Monday, 2 June 2014

Rare Propeller

Hey everyone! ^.^
Well, i guess it's Monday. First day of school. :I
However, a good thing i can list about Monday is the RIM! C:
Yup. The rare Propeller, sold in Bahari Bargins! ^.^
Don't you think the idea of having propellers on animals is weird? :P
I mean, why would a swimming animal need a propeller? o_o
 The colors are pretty good on this rare though. :3
But i think the turquoise should have been made a little bit more vibrant .. AJHQ seems to be in blue these days, don't they?
Well, its time for my personal rating! :D
Colors: 3/5
Price: 1/5
Creativity: 2/5
So that's a total of ... 
6 out of 10.
Eh. I guess im not really a fan of this rare. x3
Well, here's AJHQ's thought about the rare:

When i was younger, i LOVED submarines for some reason. x3
And i have also found out the dolphin submarines actually exist. They're epic. :3
Random super cool thing: Type up "Zerg Rush" on Google and see what happens.
Question of the post: Do you like cats or dogs better?
See you all tomorrow! ^.^


  1. Dogs Dogs DOGS!!!! x3 for some reason I always LOVED dogs
    ~ DogLover1230~

  2. Zerg Rush XD When I saw it I was like "where did all the text disappear" XDD


  3. Look at that rare! To be honest, I'm not really a big fan of today's RIM Well, time to skip to today's question and random topic!

    Zerg Rush? Wow, what the? My expression was all like: "What's new?" xD

    And I'm not really a big fan of dogs - one dog chased me already, and left me this deep wound! Which is now the color of purplw!

    So, I like cats better - because they are calm. But, I like dogs, too - as long as they're trained. Or, if it's a stuffed toy.


  4. I don't know! I love both cats and dogs! If I had to choose, though, honestly, I think I'm more of a cat person.

  5. Dogs <3


  6. Hey cloudeh :) did you read my new post? It explains why I haven't been posting and stuff. I might be able to get on next week. ~sparkle08732

  7. Cool info Cloud! :3

    =^.^= Hmm, cats or dogs? Hmm... It's hard for me to decide since I have both of them as pets in my house. :P This reminds me of a previous question you did, lol. Well... my dog is loyal and listens when you call her name. My cats do not, but they purr which is so just like Aww! Honestly, I don't know. I love animals a lot. So ya. Good luck on school too, Cloud! c:

  8. Haha, easter eggs. c:
    I know lots of 'em
    Search up
    Beam me up scotty or Use the force luke on youtube and see what happens
    Search up Atari Breakout in Google and click images,
    Go to youtube and watch a random video, click on a white spot somewhere and type 1980, DEFEND YOUR VIDEO FROM ASTEROIDS!

  9. I like cats better. My 1st cat died and my 2nd cat is about a year old. I do like dogs though.


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