Friday, 27 February 2015

Big Mysteries #8: The fate of Mira

Yep, im finally doing a big mystery, because i haven't posted one for so long.

Anyway, What happened to Mira?
We can only see her in the form of statues, and she is very briefly mentioned.
We don't know much about Mira, don't we?
But . . 
Why is she not seen in Jamaa?

Yes, we do see her in the flames at Sarepia Forest, but that's only an image.
We aren't seeing her actual form.
 Did Mira suffer the same fate as Zios?
This was never mentioned in the story of Jamaa, but perhaps Mira went missing after it was written.
And there is some evidence supporting this.
The picture above shows a scene from the Return of the Alphas, where Zios was struck and turned into the statue we can all see in the temple of zios.
And Mira has a statue as well. 
While it doesn't look like she crashed down from the sky, she could have been turned into statue meanwhile she was defending Jamaa, because her pose looks more like she might have been about to attack the phantoms, or was protecting the animals.

However, there's also another possibility. Some other jammers like to believe that Mira's spirit faded away due to lack of belief.
Lots of jammers still don't know about Mira, or Jamaa's story, so could this also be possible?
Because honestly, Mira hasn't been mentioned much ever since AJHQ deleted the original story of Jamaa.

Although i don't believe in the second theory, there still is a slight possibility. Maybe AJHQ saw that jammers didn't really know much about Mira and started to include her less.

And finally, the third theory is that Mira was not a spirit in the first place, but died while defending Jamaa. So that would mean the image you see at Sarepia was her Spirit, and the statue was made afterwards she died to remember her.
But one problem though.
Why didn't Zios have a spirit?

I just don't know, Perhaps the phantoms destroyed his spirit too, or he faded away from lack of belief as well.

Jamaa's history is scattered, which means there's so many gaps to fill, and so many different stories of Jamaa's history. How do you think it all happened?

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lucky Party

Hallo. :3
Before going on with the new item, AJ's homepage changed.
And remember yesterday's mini-challenge?
It was to make a new homepage for AJ.
So that means . . 


I doubt it though.


Still doubt it.

Whoa, today is update week?!
*This day is full of Surprises*

Wait, nevermind. Only one, page.
 It's Autumn where i live. 
Actually it's not Autumn but it's almost Autumn . . :I
I hear thunder. o.o
Rumble rumble
Should i do a lucky day theme for my blog? But it's already quite green.
I might just change the header. c:
Should i just start doing a header now? :P
WARNING: Don't freak out if there's a new header or something.

Let's check if the Lucky party is on right now. :3
20 mins. :T
I made a banner thingy.
Why am i taking this thing so seriously?
Im gonna do a "takeover" movement for every animal that goes endangered, so they don't actually go endangered. c:<
Why didn't i think of this before?

Well we haven't done the new item haven't we? :3
So lets do that. :D
Blergh, returning item. :I
At least the green fits in with the lucky day theme.

This is the entrance. :3
Near it is a little shop!
Let's check out the items. c:
Only two are nonmember, and they're quite boring. :c
At least the clover balloons are more exciting, but still. Meh. :I
Also, why do we need to pay for a patch of clovers?
AJ is sometimes a very weird place.
 Also, there's the random clover thingy.
It unfortunately has 3 leaves like a regular clover. :c
This is the inside.

AJHQ should have changed it up a little, but i guess it's still okay. :P
Well that's all for now!
but before that . .
Make up a new party for AJ!
Bye for now! c:

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leprechaun Gnome + Graphic

Hello! c:
Sorry if my posts haven't been interesting lately. The past 3 days basically sucked for me, and then there's school and stuff . . *sigh* :c

Well let's move onto the new item, which is a little .. odd. o.o
At least AJHQ didn't use a human. That would just be plain weird. 
But AJHQ has used human stuff before . . 
Do you think the animals know humans exist? :P
Also, how come there's buildings and stuff? Why do the animals wear clothing?
Are they some sort of human-animal hybrid thingy?

So many questions.
And answers we will never know.

Maybe we will know them soon though. :3
But how can we find out?
There is no way.
So we'll never find out.

^ What just happened? O_O

The reason it's weird is mainly because . . 
It has a beard.
Koalas don't have beards.
Koalas don't have huge, gigantic beards*
Check below the link for more!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Clover fountain + Clover Necklace

Today, i spent 5 hours thinking it was Wednesday. XD
But then i decided to look at the date.
. . . 

Let's look for the new returning item! :3
Ehh i already have it. :P
It's sort of like a replacement for the beta fountain thingy . . or the beta fountain thingy is a replacement if you like this one more. Also, the water is green. o-o
Why is it green?
I like it being green. :3

. . . 

