Saturday, 21 February 2015

Clover Tie + other stuffz

Hello! ^0^ 

I am not evil by the way. I have said that a quadrillion times but just wanna make sure you know.

Lucky day is coming in Jamaa now. ^-^
I found a total of 2 four leaved clovers in my life. c:
If you haven't found one yet . .
I SHALL GIVE YOU A HINT! (omg it's a hint!! my life is saved)

Here it is >:D
 I have never seen a heart shaped clover with four leaves.

Sorry for my randomness. :c
Let's stop being random and search for the new item! :P

(It's a clover tie. hehe)
 It's a boys only item. So i cannot say this is my favorite item. :c
I find ties weird. Because animals already look fancy with their fancy patterns, fancy fur, and fancy tails.

Speaking of patterns, don't forget to be a snow leopard so snow leopards can take over Jamaa. >:D

I am not evil by the way. I have said that a quadrillion times but just wanna make sure you know.

Perfect match, by the way.
 They look like they where meant for each other, which they probably where. XP
so perf.

But the only flaw . .

One is nonmember. One is not.
 Well anyways, read more below the link. :3
  Remember hatapalooza?


Just wondering . . would you like it to come back?
I would, to buy tophats. Back then i didn't know how rare they where. :I
And they look cool too. :3 (even though none of my animals wear any other types. They just look cool XD)
I "hoard" lots of items just because they look cool. Because of this, i have like 139 items. -.-
  . . .
. .
. . . . . . . . 

 You know what AJ needs?
An Arctic party! :D
A party where arctic animals such as penguins, leopards and stuff are allowed.
Also, a flying animal only party.
What do you think? :3

Second lastly, here's an AJ academy post on how to make a recycled bird feeder!
birdfeeder finished
Im sure the rainbow loorikeets who occasionally visit my balcony would love this. :P 
But im probably gonna be lazy and not make it.

mooving oonnn
Have you ever saw a username on AJ and thought: omg, that's an amazing username.
Or just saw a really really long and complex username like the one above? :P
Or maybe a username that made you feel awesome.
Well this is actually sort of the qotp. o.o
But anyways . . 
What are some cool usernames you have seen? (Or very long and complex ones)
 Bye for now!

P.S Deoxyribonucleic acid is full name for DNA.


  1. I really think that I shouldn't really say anything from my mind. ^o^ I just woke up. Today is a busy day :3 Chinese New Year celebration though it was actually 2 days ago...Yes.


  2. Aha! I can also say it was the first comment!


  3. I wish I knew about AJ earlier. I joined in May 10 to May 15 2013. I wish I was in the beta or hat a paloza. Anyways, at least I joined before ajhq canceled free chat for nms

  4. MirrorImages, NonnieNugget, Libetyy, Lilacpetal,Julian2 And my 2 second best buddies....Roodborstje And Dinosaurs444!

  5. mm...I joined october something 2013 :3

  6. I joined in June 2013 :3


  7. I feel so old. I joined in December of 2012 I even saw the hatapoluza Woooooo! I also have some IRL buddies, but I go to school with them not like meet in irl. One is cutypututie123 another is Rowanisawesome7 also there is enchanted00001 and some others though I forgot their usernames Ahahha ):D

    1. I joined around that time too. Actually around October 2012, but then I had to quit because I like lost electricity for a few weeks. Stupid storm. >:T So then I came back around December. I actually forgot lol

  8. My friend kathrine is prettyawesomeness

  9. I once saw a username called INeedABrainForAReason. I've recently found out that that person also has a Deviantart. XD

  10. I joined in 2011 I saw the hatapolusa, MUHAHAHAHAH XD

  11. I have found 2 four leaf clovers in my life too! Lol! I love the ideas of Arctic and Flyers only parties, I have thought of a PREDATORS only party myself! :D
    I have seen a username made up of a bunch of random letters, kinda like this:

    LOL! A BITT like that! Anywho, can u buddy me on AJ Cloudclaws, my user is swirlshine!

  12. And, I joined in either 2014 OR 2013, so I was there for Hatapalooza also!


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