Sunday, 1 February 2015

Heart Bracelet

Hello. ^-^
Happy first of February! Yayz :D
Dunno why im excited. Maybe it's cuz it's a short month and it makes it unique c:
And don't forget that 2016 is leap year. ^-^
Why does leap year exist? February is such a strange month . . 
The new item ish the heart bracelet sold in . . 
Can chu guess? :o
If you cannot, you're bad at this game :P
It's . . 
It doesn't look like a bracelet IRL. It looks more like a part of the friendship armor or something.
No member tag? :O
that ish so cool
but nm stuff are always pricey 
y u no fair AJHQ?
It looks slightly awkward in the store, but when you put it on your animal . .
See? Told ya it looks like a part of the friendship armor. :P
Another diamond challenge. There's so many diamond challenges these days.
I never enter them though
cuz im lazy :P
and i forget stuff easily . . *cough* correction: I forget important stuff easily.
But useless facts? that's another story . . 
ooh cliffhanger
That seems interesting :D
More interesting than just watching a video and commenting a fun fact. 
Well at least for me :P
I might enter.
but i probably won't.
Cuz i forget important stuff.
Cuz my brain doesn't wanna remember them.
But i do.
im not actually that angry about it.
Here's the QOTP. ^-^
What was the highest adventure level you ever saw?
I saw someone on level 31.
Bye 4 now yay


  1. 21!Using my sisters computer.

  2. level 19 i gtg but thx cloudclaws!

  3. Level 30 something :3


  4. I saw a level 45 but that was for a eagle so the levels might be different :3 TAYBAE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! :D

  5. Saw an arctic wolf as 64

  6. Idk, tbh I totallly forget liek totes meh brain and urs da same :3 SO SWAGGEHLICIOUS :O LOOK I MADE A NEW WORDDDDDDDDDD B) (Swagger alert) 2swag4me 3swag5me 4swag6me :infinity years later: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999992swag9999999999999999999999999999999999999999994me Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :half hour later: Oops sowweh me fell aslap (TYPO!!!) merp. Sooooo what was i talking about?! SRSLY?!? oh right the level :P Anywayz (:O I DIDN'T FALL ASLEEEEEEPZZZZZZZZ OOPS I JUST DID) :,( so uh, the level i saw was liek um, IDK I HATE MEH BRAIN
    Brain: me sorry :(
    Me: WHY U GOTTA BE SO FORGETABLE (wait wut?)
    Brain: D: But i was borned like that :C



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