Friday, 13 June 2014

Pro Soccer Ball

Hey guys! ^o^
Welcome to another post on the Animal Jam River. :3
Well, today's new item is a World Cup item again - The pro soccer ball!
Those paw-prints on the ball was a really neat idea. C:
We just started learning more about the World Cup at school today. The teacher gave us a box full of the different countries names, and we had to pick one without looking. I got Chile, which i guess is pretty good. ^-^ 
Too bad my country is ranked last in the World Cup... *sob*
However, im not really a big fan of soccer ...
I only play soccer if my sport teacher says so. ._.
Well anyway, here's the Daily Explorer post! ^.^
Im still working on my idea .. What about you? :3
But i wish AJHQ would write when it's due ..
To wrap things up, here's the Mystery! 
 This cave has been hanging around for a very long time.
Where does it lead?
Will there be a new adventure soon?
What will the adventure be about?
Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! ^.^


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