Saturday, 21 June 2014

Wanna fly a kite?

Hey everyone! c: 
It's winter break for me next week, sooo no more school i guess! Yay! :D
Well, at least for two weeks anyway. :P
The new item is The Kite! ^.^
Although i probably won't be wearing any of these, kites are SUPER fun! :D
It's a shame i don't have a kite in real life. ;-;
The one time i DID get to fly an actual kite was in like, preschool and that was the most fun i had for a long time then. ^.^
Now feast your eyes on an epic ship kite.
Here's a Epic-er 3D Blue Whale one!
I wish i had a kite like one of those . . . Too much money though. ;_;
But how do they make then actually FLY though? How?? 
Anyway, sadly abandoning the subject of Epic Kites, here's the DE post.
I like summer better because the sun sets at like, 5:30 PM and rest of the day no more light. *sob*
But wait, that means today is officially winter for me. Yeah, that means i celebrate New Years in SUMMER . . . Probably sounds unusual to you.
And by the way morning is my favorite time of the day. ^.^ 
(Well, it would be if there weren't any school.) 
On the other hand, here's a quick walkthrough of the new adventure: Bubble Trouble!
Happy jamming! ^-^


  1. What's that who's reading with u gadget called?

  2. I love kites on AJ! They are AWESOME with bunnies. Trust me, I tried it out. But I found a perfect looks for mai bunny already :3

    Summer is my fave season lol. That's an epic walkthrough. I'll be using it, thank you! :)



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