Thursday, 26 June 2014

Greely's Story: Left alone

Chapter two: The news
And just at that moment, Rust, the Alpha Male entered.
"Lupa? Greely? What's going on?" He asked.
"He did this to me! He turned into a shadow!" Screamed Lupa, pointing at him with her paw.
"Dad . . . Please! It was an accident, i swear it was really -"
"Son. me and you have to have a talk." Rust said.

Greely sat down on the soft, sandy ground. He looked up at his father, his eyes filled with worry and shock.
Greely searched his father's eyes for an expression, but they where as cold as steel . .
He begun.
"I was hoping i would tell you this when you where older, but alas, the time has come."
"Son . . . You're a dark wolf." He said"
"Wha . . . What's that?"
"You have dark powers. While they can benefit people, they're also very harmful. Im sorry but you have to leave. For your own good.."
"No! But dad.."
"You must. Remember what i taught you. I know you're a strong pup, and i have faith in you."
"Well, if you say so . . ." Greely's eyes filled with a deep sorrow.
Each touched noses before leaving. "Bye, dad." Greely said the last time before leaving.

Check back in Friday and/or Saturday for the rest of chapter two!
**PS: Update post will be tomorrow maybe along with the story.


  1. oh............... this is gonna get interesting............ and what happens to Lupa?

  2. "Son... you're a dark wolf," he said"

    Is the closing speech mark a typo?

  3. ooh... cool. This is my last time on the river blog for a while, I'm going to Orlando for a while, WOOP WOOP See you in 4 days. :P
    Rubbuddy1 (Not able to log in cause I'm on a different computer)

  4. Wow this is getting interesting..

  5. Flufffycybunny:Oh wow getting intresting.....!

    from flufffycybunny

  6. um... wow! i don't get it... if greely is a dark wolf then why is he an alpha?

  7. Greely needs help...... I can't stand it how he has to leave ....... hope this is gonna be happy. Please keep writing!


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