Saturday, 7 June 2014

Gem Encrusted Necklace

Hey everyone! ^-^
Today's new item is the Gem Encrusted necklace, which is sold in Epic Wonders! :D
It is a tad bit humany, but i have to say it looks pretty cool! :3
Especially on Hyenas. o3o
Is it just me or do these actually look Jamaasian when you put it on an animal?
Either way, it looks good with my outfit. :P
Well on the other hand, here's the DE post! ^.^
I was too lazy to enter the link. o3o
And Mola Mola is a cool name for a ship .... sounds super catchy. :3
To wrap things up, here's the Question of the Post!
What do you like to do best in Summer?
Going for a cruise? Going to waterparks?
Well, that's all i have for today jammers!
See you! ^.^


  1. Mola Mola is the scientific name for Sunfish, I think!

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  2. the neckless is sooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D


  3. Summer is my favorite time of the year!!!! I love going to the pool, the beach, running in the sprinkler with my sisters, having squirt gun fights with my friends, etc. etc. etc.....

  4. Eh, my bad for asking such a strange question: are you florafirez? If not, who is florafirez? Sorry for the weird question!

  5. My favorite thing about summer is that you have time off to relax and spend time with your friends while staying away from all the drama at school :D


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