Monday, 2 February 2015

Heart Headband + Friendship party

Hello! :3
I apologize if my quality of posts hasn't been the best lately. It's been hard adjusting to school and everything D:
Hopefully the posts will get more interesting soon!
soo anyway, just noticed it was Monday. nuuu
But i didn't go to school anyways because i had to go the the orthodontist. But tomorrow i have to go :c
Anyway, today's rare has a name so long in nearly covers the rare tag entirely.
So long that i refuse to type it. :O
okai fine.
Rare heart antenna headband.
Rating time! :3
Colors: 5/5 (wonderful)
Price: 2/5
Creativity: 3/5
The only think that's amaze about this rare is the color. :P
Srsly it blends in perfectly. PERFECT :3
And it receives a total of 10 out of 15. niiicee
I like this rare. ^-^
The price is terrible though :c
Also, about the friendship party, it has changed! :O
A little . . 
The heart is in a different area than last year.
Some of the items have changed too.
But it remains pretty much the same. I can't see many jammers visiting it either . . AJHQ definitely needs to make the friendship party more exciting. :P
Lastly, heres the QOTP!
What new parties would you like to see?
bye :D


  1. YES!! The friendship party is lovely and lively x3 The rare...pretty expensive...oh well...if we recycle we get gems xD I love the new items at the friendship party, pretty Valentines Day stuff. speaking of Valentines Day, it's on a weekend 0 , 0 First comment. Bye c:


  2. items in Sarepia Shop I meant *cough* Treetop Gardens, primrose and primrose bouquet, though the primrose is pretty tiny...x3

  3. tiger and eagle only parties :DDD that would be KEWLIO XDD also i think we should get a wild cat from animal jam so we dont have to use wolves (why am i saying this.....) for roleplay ok
    WEIRDNESS FACTOR DONE NOW FOR A TIP OF THE DAY!: if you have an eagle and are playing the forgotten dessert make sure you bring a watering can everywhere :) GTG TO ART CLASS BYEEEE

  4. wow big comment ..... i have way to much time

  5. eagle only parties hosted on a snowy sunset

  6. Hai Cloudclaws! Haven't seen you in awhile. Probably 'cause I don't look at blogs anymore. DX I don't have time! Anyway, they should have a Tigers only party, a thanksgiving party, an owls only party, and a eagles only party.

    Random question of the day! Has anyone here gotten the aj app? It's in it's testing period. Play Wild, is what it's called. You have to fill out a forum and get accepted though... But I got in yesterday! :D

  7. Foxes-only party and pandas-only party and seals- only and tigers-only? Haha, idk.

    ~ Cutepups who doesn't feel like typing out a whole comment.

  8. OMG the raccoonnnnnnnnnnnnnn on the DE is so creeeeeeeeeepy!!!! Meh. AJ, I think you should NEVER have put yellow eyes ) , 0


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