Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Greely's story: Powers Exposed

Chapter one (continued)
** 4 months later **
Of course, Greely grew up as a normal pup and the mark eventually faded.

It was a cloudy day, and the sun was peeking out of the clouds like a round, silver circle.
Greely and Lupa where in the nursery, play-fighting.
"How dare you tresspass the Misty Timberland Pack's territory?!" Lupa growled playfully.
"YOUR territory? Well this is MY territory!" Greely replied.
They both lept at each other, Lupa pinned down Greely - play-biting him.
"I win! I win!" Shouted Lupa.
"Hey! That wasn't fair, you only pinned me down! I could still have thrown you off!" Greely said angrily.
"Yeah, but whoever pins down gets the win." Lupa replied.
"That wasn't what it was last time we played!!"
Greely shouted.
"Oh and guess what? You should stop GLOATING over your skills, I only won five times and four of them because you LET me win!!"
"Greely! It's only a game . . Greely please, im sor-"

Greely's purple swirled mark glowed, and there was an explosion of smoke and darkness - which of a huge amount hit Lupa.
"What's happening to me?! Im turning into a shadow!" She shrieked.

Check back tomorrow for chapter two!


  1. Little KittyCat25 June 2014 at 03:59

    Then is Lupa gonna be cured? What about Greely and his powers??
    P.S Im the anonymous that commented on the previous post and i just found out about your blog!! It's awesome!

    1. Umm...
      Aren't you going to post daily updates again?

      Um... yeah, your story is starting to become more 'dark', but maybe try putting put more suspense. Jam on!

      Please check my blog:

  2. Ooh, suspense! Keep it up!

  3. Nice! Really good story!

  4. so mysterious... i like it!

  5. COOL! I don't know where you get the ideas for this story from, but please KEEP ON WRITING!


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