Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Guide To Jamaa #7: Helping New Jammers

Everyday, lots of new jammers come to Jamaa. Since, they have never played the game before, most might be a little confused or left out. That's why i decided to write a post on how to make new jammers feel more at home. :3

Check below the link to see some pawsome tips!

Make them feel welcome - This can be as simple as sending a kind jam-a-gram! (such as "i love your outfit!") Or you can just say "Welcome!" or something.
For newcomers, Jamaa is a confusing place, with lots of people shouting "Trade me" or advertising for fashion shows, they might become a little overwhelmed.

If they ask for help, answer! - I see this in many websites. A newcomer asks a question, and basically no one answers. I have experienced, and it IS frustrating. >.<
So if a newcomer, in fact, if ANYONE answers a question help them as much as possible. :3
Such as giving them a tour . . In appropriate times, perhaps you can ask if they want a tour of Jamaa? Give them a general tour of the lands, how to trade, do adventures, etc. Maybe you can tell a little about Jamaa's history, since they don't put it in the new intro.

If you want to, you can even be their first buddy!
Who knows? You might become great friends. :D
If they trade you unfairly . . 
Don't be rude. Just don't New jammers don't really know what is rare and what is not. If they are upset at you for declining, try to explain in a kind and simple way about rarity. c:

After you explained the basics, give them a brief explanation on scamming.
New jammers are vulnerable to scamming since they don't know the methods and tricks. Don't go too complex, but just tell them what to be aware of.

However, be warned. Sometimes jammers create new jammer accounts for scamming and bad things like that. If you see anything suspicious, do not trust the jammer. 

But most of the time though, they're just new jammers so don't be too afriad about it. C:
And lastly, do you have special tips of your own? To help jammers even more, comment them on the post!


  1. i think you should play games together with new jammers so they have fun!

  2. I remember when I was new I was so confused! The transforming animals were weird to me xD


  3. when i was a new jammer nobody talked to be till i got a membership XD and even then nobody liked me because i loved pink :C when i stopped doing pink i got more friends but still today nobody talks to me because i don't have many rare's :(

    1. that is stupid how they treated you! My BFF loves pink. Also, it's weird right? When I got a membership, 3 people wanted to date me on AJ. Most of the conversations were like this.
      Random Guy: Hi can you please buddy me?
      Me: *buddies*
      Random Guy: Meet me in
      Me: okay *goes to *
      Random Guy: Your hot... wanna date me?
      Me: Creep *unbuddies and runs away*
      Random Guy: *sends jam-a-gram saying "you are a great friend!"
      this happened to me with a wolf, a new jammer koala, and someone else. I forgot who it was.

    2. The blank spaces were meant to have random place written in it

  4. Its ok nobody talks to me either but there is nice members :c
    :DDDD just ask meeee

  5. I didn't know how to go to my den when I was a noob ( a new minecraft player). I went to Mt. Shivah screaming how do you go to my den????????????? There was a very nice member who told me and it looked so suspicious because I was one myself :<

    1. Lol I was such a noob when I first started AJ too! I panicked because I forgot how to change my animal's colors and designs. I remember being so scared. And I was like 12. I was extremely stupid and a noob back then. Oh god, what happened!? X3


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