Sunday, 22 June 2014

When people take rares too seriously.

So we all know them.
They look cool, sound cool, and feel cool.
Unfortunately, there are many jammers who take rares FAR too seriously . . .
Im just seeing so much people sitting in a corner and making a sad face, just because they don't have a certain rare or beta. 
And the truth is, rares are just pixels. The only thing is that they only look cool.
I understand is a person loves trading and collecting stuff, but making sad faces, scamming and telling people to just SEND their rares all because of pixels?
I don't think so.
The thing that annoys me is the "Rare people scam" Stereotype.
I have heard of so many jammers that got accused only because they're rare.
If you see someone that looks rare don't just accuse them on scamming. You have to have some actual proof first.
However, if you see a New Jammer walking around with rares, i admit it's time to get a little suspicious.
Then, there's the WORST type: Scammers.
We've all heard of them. Heartless jammers who take away other people's items.
Look, i felt horrible when a scammer too away my rare headdress . . I just felt like all that work had gone for nothing.
Fortunately, some scammers realise their mistakes and decide to quit, such as the scammer who scammed my headdress. But they aren't the real problem
True scammers are.
True scammers are advanced in scamming, and there's almost a 0% chance that they will ever realise their mistakes. And the worst thing?
Some take it far too seriously, and HACK for only rares.
There's a great difference between liking rares and being obsessed with them.
Obsessed people will do just pretty much anything for rares, including scamming and hacking them.
And the people who like rares? Well, they aren't a problem. They actually work for their rares instead of scamming and hacking.
And you'll find that many others like rare's too - it just becomes a problem when people take them FAR too seriously.
I just had to let it all out.


  1. I agree! I don't like scammer and I want them to stop! Someone scammed my ice amulet and ice tail armor, and my phantom in ice! (which i think is a beta). Wait, did I say someone? NO, it was snowflake11437 so report her! And then someone else scammed my rare sparten helmet. IM so mad at them.

    1. Excuse me? I did NO such thing! Where's your proof? That worthless video showing my NAMETAG? You have no proof I scammed you! I never would scam ANYONE! -Snowflake11437

  2. Guys look at animal jam sky blog scooter thinks no one reads his blog anymore also comment

  3. I totally agree! I worked for my rares and then it's not fair when scammers just take it away! I don't know how they live with themselves -.- I've seen people making sad faces because they didn't have 'rares' THERE JUST PIXELS PEOPLE!!!!! Sorry about they 0.0 ~DogLover1230~

  4. Yep, somebody even hacked me and took my unreleased green mechanicalhelmet and my beard and all my Viking helmets. Seriously, THEY'RE JUST PIXELS!!!

  5. actually........... i just made a storage account for my stuff, so that is why a new jammer might have rares. My storage account was made yesterday, her username is bunnymira2456
    P.S WHAT A COINCEDENCE, all morning I've been thinking about how people take rares WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY tooooooooooo seriously

  6. IKR! Once my buddy said that (blah blah blah) were beta, but I just replied: 'No they aren't they're just coloured pixels! XD'

  7. Yeaa i agree too! :)
    sometimes scamers doing that says that it could buys a membership to the saying that it's free of charge but only asks your password but never tell them because they go to your profile and steals all things expecialy rares.
    Anyway great post and i love your blog! <3

  8. Lol, I now feel different about rares in AJ, if they're causing a "scammer problem" then why have rares in Animal Jam? It's an awkward question

  9. I've been scammed BAD before after the scammer was do e with me I only had a turtle plushie I recoved in a bit of time

  10. I used to scam a lot but then I decided to give the people back all their stuff (which took like forever) and quit scamming for good. Now I am forgiven a play animal jam the good way :)

  11. Good for u! I try and return stuff that got scammed from people if i saw them get scammed! =^-^=

  12. OMG i agree! People make such a big deal, like i have a rare spike and EVERYONE just comes asking me "What for it? What for it?" -.-

  13. this is so true!!! i love to read rants, so do more, please!


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