Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Vine Lampost

Heya jammers! ^-^
Today's new item is the Vine Lampost! C:
I think this is a pawsome and Jamaasian item. :D
I love that how you can select an option for the blossoms to grow on the vines. c:
It also would go perfectly with the Vine Carpet. ^.^
Well, i guess i can say that this item has been added to my favorites list. :D
What do you think of this item? :3
On the other hand, here's the DE post! ^_^

Wow, i didn't know that Hyenas can eat anything ... o-o
What do you think about hyenas? :P
Well, on the other hand, here's the Question Of The Post!
Which power would you pick?
Flying powers, Invisibility, An ability to run super fast and lift anything off the ground or have shape-shifting powers?
I would probably pick flying. :P
P.S Sorry if the post is kinda uninteresting i had to do a huge assignment and i don't have much time left now!


  1. ❤biamorawesome❤4 June 2014 at 06:09

    You so are right, Cloudclaws! The Vine Lamppost really will much the Vine Rug! Geez, I never thought of that, actually! Why not giving it an example in one post of yours :-D?

    Ah, another post in The Daily Explorer! Actually, I'm always expecting one xD. But anyway, I like today's art.

    In the other paw, Peck really knows much about hyenas o.0! And hyenas can eat anything, yes... except for HOOVES, FUR and HORNS? Of course! xD

    For today's post's question's answer, I'd choose the ability of wisdom. Because, if I have that power, I can guide people.

    Anyway, I couldn't go on my Google+ account, because I'm on my younger brother's account - and he might get mad at me for logging him out >.<!

    So, yeah... :p ~❤biamorawesome❤~

    1. ❤biamorawesome❤4 June 2014 at 06:10

      And I'm an Anonymous, 'cause my younger brother's Google+ account has his FULL NAME in it! I wouldn't want anyone to know his name... and our last name 0.0!

      That'd be giving out personal information...

  2. Huge assignment, huh? Haha, I feel you there!
    I may or may not buy that.... only if it turns on.

  3. i wanna pick shape-shifting powers

  4. Sorry I have not commented guys! I have been super busy with all this school/end of year stuff that I have not found time to comment! Hopefully I will be able to comment more in about a week. Okaaayyyy.... anyway, I love the new item! I would want wings or be able to fly for a super power.


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