Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A guide to Jamaa #8: New animals! (And pets)

READ DIS!! so anyways, i didn't know the picture was a piece of artwork. So all credit goes to the creator. (and well done since it looks just like the real thing)
Hello! ^-^
AJ has been having lots, in fact, too much new animals lately, which makes you wonder: Which animal is going to be next?

First up, is the leaked goats.
File:Leaked Goat.jpg
It has been a long time though, since this leaked photo was released. Makes me wonder if AJHQ has changed their minds on adding this animal to the game, even though i doubt that because AJHQ has also gotten as far as adding the animal to the game. (even if it's just beta testing. :P)

But i admit this is a little unusual to be on AJ. o.o
 None of the animals are kept in farms, like this goat does which might be the reason why AJHQ canceled this plan. :c
 Some species of goats do live in the wild though.

It would be great of goats came out. dem eyes . .  so cute! :3
Also, i think they only have a 60% chance of being in the diamond shop. Yay! :D
However, 50% chance of being released. *cri*
And secondly, we have . . 
The arctic fox! :D
Okay, so this is not a leaked picture, this, in fact is from the polar bear book. However, doesn't mean it's not coming to Jamaa! :3
 Some people mistaked (not sure if that's actually a word. O_O) this for an arctic wolf, but since it has a smaller snout and huge ears, AND a smaller size in general, it's a fox.
And i think they have a good chance of being in Jamaa, because of the popularity of Arctic Wolves and the fact that AJHQ also has regular foxes. So i think this has a 60% chance of going on stores! :3

Sadly, if it did come it it would probably have a 90% chance of going straight into the diamond shop. -.-
Check below the link for more!

The next animal has a very slight possibility of it coming out . .
Grizzy bears! :D
Okay, so the bear above isn't a Grizzly, and there's no evidence to support this. But think of it this way: AJ made a wolf, and the made an Arctic wolf. So why shouldn't AJHQ also make a grizzy bear?
The chance of it coming out are unknown though.

Well that's all the animals, so why don't we move onto possible pets? :3
First up - Penguins!
We already have regular penguins, so why don't we have pet penguins? I think AJHQ will make one soon, since there's lot's of pets these days!
And, lastly, geckos.
Yup, it's pretty obvious these little guys are gonna come out. :3
But this gecko here is a gift, so is AJHQ gonna give this to all of us as a gift? Or will it be in the . .*shudders* Diamond Shop?
Any other pets, or animals do you think are gonna come out? What do you think about these animals? c:


  1. The horse is also a farm animal, and the party is in a barn. Oh and this is 5yoyo5, I just felt too lazy to log into my Gmail. :P.


  2. The goat's someone's artwork not a leak by ajhq. It's on deviantart by this very good artist who's amazing at drawing in AJs style. The name's long and starts with a K.

  3. Goats, meh eh eh eh x3


  4. And yes, too many animals o,O


  5. The leaked goats is NOT LEAKED. Sorry if I get angry, but it makes me so mad that a certain youtuber stole a drawn fan art image, put her own watermark on it, and showed it to the whole world claiming it is "leaked." It is a drawn image from deviantart.

    1. The original owner had to put their own watermark on it so it wouldn't get stolen.


  6. Grizzly bears? Hmm
    Can't people just color the polar bear brown? :o

    I would love da arctic fox
    It would be

  7. Lol the arctic fox would be cool to be in animal jam. But i kinda think it will be a pet instead of an animal.... BTW the item today is the deep sea crystals underwater shops.

  8. Hey guys! Have you read the goat creepypasta about goats, and btw the goat pic is NOT leaked. Anyhooo the goat myth creepypasta is the best one I have ever read. All the others have the same storyline as this one.
    1. I was playing AJ
    2. I was haunted by something
    3. There was blood and guts all over Jamaa
    4. The End
    No offense to creepypasta writers, but that is a terrible plot and worst of all, a majority of creepypastas are just like that or similar. But, the goat myth is awesome! There is no gore, yet it keeps you interested. There also is a lot of suspense with the red scarf. Loved it!

  9. it's not a leak it's a deviantart picture someone drew :P

  10. Yeah, that goat is not leaked. It's just a drawing, and that person is very talented! :) It would be cool to have goats as actual animals though. Some goats are wild and they live in mountainous areas, so their homeland would be Mt. Shiveer. Even if AJHQ planned to make goats, they should make the goats look similar to the drawing because the one in the drawing is ADORBS!! Or maybe have the same eyes on if they don't wanna copy it off because those eyes are awesome!

    A grizzly bear and an arctic fox would be pointless animals. First of all, they would look like the polar bear and the fox. Second of all, you can just colour the polar bear brown and the fox white and then you have your grizzly bear and arctic fox! Yeah the actions will be different but just saying! :3

    Yeah I think that the pet gecko picture is leaked. I wonder if penguins will soon be pets, too. There is a high chance because they make pets out of animals (or the way around because pet owls came first before animal owls).


  11. Yeah, I heard the goat was drawn too. Kinda would be cool if they DID come out with a goat though, well, okay, cool and kinda strange!
    Anywho, I really like the pet geckos, and I have thought about the Pet Penguins idea as well. Also, they should maybe make pet HORSES and HYENAS and ELEPHANTS! Hehe. Keep blogging Cloudclaws!!! Love Animal Jam River!
    Web address- www.theweeklyjammernews.blogspot.com
    Feel free to comment!!!

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