Friday, 27 February 2015

Big Mysteries #8: The fate of Mira

Yep, im finally doing a big mystery, because i haven't posted one for so long.

Anyway, What happened to Mira?
We can only see her in the form of statues, and she is very briefly mentioned.
We don't know much about Mira, don't we?
But . . 
Why is she not seen in Jamaa?

Yes, we do see her in the flames at Sarepia Forest, but that's only an image.
We aren't seeing her actual form.
 Did Mira suffer the same fate as Zios?
This was never mentioned in the story of Jamaa, but perhaps Mira went missing after it was written.
And there is some evidence supporting this.
The picture above shows a scene from the Return of the Alphas, where Zios was struck and turned into the statue we can all see in the temple of zios.
And Mira has a statue as well. 
While it doesn't look like she crashed down from the sky, she could have been turned into statue meanwhile she was defending Jamaa, because her pose looks more like she might have been about to attack the phantoms, or was protecting the animals.

However, there's also another possibility. Some other jammers like to believe that Mira's spirit faded away due to lack of belief.
Lots of jammers still don't know about Mira, or Jamaa's story, so could this also be possible?
Because honestly, Mira hasn't been mentioned much ever since AJHQ deleted the original story of Jamaa.

Although i don't believe in the second theory, there still is a slight possibility. Maybe AJHQ saw that jammers didn't really know much about Mira and started to include her less.

And finally, the third theory is that Mira was not a spirit in the first place, but died while defending Jamaa. So that would mean the image you see at Sarepia was her Spirit, and the statue was made afterwards she died to remember her.
But one problem though.
Why didn't Zios have a spirit?

I just don't know, Perhaps the phantoms destroyed his spirit too, or he faded away from lack of belief as well.

Jamaa's history is scattered, which means there's so many gaps to fill, and so many different stories of Jamaa's history. How do you think it all happened?


  1. Actually, the AJ Insiders book says that Mira as well as Zios were drawn into a dark portal because of the phantoms. ^-^
    Maybe there's still some more mystery though, like will she ever come back? And if so, when?

    1. That's interesting! :3 But as i said, Jamaa;'s history is still very scattered, so we don't know how it *really* happened, since none of us where here to tell it, except the Alphas, and they probably forgot most of it.

  2. sorry but A. what is new item and B. i am happy and content in just playing with my friends without extra drama of mira and zios .......... sorry i dont mean to be rude but that is my input on it. THX CLOUDCLAWS -petz52luv

    1. That's alright, but i don't see this as drama. I write big mysteries so jammers can have a go about telling how something happened, somewhere in the history of Jamaa.

  3. Hmm... I have a theory.

    Ever since Zios disappeared and never came back, Mira felt sad and stressed. She wanted Zios by her side, to help protect and bring amazing things to Jamaa. She wasn't a spirit but when she dies, she will replace Zios. She had the power to create things like Zios did as a mortal and can still do that as a spirit. It was used as a gift from the Sky Father himself. One day, Mira started to feel ill. Days passed and Mira did not feel better. None of the animals in Jamaa can help reduce this strange disease. They thought that she was zapped by a phantom and lost her conscience (if that's how it's spelt...) but everyone knew that she can't die by one since she was the creator of the Phantoms. One of the Shamans, Cosmo was an expert to medication since he uses potions and medicines with plants. He went to see Mira and used one of his potion to identify what is on her mind. In her mind was Zios, destroyed and is resting in pieces at his temple. Cosmo then concluded that Mira had a stress attack. Months later, all the Shamans said their last words to Mira. They all told her that she was a great leader to all the animals in Jamaa. Mira smiled to all of their speeches and after the last one she laid still and then her heart rate stopped. This was it. The end of Mira's life. Sadly, Jamaa no longer became a peaceful place ever since Mira died. They all fought for who will be leader. The Shamans all told the animals that Mira still rules Jamaa and that her spirit is still roaming this place and inside you.

    I hope you like my theory!


  4. Time for me to be all official! *chews gum* //so official like ikr!


    Mira did die. Like many, many, MANY years ago. Like in them ancient days of Jamaa. And she was a blue-gray heron when she was alive. But then, she died. Phantoms' betrayal. (omg "fire guy" is being not good. XD O.o nvm) Ok so then. Mira is like a dead bird. But then Zios powerful LOVE for MIRA (caps-lock yolos) makes her a spirit (that blue lightsies thingy). And yeah. So then Mira and Zios are IMMORTALS. And then I ship that picture of them I had in my sleep one night. So kawaii eyes. But they're not from anime. (What if "fire guy" is from anime!? :D) But ZIOS let MIRA have his spirit. OR Zios spirit isn't shown as often as Mira's is. IDK.


    My thoughts on this post's topic. XD ^^

  5. Hmm. Interesting theories! Never thought of those ideas before! I always believed that Mira was always a spirit, since she is the Sky Mother and Zios was the Sky Father, and that Mira is still alive today, she just lives in a place where other sky spirits do, but not heaven though. You get what I'm sayin'? Sorry if I am confusing you ppl!

  6. And, OMG! Anonymous, that is AMAZING! I respectfully don't think that is the case, but PLEASE DO NOT THINK I AM BEING RUDE OR HATEFUL BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE YOUR IDEA! It is VERY unique, and EPIC!!! PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE everyone, don't take my disagreement the wrong way, I am just staying true to what I believe, and I honestly think I could also be wrong too. All I am saying is, I really love that idea, but it is not quite what I think. PLZ AGAIN don't take this comment the wrong way!

  7. Where is the next post l:(


    - xthegoldenx

  8. Also Mira is our sky mother and king zios is our sky father also i am not angry at alphas or any jammers because i need to follow AJ rules but there's another thing clue i see at basements of secrets i see something because with sword and there is the 5 gems i mean in the basement of secrets you see something in chamber of knowledge i think its a clue ok see ya.

  9. I though Mira was an alpha

  10. Well, I saw in the daily explorer that Zios was taken into a dark portal, with the phantoms. Possibly trying to rescue him, Mira dove into the portal, and it closed. Oh well, basing on this, I created one hypothesis:
    The statue from the Lost Temple of Zios is one amulet. Zios was an egret, like Mira, but golden, with a silver beak and claws. Well, when Zios as took into the portal, the amulet lost its power, so it fell and broke. Mira's statue in Jamaa Township it is just a statue built in honor of Mira. BUT THIS IS JUST A HYPOTHESIS. AN OPINION.


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