Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sir Gilbert Tiki Statue

winner of the raffle was Twinkleninja! Congrats!
Hey guys! ^o^
Today's item is the third Tiki Statue . . .
This is my 2nd favorite Tiki Statue after Peck. :3
Speaking of Peck & Gilbert, don't you think it's time for them to get involved in the adventures as well?
We've already had all four, so that leaves only them. I can't wait to see their personalities! ^.^
But i bet Peck will be super energetic while Sir Gilbert will be more serious. :P
On the other hand, some otters seem to have been "visiting Jamaa."
Im sure many jammers have heard of this strange glitch. Although it may look fake, it isn't.
Hmm, what do you think about this? Do you think a hacker may have done this or was it just one of the many glitches in Jamaa . . ?
Anyway, as you may have noticed there's a "coming soon" picture on the right-hand side of the blog . . .
Any clues? I'll give you a hint: Work out where that Lizard is from!
The person who guesses correctly might receive a small prize. C:
On the other hand, a new story has been posted on the Plushie Blog! ^.^
Click here to read it!
Question of the Post: What do you think about the "otter glitch?"
Until then, Play Wild!


  1. HHHIIIII!!!! Sorry I have not been commenting. Life too crazy. So now that I have summer break, I should have more time to comment here!! ;)

  2. Is it a new land? Is that where the lizard is from? Lol idk X3
    I think the Otter thing is a hacker.


    1. XD I thought you meant the daily explorer blog. I feel dumb now lol.

  3. Is the lizard from Crystal Sands?

  4. Crystal Sands! Isn't that a basilisk?


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