Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Clover fountain + Clover Necklace

Today, i spent 5 hours thinking it was Wednesday. XD
But then i decided to look at the date.
. . . 

Let's look for the new returning item! :3
Ehh i already have it. :P
It's sort of like a replacement for the beta fountain thingy . . or the beta fountain thingy is a replacement if you like this one more. Also, the water is green. o-o
Why is it green?
I like it being green. :3

. . . 

We're doomed.

Sounds like a job for . . 

*heroic music in the background*

Oh. I guess it was just reflection. :3

We're doomed.
Pure genius. *applauds*
Not really.
But it's the bunny who breaks the laws of physics, so im sure she'll be fine. :3

Check below the link for more! :3
Before carrying on, here's a fact for you all.
bananas are slightly radioactive.
But yaa, don't worry. You would have to eat two hundred and something every day for 7 years to actually die because of radiation from a banana.
So eat bananas. Because they taste a little like cake.

Anyways, here's another new item.
But this time, it's an ocean item. lol :P
The clover looks like cardboard. o-o
For some reason, ocean items never seem to look good, They just always look awkward and huge. :c

Unless you're an otter. Everything looks cute on otters. c:
And everything also looks good on bunnies. And owls.
Are we seeing a pattern here . . ? o.o


^ dat face though. lol

Wait, since im underwater my owl suddenly has no clothes. o.o
How in Jamaa did it end up like that? :O
Or it's just a programming error.
But magic sounds cooler >:3

Moving on . .

The rest of the comic is here! :D
I was expecting something really exciting and mysterious to happen at the party and then the owls and her friends set out on an EPIC adventure.
Maybe they will soon? In the future comics . . >:3
But i think this comic is over, since friendship day is over.
What's next? A lucky day comic? C:
Maybe in the lucky day one, they find a magical four leaved clover which takes them to another dimension! :D

And then in the other dimension, they find out weird crazy stuff . . but wait, then it would end up being a really long comic and AJHQ doesn't do long comics. :c

Unrelated, but why does AJHQ make penguins look ummmm fat . . ?
Anyways, moving onto some blogger-related news. c:
Since it's obvious that the scammer page is gonna win (it has 76 votes compared to the others which are way behind . . ) I have been actually getting the scammers page ready! :3
It's *nearly* done, i just have to add one more section. So do you think i should release the scammer page now? :3
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand (okay enough)

And lastly, here's the Mini-Challenge!
Write a story about you and maybe some of your buddies doing an adventure that you made up.
Bye for now! :3


  1. The bunny who breaks the laws of physics is a GIRL!? .O. Anyways, the fountain is pretty nice.

    That was a horrible way to start.

    Don't you think?

    I went way over the top.

    No. I was wanting to say that :O

    Moving on, the seal is >I THINK< reading the animal jam insider's guide! ) . ( I have it. Not really fun reading it :3

    I can say that I'm the first commenter.

    So true for today...

    Sorry for not commenting yesterday, I was too lazy to use the other computer xD


    1. The music note are hearts.

      So crayzeh.

      Very strange.

      Do they have a crush on someone?

      They all seem to love each other

      Plus there's hearts everywhere

      Don't you think it's way too much?

      AJ needs to confirm if there's too many hearts

      I think they love each other.

      I O I

      I already said that..



  2. My adventure would be a new adventure for st. Patrick's day that you have to find a batch of four leaf clovers and give them to someone and they will open a gate for you. There, you have to try and follow the rainbow to get the gold (in this case, gems) or a prize thingy. Just a suggestion, not the best.

  3. WUT BANANAS ARE RADIOACTIVE Father, stop eating bananas .3.

    Lemme randomly tell wat happened to me yesterday xD
    Wow.. Someone did a adventure with me. They seemed nice at first, but then they wanted me in their den.. Then she started to talk about how poor she was, she was abandoned in the cold by her mother, she had no family, needed someone to 'like' her. I decided to play along and was like 'Aww, that's sad :c'. Then she apparently turned into a mad evil shadow wolf and then flashed back to normal.. She said that she got mad at random things o.o Then she saw a vision or something and went to cry into the corner of the room. Then she apparently lost her memory, wut, and then she was like "Realizes that Mister is the one for me". Well I was on my character Mister Quietclaw.. *Facepalms* Then she apparently got two payments and 'bought' a new house.. First it was a Crystal Palace, and guess what? Then she turned it into a Sky Kingdom o.o Well, then she decided to make a party. She would jamagram me when it was done, so I went to a adventure. Well she had apparently logged out.. Eh. I'll probably have a creepy follower today too.. o.o

    Never walk around with a male arctic wolf character if there are girls nearby. The end. And if you are a girl. Teh end c: Lol

    1. Crazy story. o.o
      AJ is just

      a very strange place sometimes

  4. Dear cloudclaws and reader,
    Tomorrow, February 25th is Pink Shirt Day, a day where we wear pink shirts to stop bullying.
    In 2007, a boy was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. So some classmates stood up for him by wearing pink shirts. Since then, pink shirt day has been a day where we celebrate anti-bullying.
    The AJ Scam Watchers Society is inviting you to join the celebration. We encourage you to wear a pink shirt tomorrow.
    To join the event happening on AJ, read more info at ajsws.blogspot.ca.
    Thank you for reading :)
    -the SWS Team


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