Greely's Story: Captured

Chapter two (continued) 

**a few hours later**
The sun was peeping out of the clouds and the bees where hopping on and off flowers gathering nectar.
It seemed like a pretty typical spring afternoon, but Greely could sense there was something wrong. It just didn't seem right. It felt like he was being watched.
He kept seeing blue flashes of light. He shook his head. "Whoever you are, come out!" Said Greely, trying to sound brave. He turned around. No one.
"Must be seeing things..." Thought Greely. 
Just then, a black flash of light came out of nowhere, and a net landed on him. 
"WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" He shrieked. A ray of lighting came out of the bushes and electrified him, knocking Greely unconscious.
The figure emerged out of the bushes and hovered above Greely's limp body. It was the phantom king.
"At last . . . I have found him!"
Chapter three
Greely opened his eyes slowly. He was lying down on a cold, stone floor, Purple, slimy bars surrounded him. He was in a dungeon. But he sensed something . . A thing he had never sensed before and yet it seemed familiar. A figure emerged out of the dark shadows. It was the phantom king again.
"Get away from me!" Greely screamed, he lunged at the king  but then realized his foot was tied to a chain. It was hopeless.
"Calm down pup, im not here to hurt you." He opened the bars. "I have gone a long way to find you. Pup you shall help us with your dark powers and.." He paused for a moment.
".. Destroy Jamaa."
"Whatever Jamaa is, im not gonna destroy anything. In fact, im not gonna do anything like that. Oh, can't i use my powers for something good for once?!" 
"Stupid pup.. he doesn't know who he's facing against." The king muttured under his breath. 
"Once i use my new memory-eraser machine, Jamaa will be nothing but history!!" He cackled.  There had to be a way to escape, there just had to!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Greely's Story: Left alone

Chapter two: The news
And just at that moment, Rust, the Alpha Male entered.
"Lupa? Greely? What's going on?" He asked.
"He did this to me! He turned into a shadow!" Screamed Lupa, pointing at him with her paw.
"Dad . . . Please! It was an accident, i swear it was really -"
"Son. me and you have to have a talk." Rust said.

Greely sat down on the soft, sandy ground. He looked up at his father, his eyes filled with worry and shock.
Greely searched his father's eyes for an expression, but they where as cold as steel . .
He begun.
"I was hoping i would tell you this when you where older, but alas, the time has come."
"Son . . . You're a dark wolf." He said"
"Wha . . . What's that?"
"You have dark powers. While they can benefit people, they're also very harmful. Im sorry but you have to leave. For your own good.."
"No! But dad.."
"You must. Remember what i taught you. I know you're a strong pup, and i have faith in you."
"Well, if you say so . . ." Greely's eyes filled with a deep sorrow.
Each touched noses before leaving. "Bye, dad." Greely said the last time before leaving.

Check back in Friday and/or Saturday for the rest of chapter two!
**PS: Update post will be tomorrow maybe along with the story.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Greely's story: Powers Exposed

Chapter one (continued)
** 4 months later **
Of course, Greely grew up as a normal pup and the mark eventually faded.

It was a cloudy day, and the sun was peeking out of the clouds like a round, silver circle.
Greely and Lupa where in the nursery, play-fighting.
"How dare you tresspass the Misty Timberland Pack's territory?!" Lupa growled playfully.
"YOUR territory? Well this is MY territory!" Greely replied.
They both lept at each other, Lupa pinned down Greely - play-biting him.
"I win! I win!" Shouted Lupa.
"Hey! That wasn't fair, you only pinned me down! I could still have thrown you off!" Greely said angrily.
"Yeah, but whoever pins down gets the win." Lupa replied.
"That wasn't what it was last time we played!!"
Greely shouted.
"Oh and guess what? You should stop GLOATING over your skills, I only won five times and four of them because you LET me win!!"
"Greely! It's only a game . . Greely please, im sor-"

Greely's purple swirled mark glowed, and there was an explosion of smoke and darkness - which of a huge amount hit Lupa.
"What's happening to me?! Im turning into a shadow!" She shrieked.

Check back tomorrow for chapter two!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Greely's story: where it all started

Hey guys!
So i know i already have a story about Greely, but i have decided to write a new one. Don't worry though - the old one will still be there! ^.^

Prologue: Attack of the phantoms
Fear and confusion filled the air. Phantoms where surrounding the camp like a thick, heavy, clinging fog.
Within all the panic and clatter, one female wolf was still stuck in the nursery. She was looking around, dazed and confused, having no idea where to go.
"TALA WATCH OUT!" Shrieked a voice.
Tala tilted her head in a flash but it was too late - a phantom struck her in the belly.

Tala collapsed in pain, wimpering.
Every single wolf was running for safety, but the male wolf didn't follow. Instead, he ran for her - dodging and bumping into wolves as he ran desperately.
"Tala! Are you ok?" The wolf said.
She didn't respond.

