Monday, 23 June 2014

Freedom Sword

Hey everyone! =^.^=
Freedom Day is just around the corner, and today's rare - the Freedom Sword is the perfect way to celebrate. C:
The first good rare we've had in ages! :D
Although i don't celebrate it,the Freedom Day party is a great way to hang out with your buddies and watch the fireworks. I can't wait! ^.^
Haha, i guess it's time for the rating. :3
Colors: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Looks: 4/5
A pretty epic rare, don't you think? ^-^
Because of the new rating factor i have decided to reach the max score to 20, So this rare scored a whopping 14/20! ^o^
Well im running out of time now, so here's AJHQ's thoughts & information! (AKA the DE post.)
Baww, that penguin is adorable. =^.^=
And that's some pretty interesting facts about swords. :)
Remember when AJHQ posted almost the same thing on every RIM post?
Sooo boringg.. >-<
Im glad that the RIM posts are fun to read now! :D
On the other hand, here's the Mystery Of The Post!
So we all know the juice hut in Crystal Sands, named after Captain Mellvile.
But who exactly is he?
Was he one of the first animals to travel to the land of Jamaa?
Feel free to share your opinions in the comments! ^.^
To end the post off, here's a random speedpaint video of a wolf. x3
Well i finally learned how to shade in Paint. C:
Happy jamming!


  1. Okay, so I also, really like the RIM! It has beautiful colors, also the fireworks in the Freedom Party :-D!

    About that penguins, I think it's also so, so adorable! Its eyes, its pose, how it was made, everything!

    For the mystery of Captain Melville, I'll soon type up a story once I can go on my computer, where I can type faster and easier, rather than on my phone :p.


    1. Captain Melville

      I breathe in and out, and touch the thick air, running against my fur. I calmed myself down, and knew that peace surrounded me - until, suddenly, a burst of flames grew in a particular place in Tsure (a name I came up with). "Huh?"
      I stopped, cautiously aware of what, next was going to happen. All my calmness, gone. All the peace, gone. Tsure was in attack, and it needed help. "Oh no. I better warn the other animals - and do my best to help save Tsure!"
      With a leap, I pounced into a forest, heading through my town in Tsure - Fierryo. I ran as fast as I could, imagining as if I was Sir Gilbert - never mind that thought, anyway. Once I reached the town, I quickly screamed out of my mind: "Everyone, a sudden fire blazed in Tsure! Please, we must help each one of us, cooperate to try to save ourselves from the horrible creatures we will face. Faster, the fire is spreading, quickly! Be safe."
      Junior, one of my closest and youngest friends, fled to spread the word, and some other animals I do not know or have never met. Soon, the fire arrived at Fierryo.
      The flames were bursting randomly, everywhere, sending fires wood by wood, house by house, taken down. Luckily, the fire calmed down. Though, what really frightened us - were odd, black creatures - Phantoms.
      "We are going to take over Tsure! Its beautiful islands, are now ruined and are polluted with us, Phantoms! Be warned, if you find a new island - we will, we repeat: we will come for that, next!" a Phantom roared, charging after us.
      Frightened, Little Junior cuddled his parents, animals didn't fight back in my town - Fierryo was in danger. So, I stepped out and protected them, warning the Phantoms to stay away - or else.
      Though, the Phantoms were too strong - unwisely, we ran for it.
      We rode different boats, each every one of them has this particular animal - one with penguins, one with seals, one with lions - and one with tigers... which I am in. We searched high and low and left to right for land - nothing was in sight.
      Junior took a long glance at a peach road. "Land!" he alarmed. We rejoiced, and sailed through the seas to the land Junior has seen - it took longer than we thought. With this odd talent and skill of mind, I led the four boats, with Junior helping me navigate.
      "Captain Melville! You've saved our lives. Now, we are free, and have our own island, now! Thank you." Junior thanked me. But, I thought about the words he said once we reached the peach road. I looked at it, and found an apricot town square - there, I found many animals of our own.
      "No, Junior, son," I offered, "it isn't just ours - it's theirs."
      A roar bursted into each and one of our ears. "Melville!" the voice boomed. I whirled around, and found myself facing a tiger like me. "Hello, Melville. I am Sir Gilbert. Welcome to the land of Jamaa. Would you like anything at all?"
      With an odd look, I nodded. "I have come here to claim that we have decided to, perhaps, stay here. Would that be okay for you?"
      "Hmm..." Sir Gilbert kept thinking, and soon thought of the right answer: "Yes!"
      I was known as: Captain Melville. But everyone thought something was missing in Jamaa - water. Juice. Jamaa was thirsty. I thought of this for a long time - I wanted to sacrifice myself for the good of Jamaa.
      Permission I asked from the Sky Mother of Jamaa, Mira, of a land I could claim. Though, she has disagreed - but thought of a way I could help Jamaa.
      A juice hut, I made. I crafted with my own paws. It now stands in Crystal Sands - my Shaman's land.
      THE END.

      Hehe, the story is not really that clear, but this has gone so long, I needed to rap things up, seriously! My fingers aren't aching, but they're tired :p.

      That's all, I guess.

    2. Also, I needed to rap the story up, because it was too long - it even said that my comment should only have up to 4,089 (I think) characters -_-.

      And, yeah :|!


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