Friday, 6 February 2015

Pizza Parlour stuff & Wild Explorers #2

Hello! :3
Welcome back to the blog. c:
I have started to get used to school & stuff like that, so hopefully my posts will be getting more interesting :D
Time 2 log onto AJ
omg the sudden music scared me . . o.o
But first, let's to the EPIC SKWAYS GLITCH!

But wait . . no one randomly floating in the sky?
*attempts to do it*
It's fixed. :c
Maybe next time . . >:3
Remember the leaked pictures?
 Wait . . 
It's not 3 gems as it was in the leaked picture.
Still cute tho. c:
The tissue paper on it's hard looks awkward though. Tissue paper does not look that, um, thick? Dunno.
Just looks more like cardboard or something.
Am i judging this item too much?
I hope not. :O
i probably am. 
This post is going nowhere.
So i guess i should do the Item Feature! :3
Horse Coin
You may have heard of this item before. The horse coin is a former rare since it's not avalible anymore.
Before, people would get horse coins from the Forgotten Desert adventure, and even then there was a very low chance of getting it. There used to be many other animal coins too.
Oh my hgat 
credit goes to animal jam wiki
Today, no one has this mysterious item since AJHQ has deleted it. Not much is known about the item.

And now it's time 4 . . 
What type of GIFs?
ANIMAL GIFS! (duh cause it's animal jam)
(Espeshully cute ones)

This Kitten Is Really Hungry
Right before this he devoured three full-grown dogs.
Why do kittens stand up when they're drinking milk?
I guess we'll never know.
Unless someone who's viewing this blog right now knows. :P
Anyway here's episode 2 of wild explorers! :3
Cami is funny. :P
Also, she's a good drawer. :3
Also, SPOLIERRRRRS but she meets an owl too. :D
And then there's this - errm okay i should not tell you anymore cause SPOILEEEERS.
But yeah, wild explorers is really interesting.
Well i should really get going now . . bye! ^.^


  1. i wish i had a horse coin... :( GFI FGI GIF? whatever. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! where do you find these thing?!?!?!?!?! :DDDD pizza parlor statue = kewlio anyway i gtg THX CLOUDCLAWS!!!

  2. THERE ARE FISH ON YOUR PAGE AND THEY ARE H-U-N-G-A-R-Y AWESOME!!!!! XDDDD :DDDDDDD :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) BD BD BD BD BD BD BD :P :P


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