Monday, 30 June 2014

Greely's Story: Lucky escape

Chapter four
By the look of the young arctic wolves' eyes, he could tell she had a plan.
And he hoped it has something to do with escaping. He didn't want to be known as the evil-wolf-who-destroyed-Jamaa.

The Arctic wolf's snowflake marking on her chest begun to glow, and her collar begun turning into ice. Frost slowly grew, and the metal collar broke open with a loud "SNAP!"
The king swung around. 
"What the . . But how?!"
"Didn't you know?" Growled the wolf. "Your collar may be proofed against other powers, but its not completely "proofed" against ice!" 
"But . . how?! I tested that! How on earth did you do this?!!" Cried the king.
"Sorry, but game's up." 

And with a flash, she froze the phantom king and it was over.

"Hey . . ." greely begun, "Thanks for saving me - erm - what's your name?"
"Snowflake." The she-wolf replied. Her aqua eyes sparkled.
"My name is Greely. . and i thought i was the only one with those . . powers."

"Huh? you have ice powers like me?!"
"Um, no. But i have dark magic-"

"Whoa . . Im quite surprised that there are other wolves like me . . although they don't have the same powers."  Snowflake  replied.
"Anyway, do you know the exit out of this dungeon?"
"Kind of . . Look, i have been in this place for a long time, and trust me, there are many dangers out there like phantom watchers and traps. But if we work together, we might make it through. But let me take that collar off for you."
Frost slowly creeped up Greely's collar, and it snapped free.
"Come on." Said Snowflake.
Check back soon for more!


  1. Lawl first comment!
    Ps great story. You should make the chapters longer and there be more description of what's happening ( like the air had an eerie feel or something). Its a little mistake all writers make. But overall, great story so far! Keep up the good work!


  2. Flufffycybunny:WOW!good job Greely and Snowflake!

    from flufffycybunny!

  3. i love snowflake!!! so awesome!


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