We're doomed.

Sounds like a job for . . 

*heroic music in the background*

Oh. I guess it was just reflection. :3

We're doomed.
Pure genius. *applauds*
Not really.
But it's the bunny who breaks the laws of physics, so im sure she'll be fine. :3

Check below the link for more! :3

Monday, 23 February 2015

RIM + Random doggies

Hello! C:
Today is Monday. *groan*
Tomorrow is Tuesday. (Better)
The day after is Wednesday. (Halfway through)
The day after the day is Thursday. (yess)
And then Friday. (YESSSS)
then Saturday and Sunday. (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA)
And then Monday again. *groan*
And it will go on like dat until the sun explodes.

Why did i end up talking about the days of the week? *facepaw*

Let's go back.

Today is Monday. And it's the RIM.
Why did they have to make the wig barf green? :I
Okay wait, nvm. That's not barf green. It's a slightly neon-ish slightly aqua sort of green. :3
But green is an umm, odd color choice. o.o
This item is under-used anyways so i don't think this rare is gonna be popular. And the fact that it's 750 gems makes more jammers not wanna buy it.
Like, 750 gems?!
Rating time. >:3
Price: 1/5
Creativity: 1/5
4 out of of 15, and this rare receives the title of the lowest rated rare i have rated until now. 
Maybe you have different thoughts on it. Dunno.
Sorry. I had to.
Check below the link for more!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

It's just a clover bench.

Hello. :P
Have nothing to talk about so here's the new item c:

Member? Just for a wooden bench with a picture of a clover carved into it?

Because making a wooden bench with a clover carved onto it is total gonna make people buy memberships.
And it doesn't look comfy either.
Let's see if it looks more awesome in a den. :P

Nope. Just a regular old wooden bench.
Maybe it's made out of edible wood. :D
YAY! Now im even madder at AJHQ for not making it member! 
Umm nevermind . . not edible.

I made a comic without realizing. Im so proud of myself.
every1 give me chocolate

jk. XD
Check below for more!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Clover Tie + other stuffz

Hello! ^0^ 

I am not evil by the way. I have said that a quadrillion times but just wanna make sure you know.

Lucky day is coming in Jamaa now. ^-^
I found a total of 2 four leaved clovers in my life. c:
If you haven't found one yet . .
I SHALL GIVE YOU A HINT! (omg it's a hint!! my life is saved)

Here it is >:D
 I have never seen a heart shaped clover with four leaves.

Sorry for my randomness. :c
Let's stop being random and search for the new item! :P

(It's a clover tie. hehe)
 It's a boys only item. So i cannot say this is my favorite item. :c
I find ties weird. Because animals already look fancy with their fancy patterns, fancy fur, and fancy tails.

Speaking of patterns, don't forget to be a snow leopard so snow leopards can take over Jamaa. >:D

I am not evil by the way. I have said that a quadrillion times but just wanna make sure you know.

Perfect match, by the way.
 They look like they where meant for each other, which they probably where. XP
so perf.

But the only flaw . .

One is nonmember. One is not.
 Well anyways, read more below the link. :3

Friday, 20 February 2015

this again. :T

Well i won't be posting today. Even if i do, it will be rushed and boring. Cuz i don't have time. *sigh*
But tomorrow's weekend for me, so i might be doing two posts to make up for it! :3
To make stuff a tiny bit more exciting, here's a random drawing i made yesterday. :I
Don't ask.
That didn't really make stuff for exciting, did it?
ugh, whatever. I wish i could do a post. *sigh*
Well bye guys. Also don't abandon the blog tomorrow. *cri*

Thursday, 19 February 2015

update yay i don't know what to do for a title

Hello! :3
Time to log onto AJ! :D
*logs in*
wut. Today is update day?!
Of course - a new pet on the first page. AJHQ, you are so predictable. :P
Why am i not excited?
Maybe it's because AJHQ is really predictable?
There better be a rainbow mane in the accessories though. 
ehh time to buy a pony :3

*sees pony in the diamond shop*
OMGOMOMG nvm they are adorable! :D
^ That is my pet pony.
Does it look similar?
Even though the mane isn't completely rainbow. :c
whateves. :I

But stahp being so predictable, AJHQ. >:U
Nest page . . 
Check below the link for more!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cherry tree PLUS kelp archway..

READ DIS!! so anyways, i didn't know the picture of the goat was a piece of artwork. So all credit goes to the creator. (and well done since it looks just like the real thing)

Hello! ^-^
Yesterday we reached 1, 307 pageviews.
How awesome is that?
I didn't say pawsome, i know.

