Friday, 20 February 2015

this again. :T

Well i won't be posting today. Even if i do, it will be rushed and boring. Cuz i don't have time. *sigh*
But tomorrow's weekend for me, so i might be doing two posts to make up for it! :3
To make stuff a tiny bit more exciting, here's a random drawing i made yesterday. :I
Don't ask.
That didn't really make stuff for exciting, did it?
ugh, whatever. I wish i could do a post. *sigh*
Well bye guys. Also don't abandon the blog tomorrow. *cri*


  1. Aww no post.. oh well.. the item was a St. Patrick's day item..

  2. XD love Derpkit, and thanks for the warning Cloudclaws! And, I would NEVER abandon your blog! :D See you soon!'
    P.S. please buddy me on AJ Cloudclaws, I am swirlshine


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