Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Heart Trident

Hello. :3
Im gonna try to make today's post more interesting. :D
The new item is the heart trident, and judging by the word trident at the end of it, we can tell it's in the ocean clothing shop. (forgot what it was called XD)
Meh. I guess i have to get used to all these items with hearts. :I
Whenever i see them, i imagine how freaky it would look like if the hearts where REAL hearts. o-o

^ um wat
The colors are pritty c:
It's more of a girl item though. AJHQ, y u no make unisex items?
Anyways, here's the Item Feauture! c:
BETA mats
The Beta mat looks similar to the mats that are sold in stores nowdays, however they look more floppy, and like pillows instead of mats. The striped pattern is also slightly different. It's also known as the blue mat.
The blue, or beta mat is worth a lot. However, these items are not that wanted, perhaps because of their small size. 
There is also an orange color of this item.

Hmm, that was a short item feature. o-o
Now for GIF time! Yay :3

I love the baby leopard/lion one. :3
it's like: SURPRISEEE
Is it a leopard or a lion? o-o
I can't believe i don't know.
Bye for now! I really have to go now. :c


  1. I loveeee beta mats! They're non member, and so nice looking :3 Tip for heart items: wear them xD ( Oh and have the heart pattern too x3 )
    ^O^ I love those GIFssssssssss! That little tabby kitten is so cute, and I luv tabby cats ^w^ First comment. :T Bye ( I keep saying bye xD )


    P.S. Forget it why I did it in capitals

  2. It's a lion. The only reason it doesn't look so much like one is because it has cub spots. C:

  3. Hey pengy01 are you a girl or guy? XDD sorry but i hvent seen any guys with hearts on them and that would be kinda cool OK heart trident points:2 i like it cause it is a trident and percy jackson is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER books not book .... but the hearts make it look like a girlie girl item ..... the mats are kewl and i would get one if all the person wanted was like a yearly item (like a clover from st. patricks day or a chocolate box from friedship day) but i have really never wanted to trade like a spike for them they are just not that important .... I LOVE DA PENGUIN HE LIKE "ok i will do this i will not be in the water every step really slow now aannnndddd HOP yeah i cool like that peeps" XDD anyway BYEE AND THE CLOUDCLAWS! -PETZ52LUV

    1. Percy Jackson is my 2nd favorite, sorry, but Septimus Heap and Warriors are in a tie for first place. I like the penguin one too

    2. Hey Petz52luv, I'm a girl x3 I just am really funny sometimes xP Consider changing my picture...


  4. longest post here????? ..... :DDDD

  5. I love your blog Cloudclaws! VERY funny and informative! If anyone wants to buddy me on AJ, I am swirlshine, BTW.
    ( My blog is www.theweeklyjammernews.blogspot.com, feel free to check it out and comment if you want!)


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