Can we get more views today?  >:3

Moving on, the new item today is the Cherry tree. c:

This is like, my favorite valentines friendship day item, because it's not covered in a bunch of hearts. :T

Not that i don't like them or anything. Im just overwhelmed when i see too much. >.<
Wait, valentines *cough* FRIENDSHIP day is sort of finished now.
soo . . 
. . . 
I guess this isn't a va- FRIENDSHIP day item. :P
but yay, it's awesome anyway
I find them hard to eat for some reason. Dunno why. That's just me. :T
I only eat easy-to-eat fruits. Like blackberries. And raspberries.
It's a shame they go squishy in 2 days though. :c

Now it's time to buy one of these cherry trees.
I need 2 more 

It costs 500 gems. :c
To read more, check below the link!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A guide to Jamaa #8: New animals! (And pets)

READ DIS!! so anyways, i didn't know the picture was a piece of artwork. So all credit goes to the creator. (and well done since it looks just like the real thing)
Hello! ^-^
AJ has been having lots, in fact, too much new animals lately, which makes you wonder: Which animal is going to be next?

First up, is the leaked goats.
File:Leaked Goat.jpg
It has been a long time though, since this leaked photo was released. Makes me wonder if AJHQ has changed their minds on adding this animal to the game, even though i doubt that because AJHQ has also gotten as far as adding the animal to the game. (even if it's just beta testing. :P)

But i admit this is a little unusual to be on AJ. o.o
 None of the animals are kept in farms, like this goat does which might be the reason why AJHQ canceled this plan. :c
 Some species of goats do live in the wild though.

It would be great of goats came out. dem eyes . .  so cute! :3
Also, i think they only have a 60% chance of being in the diamond shop. Yay! :D
However, 50% chance of being released. *cri*
And secondly, we have . . 
The arctic fox! :D
Okay, so this is not a leaked picture, this, in fact is from the polar bear book. However, doesn't mean it's not coming to Jamaa! :3
 Some people mistaked (not sure if that's actually a word. O_O) this for an arctic wolf, but since it has a smaller snout and huge ears, AND a smaller size in general, it's a fox.
And i think they have a good chance of being in Jamaa, because of the popularity of Arctic Wolves and the fact that AJHQ also has regular foxes. So i think this has a 60% chance of going on stores! :3

Sadly, if it did come it it would probably have a 90% chance of going straight into the diamond shop. -.-
Check below the link for more!

Monday, 16 February 2015

The 3rd Monday of Febraury. (which means RIM)

For once, i actually thought: Hey, today is RIM! When i logged onto AJ. :I
I never think about the RIM. Maybe because i don't really care about them.

But here's the RIM of the 3rd Monday of February. (Only one more Monday to go till March . . time flies/runs/sprints/whatever is a fast way of getting somewhere)
i<3 march yay
Im so excited for Autumn.
Im sick of summer. tooooooooo hot and sweaty. ugh. Also, i have to put sunscreen every time i go out when it's summer, or else my skin just gets really tanned.
We're getting a bit off-topic, aren't we? :P
So exciting omg

Nice colors i guess. Lemon yellow and pink look so pastel. :P
I like pastel colors. I like colors that go well together. :3
 But really AJHQ?
just stahp it.
Rating time. ^-^
Colors: 3/5
Creativity: 1/5
Price: 1/5
5 out of 15. Pretty unimpressive. But meh.
i don't rlly care
At least the colors are good. :3
If you want more, check below the link. ^.^

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Random Wigs

Hello. c:
For some reason, we have 2 new items today. And all of them are wigs. :I
Let's start off with the first one.
I don't know what to say about this item. o.o
Because it's an unusual item to be on AJ.
Why is it here anyways? Maybe because of some sort of national holiday that my country doesn't celebrate so i have no idea about it?

Honestly, that happens a lot. :I

At least it's nonmemberr, i guess . . ?
The second one is the poofeh wig. (i just like to call it like that :P)
Very curly and poofy. :O
Still strange, because wigs  look slightly weird on animals.
They look poofy though. :3
very poofy :O

Meanwhile on the DE, AJHQ edited their post a little. ^.^

What is an aurora?

An aurora is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs in high altitudes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. These vibrant lights occur when solar wind from the sun clashes into the Earth’s atmosphere, making a brilliant spectacle.
Awesome! I love auroras. They look so green. And aqua. Like the ocean. 
Oh and that penguin that just got in front of the camera.
He's like, shaking is head like crazy. XD
Here's a random, but awesome trick for eating cupcakes.
Break off the bottom and put it on top of the creamy part. CUPCAKE SANDWICH! :D
Lastly, here's the QOTP! c:

What's your favorite land in Jamaa?
Bye for now!