Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Clown Hair + Weird Den Glitch

Heya jammers! ^-^
The new item is the Clown Hair, Which is sold in the Summer Carnival shop! c:
It certainly does look a little odd just sitting there, doesn't it? :P
Let's try it on a animal ...
Haha, it looks much better like this. x3
I love da puffiness. :D
And it's pretty cool how there's a Freedom-colored version on this in my opinion. :3
On the other hand, in honor of Hyenas coming to Jamaa AJHQ had decided to adopt one! ^.^ 

I might do a post about Hyenas soon because t think they're are pretty cool animals. :P
I especially love their manes, they look so awesome! ^_^
What about you? :3
Meanwhile, yesterday when i was visiting my den a Skyways glitch suddenly popped up!
I couldn't move much, and i kept staying on the edge of the screen. I changed dens, but it happened again! >.<
It wasn't until today till the glitch disappeared. 
At first, the glitch is kinda cool. But then it gets boring because you can't move around. :c
To wrap it all up, heres the question of the post!
Behold, one of the most asked questions on Earth ...
Should animals be kept in zoos?
I think they should only be kept if they're doing a breeding program or something.
See ya'll tomorrow! ^_^


  1. Hi!
    To answer your question, animals are kept in zoos for tourism, education, breeding/preserving of wildlife and also help some people study and learn more about an animal's habit. So, yes, animals are often kept in zoos for their best. Some does not. Some have their animals in shows or labour- now that I despise. I hope by helping Animal Jam, we are truly helping the animals of the world.

    Please visit my blog:

  2. I love zoos though I really wish they could free the poor animals, so I play Animal Jam instead LOL.

  3. zoos are ok, as long as the cages are good. But there was an idea that the animals in zoos should have their brains taken out and replaced with machinery, (not joking) and that's the worst idea in the history of ideas.
    too lazy to log in

  4. I think zoos are awful. How would you feel being locked in a cage all day with hundreds of people staring at you?

  5. Animals DO live longer in captivity... I think it's OK as long as the zoos take good care of the animals and make then feel like home.

  6. I don't really think that animals should be kept in a zoo. Who wants to be in a cage their whole life? They never get to experience the outside world, even if they might be safer. But that's just my opinion. :)

  7. nice question Cloud,

    I visited a zoo in my area and i freaked out, Only Birds are maintained, Elephants in one room! like they keep a fire brigade in a fire station, There were no big cats, My mom said they ve died, I saw a porcupine in a dull empty room, a crocodile in a algae dirty pool of water!, Next Striped hyenas(aj hyenas) In two very small cages! One in one cage!
    The rooms for some birds vere bad and some were not, I bet that place is gonna be converted into aviary!
    Oh i frgt they had hippos, and they slipped while stepping in pond, the cows and hippos have ditches on borders, not cage! A python in a cage which was ok.

    Zoo should be very spaceous and with equipment for animals ,
    Otherwise, I vote for national parks!

  8. That Clown Hair item has beautiful colors, but reminds me of some clowns that scared me when I was younger Dx. Well, the Clown Hair covers animals's faces xD, wait what?

    Welcome, Hyena Tusker to Animal Jam! Actually, that's pretty cool that Animal Jam HQ adopted a hyena and named him Tusker :-D.

    Woah, that's a weird den glitch - you should post it in your "glitches" tab! And for the answer of your question...

    I think that animals should be free. Actually, animals hurt us people to protect them - when I was... somewhere (I forgot where the place was), a dude who toured us said: "Take a look at who the most dangerous creatures are!"

    And, we looked at a mirror - it was us. Because we hunt animals down. I think animals should be free, all right. I agree with what you said, Cloudclaws.


  9. Zoos are awesome I love them but they should be prepared to train and take of them to make them feel like home

  10. I think that animals should NOT be kept in zoos! Did you knows the very last thylicine(Tasmanian tiger) died in a zoo >=[

  11. That glitch reminds me of Desmond the Moon bear from Asdf movie, because I was visiting a den and that glitch happened and the walls were Planet Walls XD

  12. I like zoos and they are good at keeping animals safe and stuff but if there born into a zoo, then they probably won't have the survival instincts to make it back to the wild *^-^


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