Sunday, 1 June 2014

It's 1st of June!

Hey everyone! :D
Well, it's a new month. June.
You know what that means?
A new birthstone! ^.^
Yup, the pearl birthstones are back in stores! c:
Wouldn't it be cool if you could change the pearl's color to black .. ? :3
I like black pearls better than white, but im not sure if i like black better than white in general. :P
Speaking of colors, what's your favorite color? ^_^
If you asked me, i'd say ice blue or aqua. I <3 blue. :D
Well, abandoning the subject of birthstones, here's the DE post!

New wallpapers?
That's pretty cool. C:
I wish wooden computers existed in real life. :P
Check below the link to discover more!
On the other hand, here's the Question Of The Post!
What do you think will be sold here?
A cotton Candy container? A bag with a picture of a teddy bear on it? 
What do you think?
Well, to wrap things up earlier today i was bored. So i decided: Hey! Why don't i search up some fun facts on the internet?
And here's what i found:
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
That is just ... wow
I didn't know that you could find an answer to a question like that. O_O
Happy jamming, and see you all tomorrow! ^.^


  1. My favorite color is just about the same! ^.^

  2. Maybe the teddy bear bag will have a bear pet update and it will be sold at the summer carnival. ~lexi0705

    1. Good idea! :D
      Bear pets would be fantastic! ^_^

  3. Hi! Great blog! I'll definitely be following! Your posts are very creative! Keep up the great work! c:

  4. Is that a typo?

    "A fcotto Candy container"?

    I don't think AJHQ would sell anything there soon. It's been there like that from 2012...

    Please visit my blog:

  5. Great blog cloud claws! It's features are great and I have subscribed so
    You can hopefully get your 90 followers!

  6. hmm, i don't know. But, thx for the gift, Cloud! But bringing up another subject, Fman tried to hack me.

    1. Hmm ... Perhaps i should email AJHQ about fman.

    2. Cloud, i dunno if ajhq will reply back without saying

      We re so sorry for your bad experience!
      Please report and block the player who disturbs you(something like dat) and blah blah blah, about online safety and rbl method
      Report block log-off method.

    3. @Mythicalspiritwolf1,
      Haha, yep. There probably gonna reply something like that, it's worth a try though!

    4. AJHQ said they will try to see and watch over them. I tried already. With a "I'm sorry we can't return lost items".

      Sad... :(

    5. AJHQ said they will try to see and watch over them. I tried already. With a "I'm sorry we can't return lost items".

      Sad... :(

    6. AJHQ said they will try to see and watch over them. I tried already. With a "I'm sorry we can't return lost items".

      Sad... :(

  7. Another beautiful birthstone has arrived - which we have saw last year. Oh, how I love birthstones! They represent such... what am I saying?

    Ah, the DE post is so adorable! Thank goodness, Animal Jam HQ always makes the best graphics (to me)! The Summer Carnival's so fun ;-).

    Hmm, here's my answer for today's post: well, since there is a bear-like-design in one of the bags, maybe it contains goodies like teddy bears and some stuffed toys.

    And with those craters, I think they contain some special items for Jamaa in The Summer Carnival, somewhere in the future.

    And, here's another guess: perhaps, a new game may be built? Or a show, maybe?



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