Chapter one: The birth of the new Alpha Male
Wolves where gathered around the Silver Hill, chattering and murmuring.
The day was sunny, with a soft, welcoming breeze that filled the air. 
The Alpha Male walked out of the den, the sunbeams on his rusty-red fur made him glow like fire.
"Look!" A wolf whispered.
The wolves turned their heads and stopped chattering. It was time for the new, future Alpha to be announced.
"Wolves of the Misty Timberland pack, the time has come for me to present you the future leader." He begun.
"I shall present to you - Greely!"

A small, thin pup stepped out in front.
Tala, the Alpha Female came out of her den and joined in with the Alpha Male.
Her smile suddenly faded into a a frown, and her eyes turned cold and expressionless. She could have sworn she saw a purple, swirled birthmark on his chest - the mark of the Phantoms.
She shook her head is disbelief.
The mark on Greely.
More of chapter one will be coming tomorrow!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Freedom Sword

Hey everyone! =^.^=
Freedom Day is just around the corner, and today's rare - the Freedom Sword is the perfect way to celebrate. C:
The first good rare we've had in ages! :D
Although i don't celebrate it,the Freedom Day party is a great way to hang out with your buddies and watch the fireworks. I can't wait! ^.^
Haha, i guess it's time for the rating. :3
Colors: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Looks: 4/5
A pretty epic rare, don't you think? ^-^
Because of the new rating factor i have decided to reach the max score to 20, So this rare scored a whopping 14/20! ^o^
Well im running out of time now, so here's AJHQ's thoughts & information! (AKA the DE post.)
Baww, that penguin is adorable. =^.^=
And that's some pretty interesting facts about swords. :)
Remember when AJHQ posted almost the same thing on every RIM post?
Sooo boringg.. >-<
Im glad that the RIM posts are fun to read now! :D
On the other hand, here's the Mystery Of The Post!
So we all know the juice hut in Crystal Sands, named after Captain Mellvile.
But who exactly is he?
Was he one of the first animals to travel to the land of Jamaa?
Feel free to share your opinions in the comments! ^.^
To end the post off, here's a random speedpaint video of a wolf. x3
Well i finally learned how to shade in Paint. C:
Happy jamming!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

When people take rares too seriously.

So we all know them.
They look cool, sound cool, and feel cool.
Unfortunately, there are many jammers who take rares FAR too seriously . . .
Im just seeing so much people sitting in a corner and making a sad face, just because they don't have a certain rare or beta. 
And the truth is, rares are just pixels. The only thing is that they only look cool.
I understand is a person loves trading and collecting stuff, but making sad faces, scamming and telling people to just SEND their rares all because of pixels?
I don't think so.
The thing that annoys me is the "Rare people scam" Stereotype.
I have heard of so many jammers that got accused only because they're rare.
If you see someone that looks rare don't just accuse them on scamming. You have to have some actual proof first.
However, if you see a New Jammer walking around with rares, i admit it's time to get a little suspicious.
Then, there's the WORST type: Scammers.
We've all heard of them. Heartless jammers who take away other people's items.
Look, i felt horrible when a scammer too away my rare headdress . . I just felt like all that work had gone for nothing.
Fortunately, some scammers realise their mistakes and decide to quit, such as the scammer who scammed my headdress. But they aren't the real problem
True scammers are.
True scammers are advanced in scamming, and there's almost a 0% chance that they will ever realise their mistakes. And the worst thing?
Some take it far too seriously, and HACK for only rares.
There's a great difference between liking rares and being obsessed with them.
Obsessed people will do just pretty much anything for rares, including scamming and hacking them.
And the people who like rares? Well, they aren't a problem. They actually work for their rares instead of scamming and hacking.
And you'll find that many others like rare's too - it just becomes a problem when people take them FAR too seriously.
I just had to let it all out.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Wanna fly a kite?

Hey everyone! c: 
It's winter break for me next week, sooo no more school i guess! Yay! :D
Well, at least for two weeks anyway. :P
The new item is The Kite! ^.^
Although i probably won't be wearing any of these, kites are SUPER fun! :D
It's a shame i don't have a kite in real life. ;-;
The one time i DID get to fly an actual kite was in like, preschool and that was the most fun i had for a long time then. ^.^
Now feast your eyes on an epic ship kite.
Here's a Epic-er 3D Blue Whale one!
I wish i had a kite like one of those . . . Too much money though. ;_;
But how do they make then actually FLY though? How?? 
Anyway, sadly abandoning the subject of Epic Kites, here's the DE post.
I like summer better because the sun sets at like, 5:30 PM and rest of the day no more light. *sob*
But wait, that means today is officially winter for me. Yeah, that means i celebrate New Years in SUMMER . . . Probably sounds unusual to you.
And by the way morning is my favorite time of the day. ^.^ 
(Well, it would be if there weren't any school.) 
On the other hand, here's a quick walkthrough of the new adventure: Bubble Trouble!
Happy jamming! ^-^

