Saturday, 28 June 2014

Greely's Story: Doomed

Chapter three (continued)
"You'll never get away with this!" Greely growled.
"Oh, yes i can." The phantom king threw a metal collar at Greely, which landed on his neck and closed.
"acckk. . . My powers . . i can't use my powers!"
"Not so brave now, are you?" Chuckled the king.
The phantom king released Greely from his chain.
"Don't even think about running or else."
"Or else what?" Greely questioned.
The king didn't respond. He unlocked the cage of another wolf - an arctic wolf by the looks of it. The wolf had pure white fur and piercing, clear ocean-blue eyes. She already had a metal collar around her neck. She must have tried to escape earlier.. Greely thought.
Then something caught his eye - the wolf also had a marking of a snowflake on her chest.
Maybe im not the only one... Maybe she has powers like me too!
Check back soon for chapter four!


  1. Many other animals have different marks? I found that interesting.

    "Not so brave now, are we?"

    I think it should be 'are you' because 'we' includes the Phantom King.

    Jam on!

    1. Don't judge her too much.

    2. I'm just calling off typos, okay?


  2. This story is getting more epic by the chapter

  3. Flufffycybunny:YES VERY EIC!sorry about yelling just suer excited about the story.

    from flufffycybunny

  4. this is so awesome!! but dosen't greely have a swirl mark, not a snowflake?


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