Friday, 27 June 2014

Update post & story

Hey jammers! ^-^
So what do you think about my story so far? Do you reckon i should do some more in the future? c:
Anyway as you all know, there was a pawsome update in Thursday, starting off with the pet giraffes!
 Haha, what a great way to celebrate giraffes coming to Jamaa! :D
I especially like that patchy pattern you can select. It looks pawsome. ^-^
On the other hand, a clawtastic new den is available for jammers!
Woo, epic! ^.^
But i think it's a bit too big, because i visited some jammers with this den and i got lost. XD
That underground cave is a super neat touch though. c:
This den also seems to have some Jamaa lore with all the alpha statues and stuff. :3
Anywho, the Freedom party seems to have finally made it's way into Jamaa!
 Has any of you been to the Freedom party? Is it different from last years? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! ^_^
Meanwhile, rhinos are coming back! :D
Dat video is so adorable and awesome. :3
Bye jammers! What do you think about the update?
P.S be sure to check out chapter two


  1. Hello, umm.. FIRST COMMENT!! =^~^=
    Uh to let you know, the new adventure ( HARD MODE ) you get rares from the dolphin cave YAY! So uhh... Ya.
    ~ 711bebeblue

    1. That's pawsome! :D
      Thanks for letting me know! ^.^

  2. Yw, I love to help people out :D
    As always,

  3. Can't wait till rhinos are back! I've always wanted to get one cause they so swag!


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