Friday, 20 June 2014

New Journey Book Guide Page + Another tiki statue

Hey everyone! ^o^
Well, today's new item is the Greely Tiki Statue:
I like the playfulness of this statue, but i have a feeling that Greely didn't like it so he threw it away. o-o
Haha, i still love Greely though. He's my 2nd favorite Alpha. :D
Onto some much more exciting news, a brand new claw is available at the Diamond Shop! ^.^
It's similar to the regular monthly member claw, except it only has wolves! :3
I think this is a great idea if you're building a plushie collection of wolves, and who knows? You might even collect a few rare ones along the way. ^.^
I wonder if AJHQ will make more of these. A Phantom plushie claw perhaps? C:
Anyway, here's the DE post!
Fun Fact: Coral isn't a plant, it's actually a type of animal. :3

On the other hand, are you having trouble with your journey book? Well, you're in luck because the guide is finally up and running! c:
It only has two tutorials at the moment, but a few more will come tomorrow so why don't you check it out today? :3

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Peck Tiki Statue

Hey jammers!
Well, the people that (roughly) guessed correctly where Rubbuddy1 and Royalfeather! :D
Yep, that's right. A brand new Journey Book Guide will be coming to the AJR ^.^
Rubbuddy1 and Royalfeather will be receiving their prizes tomorrow. :3
On the other hand, the new item is the Peck Tiki STatue! c:
Ahh good old Peck, my favorite Alpha. ^.^
Well, i guess next in line is Greely's statue which does not suit his personality at ALL, but still looks neat. x3
What do you think about these Tiki Statues? :D
Weird? Cool? Or are you neutral about them?
Anywho, here's the News Crew Article winner! ^_^
Grammar and punctuation could have been better, but there's something about this person's writing style that i  a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y.l.o.v.e.
So um yeah . . . There's nothing else new going around in Jamaa, so i guess thats the end of the post. :c
But to make things more interesting, here's the Question of the Post!
What subject in school are you best at, and why?
Art. It has to be art. And writing stories. ^.^
See ya! :D

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Graham Tiki Statue + Stuff.

For the "Coming soon" thingy, none of you really guessed correctly. That's alright though i admit i kinda made it too hard. :P. So i'll give you another chance! :D
Hint: It's something to do with finding things!
Clues ..? :3
The new item is the Graham tiki statue, making him the fourth one of the series. ^.^
Hehe. Graham's hair looks like a headdress with those lines on them. x3
Speaking of Graham, i think it's time for a normal land adventure. They're just getting so exciting! Especially Greely's Inferno. The end was so exciting . . . And sad, because of the fact that Greely might be dead. :c
Me and my friend once made up an adventure where you discover an ice castle full of ice phantoms which trapped all the Alphas, and you have to solve riddles and stuff like that to get through.
How does that sound? ^-^
Okay . . . Sorry if i bored you with that. 
Abandoning the subject of adventures, here's the DE post! :D
Speaking of art, if you would like your artwork featured in the art blog, send them to!
If you're lucky enough, they might get featured in the main blog too. ^.^
Now for a Jamaa Mystery!
As most of you know, peck appears in the Bunny Party when you hop on the drum . . .
But what's the story behind it all?
Why is she hopping?
What is Peck hopping for?
I cant wait to see all your stories & ideas in the comments! C:
Well, i guess that brings us to the end of another post. 
Bye! ^.^

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sir Gilbert Tiki Statue

winner of the raffle was Twinkleninja! Congrats!
Hey guys! ^o^
Today's item is the third Tiki Statue . . .
This is my 2nd favorite Tiki Statue after Peck. :3
Speaking of Peck & Gilbert, don't you think it's time for them to get involved in the adventures as well?
We've already had all four, so that leaves only them. I can't wait to see their personalities! ^.^
But i bet Peck will be super energetic while Sir Gilbert will be more serious. :P
On the other hand, some otters seem to have been "visiting Jamaa."
Im sure many jammers have heard of this strange glitch. Although it may look fake, it isn't.
Hmm, what do you think about this? Do you think a hacker may have done this or was it just one of the many glitches in Jamaa . . ?
Anyway, as you may have noticed there's a "coming soon" picture on the right-hand side of the blog . . .
Any clues? I'll give you a hint: Work out where that Lizard is from!
The person who guesses correctly might receive a small prize. C:
On the other hand, a new story has been posted on the Plushie Blog! ^.^
Click here to read it!
Question of the Post: What do you think about the "otter glitch?"
Until then, Play Wild!