Saturday, 14 June 2014

Soccer ball masks actually exist.. Well, in AJ they do.

Hey everyone! ^w^
Today's new item is the Soccer ball mask, sold in Jam-Mart clothing. c:
This item was kinda unexpected i guess ... But i like how AJHQ shaded it. :P
I guess don't really see any point of it - well, unless you like bouncing! :D
Little Snowycloud loves bouncing. ^.^
I still prefer soccer balls as a furniture item though. Do you think AJHQ is gonna come up with a soccer court soon? :o Because remember that glitch when a game field would come up randomly in your den ...
Anywho, here's the DE post which is all about the FIFA world cup. :3

Can you see your countries' flag up there? Cuz i can. o3o
And a ball filled with feathers must have been kinda boring .. If balls didn't bounce, it would be no fun at all. D:
But then, this genius came along and invented air-filled balls. :D
To wrap things up, here's the Question Of The Post! ^.^
What's your favorite team in the world cup?
And before i go, i just wanted to say that i will be having a raffle on today's post, so pick a number between 1 and 25!
P.S A new post has been posted on the plushie blog! Click here to read it!


  1. I choose 13 for the raffle! And the soccer ball mask is very weird who would wear a soccer ball on there head? Lol


  3. Hello, Cloudclaws! Dx, long time no see! Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog D'-:! But, I think the Soccer Ball Masks are hilarious and silly xD! Wow, Little Snowycloud is getting crazy o.0!

    About the World Cup, I think that I don't really have that much interest in soccer/football... but my cousin does!

    So, I don't have any answer in this post's question (sorrehy)... though, I'll enter the raffle... my number is: 15!



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