Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Leprechaun Gnome + Graphic

Hello! c:
Sorry if my posts haven't been interesting lately. The past 3 days basically sucked for me, and then there's school and stuff . . *sigh* :c

Well let's move onto the new item, which is a little .. odd. o.o
At least AJHQ didn't use a human. That would just be plain weird. 
But AJHQ has used human stuff before . . 
Do you think the animals know humans exist? :P
Also, how come there's buildings and stuff? Why do the animals wear clothing?
Are they some sort of human-animal hybrid thingy?

So many questions.
And answers we will never know.

Maybe we will know them soon though. :3
But how can we find out?
There is no way.
So we'll never find out.

^ What just happened? O_O

The reason it's weird is mainly because . . 
It has a beard.
Koalas don't have beards.
Koalas don't have huge, gigantic beards*
Check below the link for more!
I just noticed that the text on one of the fact thingies about the birds of paradise is smaller than usual. o.o
It was probably a mistake while they where typing it though. :3
And it probably will go unnoticed. :P
Oh, and speaking about journey book stuff, here's a graphic i made! c:
Free to use, because this took like, 5 mins. XD
nu credit
or anything. C:
I know AJ's birthday is really far away, but . .
Im just really excited for the 5th birthday cake. XD
I think the next one should be huge, like, GIGANTIC and has rainbow topping of all flavors and a huge rainbow candle saying "5"
Do you think it's too rainbow-y? :P
And for the 6th birthday, AJHQ should do a really small, like, a microscopic cake which has no topping and is just plain white. So it would be the complete opposite of the fancy shmancy 5th birthday cake.

Wait, actually, the 6th one is a bad idea. XD
Because then some other people would be mad. :c

but seriously, what is the topping on the 4th birthday cake?
Is it barf . . ? o.o


To make stuff more rainbow, here's a cat that shoots rainbows out of it's paws. :P
Lastly, here's the Mini Challenge! c:
Make AJ's new homepage!
Since winter is ending in Jamaa, create a brand new homepage for AJ!


  1. Kewl kitty :3

    Very magestic

    So cool


    I said that already

    The gnome is a koala

    With an orange beard

    But why orange?

    O yeah leprechauns have orange beards


    Is the lucky party coming back?

    I luv it

    Nu really I do xD

    There's also flowers and those sparkling candles on the cake as well

    Very easy to not appear

    Yesh, very



    1. First comment






      Happy commenting under mine x3


  2. Maybe humans taught the animals how to walk and live in a house with furniture and pets. Also, If I chose the cover, I wouldn't do a holiday because then you would have to change it alot. So I would do some of the alphas under a tree on a picnic table with some other animals. It would be springtime. -Dino

  3. Hmm, could be that DinozWisdom AJ... And love the idea for homepage! I can't probably describe my homepage, I would have to do a grapics pictures and stuff... so yeah :1


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